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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Last Night's Debate Ratings Are In

AC 360 #1 AT 10 PM

Photographer: David S. Holloway
© 2011 Cable News Network. A Time Warner Company.

According to Nielsen Fast National data, CNN’s first Republican debate (8-10pm) moderated by John King, delivered an impressive 3.162 million total viewers and 918k among adults 25-54 last night, Monday, June 13. CNN ranked first in both total viewers and in the key demo 25-54, topping second place Fox News by 61% among total viewers (3.162 million vs. 1.959 million) and 94% among adults 25-54 (918k vs. 473k). CNN also out-performed third place MSNBC by 288% among total viewers (3.162 million vs. 814k) and by 348% among P25-54 (918k vs. 205k).

Compared to Fox News' recent GOP Debate (5/5/11), CNN had a 7% advantage in the key demo adults 25-54 (918k vs. 854k).

Following the debate, CNN's Anderson Cooper 360 ranked first in cable news at 10 pm with 1.895 million total viewers and 627k adults 25-54, ahead of FNC’s On the Record by 23% (1.546m) and 51% (416k), respectively. MSNBC’s The Ed Show trailed with 963k total viewers and 281k in the demo.

Other key highlights:
--Compared to CNN’s first GOP Debate in the 2008 Election Cycle (6/5/07), last night’s debate was 54% ahead among total viewers (3.162 million vs. 2.055 million) and was 23% ahead among P25-54 (918k vs. 747k).

--CNN's performance last night represents an increase of 385% in total viewers and a 352% advantage in the demo over CNN'S prior 4-Monday 8-10p average (excluding Memorial Day).

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations to John King for delivering the ratings for CNN and for being the lead in to 360.
Maybe now CNN management will take note and use John King as a moderator and more, with the knowledge that there IS someone else who can deliver ratings on CNN.
And the NEWS is the star, no matter the moderator, the NEWS is the star as long as the moderator/anchor is competent and knows the subject.
John was able to take a boring bunch of people and make them all look good....well as good as conservatives and Tea Party candidates can look.
And let us note too, that there were no gimmicks. It was a plain old debate. There were questions from the audience and YouTube, but it was used effectively and was not over promoted.

Anonymous said...

I am surprised that TSR & John KIng USA did
not get a bump in ratings for their shows. It
looks like people came in for the 2nd hour.
You are right about John King and 360 Anon
9 : 15. Some things could have been better
with the debate.

Anonymous said...

I am with Jon Stewart and glad that I skipped
the debate. CNN needs to stop with the crazy
stuff and do some informative news. Enough
with the dumb questions and gimmicks. CNN
needs to be more concerned with content and
stop being so lazy. The multiple questions that
are news related are fine but the others fall
short and are not news related at all.

Anonymous said...

I agree with those of you who talk of the Strombo
guy.I watch both he and Mark Kelley on the web.
CNN should hire both of them. I also think it is
likely a combo of Strombo and his staff. They are
a creative bunch and CNN should hire them.

I'm wondering why some of the stories and people
they talk about are never on CNN. Strombo could
be on at 8 PM. Having a show like that kick off
your prime time lineup can only be a plus. Same
thing goes for Mark Kelley. Love the way he
opens Connect. Both open by actually talking
to viewers.

Anonymous said...

360 was good last night. Loved Bill Maher,
Anderson and Isha were so funny during
The Shot. I loved what she said about the
mascara. The Ridiculist was funny as well.
We salute last night's 360. Let's see what
they do the rest of the week. Even the
Gingrich segment was interesting. Could
have used some infographics to help
explain a complicated story.360 can be
great as a mixture of news, fun moments,
interviews, etc.

Anonymous said...

For the last couple of days 360 has had a good
mix of stories and guests. I am wondering what
the breaking point is for American Morning. On
Tuesday, the had 261,000 viewers with just
98,000 in the demo. Not a good sign. I think
viewers have already decided they are not going
to watch Piers Morgan or Eliot Spitzer.

Anonymous said...

I'm waiting to see if CNN will move to fix the
ratings problems with AM, ITA & PMT this
year. Not sure time is on CNN's side. If these
3 shows are not under review, CNN is in bigger
trouble than we think. This can't continue.CNN
does need 2 shows that will compliment 360.
AM is just such a disaster right now. Someone
at CNN needs to figure a way out of that mess.

Anonymous said...

Strombo Tonight on CNN at 9. The rumors
have been that CNN has been looking into
doing a live show on the network. Strombo
already does this. He can be live and knows
the tv biz and has a personality that is easy
going and likable. If CNN wants bigger demos
with younger viewers, Strombo is the answer.
CNN should be able to work something out
with CBC.CNN has a wider distribution reach.

Anonymous said...

CNN better do something now. Be it experimenting
to see if a show can find traction or just canceling
Eliot Spitzer and Piers Morgan. 360 was 2nd in the
demo but CNN was 4th according to TV BY The
Numbers. Does CNN really have any ideas about
where to go. Let's hope they get it right this time.
Hopefully, they do read this blog. I can tell you
all care about CNN. At this point what harm could
Strombo do ? I became aware of the show when
I was in Toronto. Good stuff.

Anonymous said...

Heard this one on the Lous Dobbs radio program and I'm not a fan of Lous Dobbs but this is funny:
Now CNN can have Weiner & Spitzer.
Think I'm kidding??
Someone in management is probably thinking about it right this minute.

Anonymous said...

The joke about CNN hiring Weiner is all over
the place. When Jon Klein first brought up
the idea of hiring Eliot Spitzer and Piers
Morgan, somebody at CNN should have said
heck no.If they were going to fire Klein, why
let him waste money on failures. First thing
Ken Jantz does is to give Spitzer the show
solo. CNN is making bad decisions and it
is proving to be costly. Next bad move by
Ken Jantz the team on American Morning.
At this point he is not better than Klein
and CNN is in decline as a result.

Anonymous said...

It's as if history is repeating itself at CNN. Low
ratings for shows that are going nowhere and
CNN continues to stick with them. CNN is too
connected to pundits and useless chatter to be
taken seriously on big news stories. CNN has
to get back to it's roots. Let the news be the
star. Do we really care what the pundits think
about Anthony Weiner. CNN will use the pundits
for everything and it is not necessary. You guys
raise some interesting issues. Where are the live
studio interviews with people who really matter.
Where are the authors,the filmmakers, writers,
artists, ordinary people other than criminals
and people doing stupid things. The news is
broken at CNN and nobody is fixing it. There
is not smart, intelligent conversation on CNN
that actually makes you think these days. You
just want to turn the channel.

Anonymous said...

The only bright spot for CNN is 360. CNN has
problems morning,day & night. It is just bad
programming,content, topics, lack of reporting.
You could go on and on.

I do have 1 criticism about 360. I really hope
that Anderson will open the show with his
awesome writing skills like he does with the
Ridiculist. In fact, why not all of the segments
to highlight that Anderson is a gifted writer &
storyteller. I also miss the interviews he once
did with people from all walks of life. Back in
the day I think 360 would have the author of
the hottest book around for Adam Mansbach
Go The **** To Sleep.

In closing, I think the reason why we have
the programming we do at CNN is because
the network is run by people who grew up
in the politically charged 60's. It is not in
sync with modern society. There is a reason
why ABC is giving Nightline a summer prime
time slot. They are discovering that young
viewers have diverse interests and want a
wide range of news stories. Politics is not
at the center of peoples lives. You can't
relate to most of cable news because it is
not on the same planet.

Anonymous said...

As a frequent viewer of news from all around
the world on the web, I must say American
journalism is dead. Mark Kelley is streamed
live each night and last night he mentioned
Spitzer in talking about Anthony Weiner. If
you ever get a chance to watch Mark Kelly,
do so. He could easily be anchoring at CBS
or ABC. George Stroumboulopoulos is too
good for CNN. He could end up on late night
tv easily. Why would either of them work for
CNN ? It would be a step down.

Anonymous said...

Here is a dream list that we would love
to see on CNN one day :

Toure, who is currently with MSNBC. Give
him the 3 hrs in the morning. Let him go
head to head with Joe.

Aisha Tyler, who is smart and funny and needs
to be on at 8 PM. CNN needs a Rachel Maddow
in prime time.

Stormbo at 9 PM . CNN needs a Daily Show
in prime time. His show can't be defined as
being one thing. It can be whatever he wants
it to be and he is only 38. We really like his
wide range of guests on the show. Nothing
like it and it is original. This is a guy who
Jon Stewart would respect.

CNN should move TSR back to the 4-6 PM
slot. Move John King to 6 PM. We think his
show would go over better at that time
and would get better ratings at that hour.
A daily 3 hr political block is enough,

We could see Mark Kelley on CNN at 7 PM.
We really don't get why CNN does not have an
evening news cast. Why not compete against
Fox with a different type of news show ?

Hire the Vanguard journalists away from
Current TV. CNN needs a hipster Nightline.
They already have Kaj Larsen & Amber Lyon.
If possible, try to hire back Nicole Lapin as
the host. Her talent is being wasted at CNNC.

CNN needs to offer different types of shows
all day long not just in prime time. Yes it is
about the news but there are different types
of news shows. Right now CNN is basically
a one size fits all. Do we really need the
News Room all day long. Not very original.
We are just a group of people who love the
news and often talk about CNN.We don't
know if the suits care about this blog or us.
But it is worth a shot for those of us who
really like CNN and want to see it survive.

One thing CNN does have is deep pockets.
Now we don't know how much money Jeff
Bewkes would allow them to spend to
actually fix CNN but these are names you
see on this blog and hear about in other
places.It can't hurt.

CNN has some of the world's best
journalists. Let them do their jobs and
practice their craft, Make the news truly
the center and book better guests and
interesting people. They can be writers,
artists, musicans,etc. Run the gambit.

Anonymous said...

TV by the Numbers has the ratings for Thursday.
I'm surprised at the numbers for 360. To me 360
was not that good last night. The best part was
The Ridiculist. I am starting to wonder if it is
actually getting people to stick around for the
full hour of 360. The ratings are starting to look
really ugly for American Morning. AM might be
at the point were they need to be replaced by
an entirely different type of show. CNN has to
be considering dropping all 3 hosts. If either
of them stick around it won't work given the
reaction to the team now. If they drop the
hosts , change the news as well.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5 :15, I hope that CNN management does
read this blog. It is hands down the best. If you
look at the comments on TV Newser or Mediaite,
it is not about the news. Inside Cable news is okay.
I have learned so much from this blog. I just want
to commend you on this blog. Thank you very much.
Keep up the good work.I hope CNN does get it's
act together. You guys are persistent to say the
least. Maybe you will be heard. Maybe not but
it is a good read.

Anonymous said...

@5:55PM The numbers for 360 may have surprised you, but they failed to surprise me.
No, 360 and the rdiculist was not that good last nite and neither were the ratings.
Yes, they were decent enough BUT, the show came in last following Joy Behar in totals.
I am not a Ridiculist fan and I'd much rather see AC banter with Isha who shares his wit.
No people are not "sticking" around for it if 360 comes in last.
There's nothing to stick around for.
If this is AC's plan for his daytime gig he better have plan B up and running. This stuff gets old very quickly.

Anonymous said...

IMHO there are basically 4 reasons why
360 is the hottest show on CNN right now.
First, the number of breaking news stories so
far this year. Second, Charlie Moore being named
the EP of 360. The show is more focused with
him at the helm. Maybe in the future Jim Walton
will promote him to be in charge of programming
at CNN. Third, the addition of Isha Sesay. Finally,
The Ridiculist.It is just such a fun way to end
the show. Of course, It goes without saying
Anderson Cooper as the anchor is the biggest
draw for viewers.

Anonymous said...

Bill Maher was comparing Sarah Palin and Michele Bachman on his show tonite.
He said there was no comparison and called them: "The Ditzy Chicks."
That expression said it all.