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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Here's Your Chance.....

We're curious if any of you will email a resume. If you do good luck and remember us when you hit the big time!

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Anonymous said...

Can you just submit ideas. Like say a show
title. Are they really serious ? Do you have
to move to NYC ?

Anonymous said...

Hire George Mark Paul Stroumboulopoulos
from the CBC and bring back The Hour in

Anonymous said...

To Erin Burnett: You will NEED the best team on earth for your new CNN show.
Obviously you haven't found this yet.

Anonymous said...

Hey kids CNN would never hire Strombo or
Mark Kelley. Both are smart and not into
stunts. They make their shows about the
news and people. Besides neither is ratings

Anonymous said...

That says to me that Erin will be on for more
than 1 hr. Of course, that means she will not
be on the prime time lineup, It sounds like
CNN is hiring more behind the scenes people.

CNN needs to really stop torturing viewers.
On Friday, Piers Morgan gets 2 hrs. Not like
he is doing anything for 1. But that is the
story with CNN.

Anonymous said...

Maybe for once CNN is taking it's time and
trying to do something right by September.
At the same time you have fires breaking
out all over CNN. Morning,day & night. CNN
can't ignore those issues either. Maybe now
CNN should be doing some alternative shows
during the summer. No one will exactly miss
Piers Morgan or Eliot Spitzer. Rotating shows
and anchors.

There have been some good ideas floated on
this blog. A drama like Wire news series is a
a good place to start. Just roll the cameras
all day in the newsroom. That costs nothing
all you need is a team of producers,writers,
videographers, surf the web for really cool
stuff.CNN could learn a lot from Ellen here.
When she sees talent on the internet, Ellen
has them on her show.It is summer see if
you can get some potential shows going
on down the line. I also hope that CNN will
have shows that are an hour instead of 2
hours. The network needs more shows.
It is not like they don't have access to CNN
International, TW web properties and all
of the stations CNN gathers news stories
from all across the country. In this day and
time you have to have a huge content and
story-telling team behind the scenes. The
job for this team would be to keep CNN
fresh and current all day long. They look
at every piece of video, all stories and
interviews going on any materials they
might see. CNN has to start putting out
a better product on a daily basis. CNN
needs a new model. One that is ground-
breaking,innovative and original. Make
it so that the only place I can see this
is on CNN.. For goodness sakes people
you can get a huge amount of content
from alone and turn that
into a hour prime time show at 9 PM
for the summer. Make it look like the
internet with a media player with the
times to the left/right. Build apps for
the network that is like a quick time
player or windows media player.

Anonymous said...

Old media news has to hire digital journos,
ask viewers if they want to be contributors.
The questions except the multiple choice
news related ones are useless. We are in an
era in which viewers exchange news and
info. I don't see why CNN has a problem with
collective journalism from viewers. Reddit is
awesome. You have You Tube & Vimeo and
people who just go out with devices to
record just about anything.CNN has to form
relationships with the creative community
and not the ideological types that control
the content. Heck even Spike Jonz has a
news venture.I know 10 yr olds who can
find news from all around the world on the
web. It is not rocket science.

Anonymous said...

I am really surprised that CNN has not invested
in virtual set technology. I have only seen it on
BBC and now Bloomberg. You can create virtual
settings. It is sort of like the ads you see while
watching sports behind the players they are not
really there and only viewers at home can them.
CNN would be able to create virtual worlds and
settings for any type of story. Don't get me
wrong you still need real sets but the virtual
world enhances the product. You would be
able to put Wolf in the middle of the Senate.
Instead of the dull double box, you can make
it look like Jeff is actually in the studio with
Anderson. You would see his image next to
Anderson when they use a full shot in studio.
Jeff is not sitting. They look like they are
on a glass screen. It works betting if CNN
had an simple desk where Anderson or
Wolf could stand during the interview.

Writing Junkie said...

Sweet heavens!
How I wish I was in college and done with studying broadcast journalism. I would do this in a heartbeat!

CNN I love you. I may be 16 now, but in a few years you'll be hearing from me ;)