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Monday, May 9, 2011

Ratings For The Week of May 2nd - May 6th

1 - Special programming was aired on one night during the week

Rating calculations are weekly averages based on nightly ratings provided by TVNewser with data by Nielsen Media Research. Numbers reflect Live and same day (DVR) data.

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Anonymous said...

Piers Moron will be appearing on an upcoming Apprentice as a judge.
I used to enjoy this show until Donald Trump made a rediculous fool out of himself by going after our President and making false accusations.
Now I look at him in disgust and this ALL HE'S good for?
Apparently so.

Anonymous said...

According to TVN the SIT Room scored the highest viewership on Friday.
I don't think CNN gives Wolf Blitzer enough credit. He's the real deal when it comes to news.
No gimmicks. And Jack Cafferty is often an added treasure. He reads online comments from his blog that are always thoughtful and entertaining. The two have done well with all the news that has been generated this past news cycle....and that includes John King as well, in the 7PM slot.

Anonymous said...

Good week for 360. Each day of the week
AC topped Greta. CNN should start having
full episodes of 360 online at midnight.

Nielsen is talking about adding online viewing
to ratings for networks. CNN needs to really
start offering streaming of CNN and CNN I .

Yes CNN needs to appreciate Wolf Blitzer.
I wish they would bring back the 2 internet
reporters. SIT Room was supposed to be
avant garde.

CNN seems to be making slow changes in
graphics. Now if they can stop obstructing
video.It will be interesting to see if CNN
has a different look in 6 months. Love the
infographics, Can we drop the crawl ?

Anonymous said...

Piers is a joke, It is like Rachel said last night.
Are Bush retirees who come on tv and say how
they feel about stuff relevant to this story. No.
Donald Rumsfeld , who cares ? They must think
they are still running things in Washington. Go
away Rice, Rumsfeld and former Bush cabinet
members. They have no credibility on Bin Laden.

Anonymous said...

You make a good point about "the crawl" on CNN and their graphics.
The nite we were informed that bin Laden was killed it read: Osama Bin Laden Killed, and then under it: Mariah Carey has twins!
Could we care less about Mariah at that point in time.

Anonymous said...

AC/360 came in third last nite in totals and this is why.
Some just don't like the Ridiculist because it is just that:
At least the Last Word gives us all something to think about but to play to the preteen mentality..after a heated discussion on current events is nonsense. It's almost as though 360
is trying for all those who's mentality is as low as Snooki or is it Snookie.
Whatever. If you have just heard from Fareed Zakaria, one of the great minds of media, you really don't want to hear about a crude, vulgar, childish, reality person who made it big by being all of the above.
Hint to 360: Most of us like AC because of his smarts and if he's going to be snarky, fine, but don't waste it on trash.

Anonymous said...

The Ridiculist comes at the end of 360. It
is highly unlikely that keeps viewers from
360. Anderson Cooper is competitive at 10
despite 2 lousy shows who don't give CNN
any bump in viewers. It will be interesting to
see if this plays out all yearlong at 10. I am
also watching TRMS to see if she continues
to edge closer and closer to Haninty. I think
some shows are getting old and viewers are
channel surfing.BOR has a fanbase but it
seems they are not sticking around for Sean
or Greta. That is why my thinking is Erin
Burnett is going to be in prime time.

It is true that CNN really needs to work on
it's graphics. There is just to much clutter on
the screen. I an not a fan of the chatterbox
next to video..CNN needs better double boxes.
Also, instead of the publicity photos during
phoners, can't they use a smartphone to
take snapshots of talent out in the field.
There are times when you can't even see the
face of the person they paste over the video.
Not good tv.

Anonymous said...

CNN has been doing stories on the late
Burt Reinhardt. CNN needs to get back to
it's roots. CNN was meant to be a 24/7
news channel. Meaning you could get the
news anytime of day on your terms. HLN
needs to become that network. Stop focusing
on crime, celebrities all day long. Why can't
there be at least 1 news channel. Just use
CNN & CNN International reports. Do sports
& weather and trending and cool topics as
well. Have updates all day long. Yahoo
has just started something called Now
Trending. It is a great way to catch up
on the news. I really miss being able to
go on and get the half hour
news updates.HLN is in dire need of fixing.

susan said...

I think a little humor at the end of a new broadcast is great. As for Ac coming in third overall, he had more viewers than anyone else on CNN.

Anonymous said...

Whether the Ridiculist comes at the beginning or the middle or the end, if it is juvenile, it is not something, those who have half a brain, look forward to.
Last nite, AC's Ridiculist was right on the mark, making fun of Steven Colbert. It was smart and funny, but MOST of them are either too long or plain stale.
I believe AC is trying this out for his daytime show. At that time of day, it could work.

Anonymous said...

I don't think CNN can afford to stick with
Piers Morgan and Eliot Spitzer much longer.
Content is most important with 360. I have
no problem with The Ridiculist. It's satire.

I really love that Wolf Blitzer and John King
are outperforming the 2 poseurs.

Anonymous said...

The Ridiculist rocked last ningt.
Not sure about the ratings. Too
much time on politics and I have
a feeling once pundits come on
360 the ratings go down.

FNC is going down because it is
too predictable. Did they really
think they could cause a Common
controversy. Hello, hip hop is now
mainstream and the most popular
music.. Some of the parents grew
up listening to Common so they
knew better. Sean Hannity still used
the tired old panels and Greta has
been sliding for months. CNN does
not need to be the FNC just do your
own thing and that;s the key to
beating FNC. It is possible for Erin
Burnett to be in prime time on CNN.
It is ironic that no one haas mentioned
her timeslot.

Anonymous said...

The Daily Show had a great takedown of FNC
on Common and it was classic Jon Stewart. I
could see Erin Burnett replacing Eliot Spitzer.
Not sure who CNN would get to replace Piers
Morgan but they have to do something. ITA &
PMT are horrible and not finding an audience.
Yes, they might get a bump during breaking
news but what about the rest of the time. I
don't get why Wolf Bilitzer and John King are
called in to anchor breaking news on weekends
but not on a daily basis in prime time.

Anonymous said...

It seems a though the ratings all down for
all 3 in the month of May. 360 is CNN's only
competitive show in prime time

On June 20, 2011 , Countdown begins on
Current TV. Will that pull viewers away from
MSNBC at 8. If this show takes off, who will
get hurt the most ? I can totally see people
turning from Eliot Spitzer. Could he be the
reason CNN is not covering John Ensign.
They sure did follow Charlie Rangel on 360
and in depth.

Anonymous said...

CNN should hire George Mark Paul
Stroumboulopoulos and give him
the hour right before 360.