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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wael Ghonim Talks with CNN's Ivan Watson

In an exclusive interview with CNN’s Ivan Watson, Egyptian Google executive Wael Ghonim vowed “it is no longer the time to negotiate" with the Egyptian government. Ghonim said he and a group of activists helped mobilize the first protest on January 25th, which touched off a popular revolution that continues to shakes the foundation of Hosni Mubarak's regime. Yet Ghonim said he is uncomfortable about being the face of the popular uprising in Egypt. "This is not about me," he said several times during an hour-long and emotional interview in a relative's Cairo apartment.

Watch Ivan Watson discuss his one-on-one with Ghonim and see a portion of their interview here:

NOTE: The full interview will air at 1600ET/2100GMT on CNN International’s Connect the World program. No word in the press release when it will air on domestic but portions will more than likely be shown through out the day.

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Anonymous said...

I hope 360 focuses more on the news out
of Egypt rather than opinion. Government
workers are now joining with protesters.
Israel and other Arab nations are asking
Egypt to slow things down. This is very
complex situation and does not fall into
simplicity. It will be interesting to see if
they will do a segment on the Craigslist
congressman. Amber Lyon has done
some reporting on Craigslist. I wonder
if she can track something down.

Anonymous said...

Ivan Watson's interview with the executive from Google was very compelling. That is the kind of story viewers want to see and hear and no, they should not be doing anything with Craigslist. This was an unknown Congressman who was stupid for putting himself "out there," and we don't need to know about him or what he did.