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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Very Scary Day To Be A Journalist in Egypt

Brooke Baldwin narrated a summary of the harrowing experiences some of the CNN journalists who were covering the violence that erupted in Cairo today experienced.

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, the worst thing to be at CNN
is a journalist. Nobody does this better than
Anderson Cooper. Those CNN crews on the
ground deserve the credit as well. If the suits
cared about the content and news CNN would
be very competitive.Be careful out their guys.
Ironically, someone posted about the late
Peter Jennings. Yesterday, Anderson Cooper
was broadcasting in similar fashion as Peter
Jennings did during a terrorist attack in the
Olympics. Jennings was at a vantage point
where he could see it all and he narrated
the scene on the ground. Anderson Cooper
did the same thing yesterday. Thanks to
all of those brave CNN crews as well.

Anonymous said...

I think the ratings will be big for CNN on
Wednesday. Fox actually carried the Murdoch
non news and CNN stayed with real news.
CNN is run by jerks. Anyone who would give
Piers Morgan top billing on the story out of
Egypt is a moron. The Last Word has been
leading with health care and that is the only
reason CNN is winning at 8. By the way TRMS
probably beat PMT last night. She had Brian
Williams and Richard Engel live with breaking
news while CNN had a boring interview. I
doubt very seriously that people are turning
to CNN for Piers Morgan. Just look at the
ratings from last week.It is all about what
is happening in Egypt and the top notch
reporting from the CNN correspondents.

Anonymous said...

I just finished watching all 2 hours of 360 on
the DVR. Anderson Cooper, Hola Gorani, Ben
Wedeman have nothing to apologize for. We
understand the circumstances under which
you all are reporting and your safety means
a lot to those of us who appreciate the hard
work. Anderson Cooper & all of his CNN
colleagues broadcast the truth. Ivan Watson
& all of the wonderful people at CNN. I am
concerned that they might have to go into
hiding while bringing us the news.I have so
much respect for all of the people from CNN
who are working so hard to bring us this
story.I am sure there are photographers,
producers and several others working
behind the scenes. Thank you so much.
Sorry if I forgot anyone but this goes out
to all of those people involved in CNN's

Anonymous said...

Last night's 360 was scary, unbelievable,
informative and sobering all in one.

IMHO CNN should be broadcasting live
all 3 hrs of prime time from Egypt. Viewers
need to see as much as possible raw and
unedited if need be.

Friday will be another crucial day in Cairo.
360 will be on the air when it is morning
there.Is 360 live again for 2 hrs and can
we get CNN I live once 360 is done.

CNN is falling behind MSNBC today when
it comes to the Egypt coverage. The
weather and Obama's religion are not
on anybody's radar. C'mon CNN don't
blow this we want news out of Egypt.

Will we be hearing from Anderson,Hola,
Ben, Ivan & Arwa today. I have only seen
Fredrick Pleitgan today. Maybe they are
not on the air so they can be on live for
many hours later, but it would be nice
to know if they are all okay.

Anonymous said...

What is wrong with CNN ? How can you not
lead with Egypt every hour ? The crisis in
Egypt is a second block story ? Every time
I give CNN the benefit of the doubt they
disappoint. Journalists are in danger and
are being rounded up, their lives are being
threaten. Apparently, CNN does not get
the significance of the news out of Egypt.
I am watching Al Jazeera thanks to Direc
TV.At least their management is trying
to meet the demands of the people.

Anonymous said...

I disagree. I think CNN is doing their best getting the news out of Egypt.
That is their lead story and it should be so there should be no complaining.
I am concerned for Anderson and his team and if there was ever a time to get out, I think it is now.
Safety should come first and it should not be left up to the journalists whether or not they should stay.
Obviously Western journalists and allies of the US are not wanted. This is a civil war and during civil strife, no country wants foreign press to interfer.