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Monday, March 28, 2011

Tonight on CNN

Wolf Blitzer and Anderson Cooper to anchor coverage of the Presidential address
followed by a special edition of Piers Morgan Tonight

CNN will provide complete coverage of President Obama’s address to the nation on Libya beginning at 7 p.m. ET with a special edition of John King, USA. The president’s remarks—from the National Defense University at Fort McNair in Washington—will begin at 7:30 p.m. After the president’s remarks, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer and Anderson Cooper will anchor special coverage along with John King, Eliot Spitzer, Fareed Zakaria, and members of the Best Political Team on Television to provide reports and analysis on the mission and conflict in Libya. CNN International correspondents Nic Robertson and Arwa Damon also will provide updates live from the region. A special edition of Piers Morgan Tonight will air at 9 p.m. with further analysis and coverage of the president’s address.

AC360 will air live after Piers Morgan Tonight. CNN International to simulcast special coverage.

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Anonymous said...

It never takes long for CNN and their pundits to start taking aim at Obama. NOTHING works for them as far as the President goes, they constantly look for negatives. Obama is never "clear" enough for them. Seems like the public thinks differently from the pundits. CNN's dying for him to FAIL.

Anonymous said...

CNN does not Have to "die for him to fail."
As Jon Stewart has alluded to so often: Where is the hope and change?
He never regulated the banking industry, and never stood up for labor, and he's at least 4 weeks behind getting his act together to form a coalition with NATO forces.
He has NOT been transparent about heath care legislation and more than half the country doesn't even want it because he never sold it properly.
Obama is afraid of ALL Republicans and some right leaning Dems and that's about the ONLY thing he's done that's been very clear....and I voted for him!

Anonymous said...

Crunch time : it is 3 days to go. Right now
Anderson is winning the demo at 10 PM.
Anderson has 500,000, Greta 471,000.

Anderson is averaging 1,226,000 in viewers.
It has been quite a month for 360. Anderson
topped BOR for an entire week and is in the
running to have the top demo at 10 for the
month.If things go 360's way, it is a well
earned victory. Just continue with real news
and smart conversation.

Anonymous said...

CNN just needs to be about news. No politics.
That is a turnoff for millions of Americans.
Can we just find out what is going on ?
Politics is why I avoid all of the other media
blogs. The conversation ends up not being
about news at all.

Anonymous said...

Amazing TVN has the ratings for this weekend
and Soledad had the top rated show for the entire
weekend. It was 1st in viewers/demo. That means
people picked that over Lock Up, Predator and
Caught On Camera. All of a sudden Fox is struggling
on weekends. Don, Fred, Tj and the weekend team
seem to improving CNN's ratings on the weekend.
I wonder if CNN would do better without the repeats.

Anonymous said...

CNN will soon be in ratings trouble again.
Carol is on with her daily anti-Obama
bogus question. CNN will be in a steep fall
during the day as soon as this week. When
is Kyra coming back. I need someone with
a personality and does not complain and
whine all of the time. CNN really should
think about who and what you are asking
viewers to watch.CNN does not get social
media. Blogs are about opinion. Social
media is about information and it is the
media that will bury CNN and good riddance
if they keep up with the silliness.

Anonymous said...

The President is not perfect and has done some things that I don't necessarily agree with, but considering the alternative - take a look at the extreme policies that right wing governors are attempting enact across the country to hurt the poor, minorities and the elderly and the crazies like Michelle Bachmann/Cain/Palin/Huckabee who are making noises about running for President. I may have my issues with the Obama administration, but I'd vote for him again in a heartbeat and not in some "lesser of two evils" scenario, but because I'm fairly certain he's not a whacked out extremist AND he has a record of putting through legislation that tries to help the majority of Americans and not hurt them. There's a great website which has a huge list of Obama's accomplishments and the policies he's enacted since in office and I'm not sure if I can mention any other site names, or post links, but it's a very impressive list.

And I reiterate - CNN is DYING for him to fail and they don't attempt to hide it.

Anonymous said...

How bad and desperate is CNN ? When Rick
Sanchez can call Piers Morgan a rip off, you
know it's bad. It is the return of the Twitter
dumb hour on CNN tonight. Hint to CNN :
a lot of the people on FB & Twitter are also
Netflix subscribers. They don't even have
cable and watch CNN for free on the internet
for the news they want like CNN International.
Not really big fans of CNN outside or 360 and
Wolf Blitzer.

Anonymous said...

It is not just the ratings for March 2011.
This will mark the end of Q1 2011. Can't
wait for the CNN spin on this. Let's see
how much they mention AC360 & TSR.
It will be all about the mistakes Eliot
Spitzer & Piers Morgan and not much
about how world events drove the news
cycle. Right now everyone is going over
the numbers. All of the networks know
the deal. I am wondering if AM is getting
a little bump from World 1. Now people
know about the show because of breaking
news. You don't see any promos on CNN.

Anonymous said...

You can take it to the bank that CNN will misread
the ratings. American Morning, Sit Room, John
King, 360 will get huge bumps and that means
the news is the big draw. Yet again the news
saves CNN. Opinion and talking heads are a
ratings loser for CNN. I would like the 6 PM
of Sit Room to have Hala Gorani and Isha Sesay.
That way Wolf Bitzer can take on the big 3.
Make it more like an evening newscast. Sorry
but Jack and Lisa are boring. Also, we all know,
thanks to this blog,that TJ Holmes played a
big role in the growth for American Morning.

Anonymous said...

@Crunch time: Greta won her time slot on Monday according to TVN.
Anderson needs to get off the Libya track for a while and give the entire Middle East crisis a rest.
That doesn't mean he shouldn't talk about it. It means that viewers tire quickly whether it's about politics or international affairs. You have to have a proper mix to keep alive attentions spans.
While AC360 is still managing to hit a million, it won't be long until we all start flipping to other sources to find the right mix.

Anonymous said...

Very true statement: "the News saves CNN.
CNN spike in ratings, across the board is from all of the international chaos that is going on and this is its strength, in numbers.
The NEWS is the star and CNN and its president should never forget it. 2011 will go down as a very good year for all prime time shows because of the interest level in what is currently happening abroad.
As soon as this wains, the ratings will drop, because their problems still exist...especially in the morning.