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Thursday, March 17, 2011

'A Royal Wedding' CNN Style

Preliminary details for CNN’s coverage of the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton at Westminster Abbey have been released. Anderson Cooper, Richard Quest and Piers Morgan will provide extensive coverage throughout April of the biggest royal wedding event since Charles married Diana - from the ceremonial to the personal, from the events at Westminster Abbey to the reactions of those around the world.

This will culminate in CNN’s special live seven-hour broadcast ‘A Royal Wedding’ on April 29, the day of the wedding. Richard Quest sets the scene ahead of the big day with a weekly series throughout April of observations and insights, guests and reports. Beginning on Monday April 26th, Piers Morgan’s coverage kicks off as he broadcasts his nightly show from London with a mix of topical guests and newsmakers. Anderson Cooper will anchor AC360 live from London from Wednesday April 27 through Friday April 29.

“As the tension and excitement builds in the days before the Royal Wedding, CNN intends to be a visual real-time diary of the many and varied ways that people around the world choose to mark and experience the marriage of Prince William and Catherine Middleton," said Katherine Green, Senior Vice President and General Manager for CNN International. "The wedding day itself will capture the imagination of millions of viewers and CNN guarantees its global audience a front row seat for every minute of the pomp and ceremony of the big day."

To round off coverage of what some would describe as perhaps the biggest Royal event of the past two decades a special CNN documentary hosted by Soledad O’Brien titled “The Women who would be Queen”, will air soon after the event.

Richard Quest Royal Wedding Specials are scheduled on CNNi April 3rd, 10th, 17th & 24th

Piers Morgan Tonight: Live From London April 26th, 27th & 28th

Anderson Cooper 360: Live From London April 27th & 28th

A Royal Wedding: Friday April 29th

Keep checking back for more details to be posted.


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Anonymous said...

OK. I may be in the minority, because I usually am, but I am not one bit interested in the "royal wedding."
I know, 20 sum odd years ago, Diana's wedding was a big deal, but that was then, and this is now, and we all learned she's mortal. How astonishing!
Prince William will probably never be King because his grandmother will live forever and then his father takes the throne.
I can't believe, that we all are so naive as to think, that there will be a happily everafter.
I hope they are happy together, but I could care less.
She's lovely and so is he, but a big so what.
Diana proved one thing: Life does not have a fairy tale ending.
And I really don't care who covers it, but Pierce Moron does seem suitable.

Anonymous said...

I don't care and won't be watching.
I.m seeing the Piers Moron reference
all over the web. CNN missed by a
mile with this guy.

Anonymous said...

Can you say PR blunder ? The U.S. is about to
go to war against Libya with our allies, The nuclear
situation in Japan is now on the 3 Mile Island
level and CNN is putting out a press release on
a royal wedding. This is something you release
2 weeks before the wedding. Yet CNN loves to
talk about the judgement of others.Is anyone
at CNN thinking about how this looks ? This
screams poor taste and judgement. This is
nothing but another dumb attempt by CNN to
try and sell Piers Morgan. Please stop. It is
already too late.

If something big comes out of Japan or Libya,
we now know that CNN will go with the royal
wedding instead and the news is not important.

Anonymous said...

CNN is missing breaking news. British PM
Cameron has just announced that his
countries jets are heading for Libya. The
no fly zone will happen within hours. HRC
had her press conference at the WH and
Pres Obama will be speaking later today.

Anonymous said...

Somebody from CNN better start monitoring
Youtube, Facebook & Twitter. There is breaking
news all over the place. The video of the damage
at the scene of protests in Bahrain is already on
Youtube. The news on the British jets come from
Twitter. I just posted about that. Form a social
media team to find the news.

Anonymous said...

I don't have any interest in the royals and am actually kind of bored by all of them, but I'll watch the coverage because I'm sure it will be a hoot with AC and Quest - I can only stomach Quest when he's with Anderson. I don't care about Piers one way or the other.

Phebe said...

@anonymous 11:20, CNN DID NOT issue a press release on coverage of the Royal Wedding. When asked for a press release they said it would come in the near future, depending on the news cycle.

The information contained in this post was gleaned from a news site in New Zealand who based their information on scheduling changes sent out by the Hong Kong office of CNNi.

CNN has been very (and I stress) very respectful of the breaking news in Japan and the Middle East.