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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

CNN Simulcast's Tonight

Tonight, Wolf Blitzer anchors The Situation Room from Tunis. Piers Morgan anchor Piers Morgan Tonight from Israel. Anderson Cooper anchors Anderson Cooper 360 from Japan. All three shows are live and simulcast on CNN/US and CNN International.

Here's a partial list of CNN personal reporting live from the world's major trouble spots.


Anderson Cooper, anchor
Sanjay Gupta, chief medical correspondent
Soledad O’Brien, special correspondent and anchor
Kyung Lah, our Tokyo-based correspondent
Anna Coren, anchor (based in Hong Kong)
Stan Grant, correspondent (based in Beijing)
Martin Savidge, correspondent
Brian Todd, correspondent
Gary Tuchman, correspondent
Fernando del Rincon, CNN en Espanol


Nic Robertson remains in Tripoli, Libya
Arwa Damon is in eastern Libya (based in Lebanon)
Ivan Watson remains on the Libya/Tunisia boarder (based in Turkey)


Reza Sayah is in Cairo (based in Pakistan)

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Anonymous said...

Wow . 360 blockbuster : Anderson & Co had
the 2 top demos and won their time period.
Anderson & CO gained more than 600,000
viewers t 10 PM and jumped from 917,000
to 976,000. At times like this you have to go
with reporters and AC's ratings show that.
Even Wolf Blitzer & Isha Sesay won the 6 PM
demo. Not sure why CNN goes down at 7 &
8 PM. It might help CNN get more of a boost
in prime time if they have journalists on with
In The Arena and Piers Morgan during the
entire show. Winning.

Anonymous said...

I have been flipping between CNN & ABC.
The nuclear situation in Fukushima is dire.
You are hearing it from the head of the NRC,
he is on with Wolf Blitzer right now. Even HRC
sounded like its is a catastrophe happening.

ABC says those 50 are on a suicide mission &
have basically 48 hours.

I was good to hear the calming voice of Dr
Sanjay Gupta. Yes, there is an impending
disaster but his voice struck the right tone.

CNN needs to have Wolf Blitzer, Anderson
Cooper and Dr Gupta on until midnight &
hand things over to CNN International after
that. This story has reached a different level.

CNN needs to develop a plan to be able
to go live for more than 48 hours.

Anonymous said...

CNN did well all across the board.
AC's demos were very high and there is much interest in this story. People like to watch "disaster unfolding" as long as it doesn't effect them.
As for where Piers Morgan is reporting from...I personally could care less. If he were gone tomorrow, no one would cry...except maybe his new wife.

Anonymous said...

John King is live from NYC. CNN needs to
keep in mind we are talking about Japanese
society. American norms and customs are
very different.

Anonymous said...

The concerned look on the faces of the guests
on John King, USA says it all. This is shaping up
to be worst than Chernobyl. That would make
Fukushima the world's worst nuclear disaster.
The news out of Japan has taken an ominous
turn. God bless the people of Japan.

Anonymous said...

MSNBC has gotten some praise for their coverage of Japan, but I just don't feel compelled to watch them. When AC360 is reporting live in the field, it's riveting tv and apparently the viewers feel the same judging from the ratings. It's not easy to topple O'Reilly from his perch at the top of the 25-54 demos.

Anonymous said...

This might should like a dumb question :
does CNN know the current Japanese
government is weak ? The NRC is being
blunt because Americans are on the
ground and have visited the plant. The
NRC is going with the data from their
people on the scene in Japan. The EU
was saying the same thing earlier. Did
CNN miss this ? CNN there has never
been a quake, tsunami & nuclear disaster
all at once. This is uncharted territory.
I think these crises should be the 1st
priority of the Japanese government
not talking to the Western press.

Anonymous said...

Did you guys see what just happened on In
The Arena. The guy who once headed the NRC
just embarrassed Eliot Spitzer and Will Caiin.
He told them they were way off base and that
Japanese authorities are sharing information
because he went on the website and read it.
Will Cain got the worst of it . CNN is not looking
to good this hour and I am certain people are
turning the channel I know I just did. I guess
Eliot Spitzer wants Gloria Bolger to be seen
and not heard. She didn't say one word.

Anonymous said...

Japanese authorites are NOT sharing information and Anderson agrees. He said it more than once so Eliot has nothing to be embarassed about.
No one should be surprised about the Japanese gov't not being forth coming.
Look what happened last year with Toyota. Yes, this was a private company, but the culture is not a culture that can be relied upon to give us the truth and Gloria Bolger should not be a pundit on Japan or anything else.