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Saturday, March 19, 2011

"We Are Intervening"

CNN-US and CNN International are in simulcast with the breaking news of French President Sarkozy: “We are intervening” in Libya.

CNN's journalists covering the story:

Arwa Damon is in Libya (@arwaCNN)
Nic Robertson is in Tripoli (@nicrobertsonCNN)
Reza Sayah is in Cairo (@sayahCNN)
Jim Bitterman and Jill Dougherty (w/Sec. of State Clinton) are in Paris (@cnnjill)
Ed Henry is with President Obama in Brazil (@edhenrycnn)
Richard Roth is in New York at the United Nations (@richardrothcnn)
Mohammed Jamjoom is in Abu Dhabi (@jamjooncnn)
Leone Lakhani is in Bahrain (@leonecnn)
Fred Pleitgen is in Berlin (@fpleitgencnn)
Diana Magnay is in Rome (@dimagnaycnn)
Atika Shubert is in London (@atika_cnn)
Wolf Blitzer (@wolfblitzercnn), John King (@johnkingcnn), & Barbara Starr (barbarastarrcnn) reporting

We will update this post with information on reporters and programming as it becomes available throughout the weekend.

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Anonymous said...

360 should be live tonight from 9-11.
Anderson has a great team for discussions
about Libya.

Anonymous said...

I have a feeling this will not get the ratings Japan got.
Yes, it has the elements of war, but some viewers are not connected to the story in the same way we were in Japan.
Unless AC is out in the field, studio discussions are boring, and with the same panel, even more boring.