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Monday, May 23, 2011

CNN in Joplin, Missouri

CNN anchors and correspondents cover the death and devastation the residents of Joplin, Missouri are dealing with in the wake of a tornado slamming the city.

Joplin, MO
Anderson Cooper (@andersoncoopercnn)
T.J. Holmes (@tjholmescnn)
Jeanne Meserve (@jmeservecnn)
Casey Wian
Gary Tuchman (@garytuchmancnn)
St. John's Hospital
Brian Todd (@briantoddcnn)
Jim Spellman (@jimspellmancnn)
Paul Vercammen (@pvccnn)
Jaqui Jeras (@jacquijeras)

Anderson Cooper 360 will broadcast live from Joplin, MO Monday, May 23 from 10 p.m. to 12 a.m. (ET).

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info. Tj is going to be a part
of the coverage. That is different.

It is times like this when CNN should be very
innovative. Have your people embedded with
families, rescue people. city officials in Joplin
and the community as a whole. Collective
journalism if you will. Do this with I Reports
as well . Let them put it together in their
own words with a timeline of how events
played out and mix it with CNN reporters as
will for a nice mix to tell a story.

This is the type of story you could do live with
all of the reporters without the anchor. It is live
and raw and on scene. Yes you can have Chad
Meyers and Rob Marciano in the studio for
your guides.

It will be interesting to see how the Joplin
tornado impacts the ratings this week.

Anonymous said...

What is happening with this weather?
Here on the East coast all it does is rain and the midwest is socked over and over, multiple times with devastating tornadoes, unlike we've ever seen.
Chad Myers spent twenty minutes talking about the tornando and the damage and it wasn't until I saw the crawl that I knew where the tornado had struck.
CNN it is important for the viewer who just tunes in to know EXACTLY where things are happening. Skip the analysis and tell us what matters most will you!!

Anonymous said...

Bill Maher said recently that Global Warming is the culprit in all of the weird weather and giant tornados. I tend to believe that too.

Anonymous said...

That's very true. Bill Maher does believe in global warming and the weather pattern has become terribly unpredictable.
Also much of this has to do with the direction of the gulf stream.
The east coast has had rain for almost two weeks straight and a horrendous winter...not that there's any comparison, but all of this has to contribute to a severe weather pattern and climate change.
(I hope this is not part of the GOP agenda!)

Anonymous said...

Cable news needs to understand real tine. News
changes rather quickly with an event like the
tornado in Joplin. Today there is talk of even
more tornadoes hitting the midwest again.
Please CNN drop the banners. It takes away
from still pictures. Is it really necessary to
keep the banner permanent. I am not likely
to forget what channel I am watching or the
subject of the story currently being featured
on CNN. 360 was really good last night. I only
wish Anderson was live for 2 full hours.

Anonymous said...

Anderson Cooper's interview with the mayor
of Joplin, Missouri was priceless. The kick ***
comment was so real. You can't write stuff
like that you only get this live on television.