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Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding

Photographer: John Nowak

We have the full review of CNN's coverage of the wedding at our sister blog All Things Anderson.
Here's an overview of the ceremony from the 7AM hour.

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Anonymous said...

I could not watch CNN during the wedding.
Piers Morgan was too much.

Anonymous said...

What a shame the desinger of the dress or the "house of McQueen," is no longer alive to see how he was honored.
Kate chose wisely.

Anonymous said...

Why would Piers Moron shut up?
This is his moment to shine and yes, as one commenter noted where is Richard Quest?
Wasn't he supposed to banter with AC?

Anonymous said...

Piers was plenty obnoxious but Anderson, Cat Deely and the additional guests and the beauty of the ceremony made up for it. However, I will never watch anything connected with Piers Morgan again. He interrupts everyone constantly and appears to have a massive ego. He was really loving the sound of his own pompous voice.

Anonymous said...

The dress was lovely, very Grace Kelly-esque and I agree that Kate made the right choice. I was very impressed by Kate and her sister's composure being under such enormous pressure. Normal weddings are stressful enough but a Royal Wedding is 10 billion times the pressure. But it went off without a hitch and although I'm not a Brit, it was nice to see the people so uplifted and proud of William and Catherine and their country.

Anonymous said...

Well Piers was Trump's apprentice!
Did you expect him to not be pompous and obnoxious?
He's been trained by the best in the business.

Anonymous said...

It was not entertaining when the correspondents spoke with one another and forgot the viewers during the wedding.
I realize even the prime channels were doing it, but that doesn't make it acceptable.
You either speak to the viewer and describe what you see, or not at all.
And for CNN, having Richard Quest there was rather useless. Half the time he was MIA, or so it seemed.