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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Your Views on the News 7/23/11

Two more weeks until CNN rolls out its prime time changes. But the soon to be no more 'In The Arena' had a few guest hosts that did a really good job this past week. Do you think Tom Foreman and/or Don Lemon are ready for a prime time permanent assignment? What about a wrap up of the days news at 10 PM, AC360's old slot? Give us your opinions and suggestions.

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Anonymous said...

CNN please hire George Stroumboulopoulos.
Now that you are live-streaming, we can all
get together and watch Strombo anywhere.
Promise to DVR too. George rocks. At this
time there is no live streaming for Strombo.

Anonymous said...

Check out the BBC. The website has a very
interesting story on The Mirror. BBC is a
stellar news organization. If it weren't true,
you would not see it. CNN won't be able to
stick with Piers Morgan too much longer.

Don & Tom are seasoned journalists and
have all the skills to cover numerous topics.
I think they should put Tom on live at 9 on
weekends. For the past couple of nights, he
mixed things up a little bit. CNN could be
live for 2 hrs in prime time on the weekends.
IMHO CNN should be live more.

Some good names have come up on this blog
from Toure to Mark Kelley.In Canada, Mark
Kelley is their Anderson Cooper. That is why
he dresses a little casual without the tie. He
could easily do a 10 PM news show on CNN.
Toure could be a part of a morning show
or even given a dayside hour. CNN needs to
drop the 2 hr format and actually have some
shows without the desk. Perhaps a loft look
for some hours during the day.I can't believe
that MSNBC went with Al Sharpton over Toure.
How about hiring journalists ?

Anonymous said...

CNN should become a journalistic hub. Let the
different styles of journalism flow freely. Too
much conformity and tired worn out formulas
are a big problem for CNN.

If CNN could get Strombo, I say go for it. It is
as close to the Daily Show as you can get. Let's
put it on at 9. A few months ago there were
rumors that CNN was looking to do a live studio
audience show. Well, there you go. CNN needs to
go into a completely different direction.

Finally, I would add the Vanguard journalists
on Current to the CNN hiring list, Vanguard is
the best doc franchise out there. CNN needs to
be more independent as a news organization.
I have a feeling that the mentality at CNN is we
can't do that and that is the problem.

Anonymous said...

Get back in the news biz. The vision of Ted
Turner needs to come back to CNN, Until CNN
realizes that news is their forte and best route,
nothing will change. I just hope that politics
won't overtake the news on 360. So far Ken
Jautz is just making matters worse. His first
idea was In The Arena and I worry that he will
force that idiotic concept on 360. Next up, he
made AM completely horrible by adding Ali
Velshi and Christine Romans. It will be hard for
CNN to get back morning viewers. Why did he
feel the need to destroy the show.Jautz seems
to be Jon Klein the sequel. The mistakes are
taking a toll on CNN.I hope he will keep his
hands off of 360. So far everything he touches
is a failure.CNN really needs some hit shows
like last year.I just don't think Jautz is big on
the news or interested in hiring journalists,
CNN is in really bad shape right now. I forgot
that he also gave Ali Velshi a solo hour before
AM and we all can see that is not working. So
on top of 2 bad hires, CNN keeps the failures
coming. Heck of a job.

Anonymous said...

This is what CNN should look like:

6AM-9AM: MORNING EXPRESS with Robin Meade.
9AM-11AM: NEWSROOM with Kyra Phillips.
11AM-1PM: NEWSROOM with Ali Velshi.
1PM-3PM: NEWSROOM with Randi Kaye.
3PM-6PM: THE SITUATION ROOM with Wolf Blitzer.
7PM: NEW SHOW with Erin Burnett.
8PM: CNN360ยบ with Anderson Cooper.
9PM: NEW SHOW with Tom Foreman.
10PM: CNN TONIGHT with Don Lemon.

Weekends with Fredricka Whitfield, Brooke Baldwin, TJ Holmes, and Alina Cho. Keep Candy Crowley on State of the Union but change the name! I don't know why CNN chose to have a program title with the same name as a presidential address. Keep Howard, Fareed, Sanjay, and others. Have Christine Romans do Your Money. She isn't a good news anchor, just better at financial news. Replace Jessica Yellin with Suzanne Malveaux as the Senior White House Correspondent. Have Larry King return to one show a week airing Saturdays with a Sunday repeat. I'm sure he would enjoy this more instead of doing just 4 interviews a year. Get rid of Piers Morgan.

Anonymous said...

8:20PM: You seem to have given your lineup on CNN a lot of thought.
However I would never give Ali Velchi two hours of anything, especially coming in at noon. I might use him at 4, briefly for the final rundown of business news. NOON SHOULD BE RESERVED FOR CNNI! PERIOD. We need to see and hear international news and how it's done overseas. We need to see this! For one hour every day like Ted Turner had it.
Velchi could take a half hour with Christine Romans alternating. They would cut-in regular programming.
CNN has yet to find a perminent spot for these two and they don't project so it isn't clear how management sees them. They both are good at business, but no one wants to listen to either of them IF they aren't speaking about financial matters.
Tom Foreman is another weak link in your lineup. I like him and he's a good investigative journalist, but here again, 9 is an
important hour in prime.
We are agreed on Morgan. He must go.
His distain has become toxic. It does not matter who he's speaking to, he never gets the viewer to care.
Ryan Seacrest might work here, and he was Larry's FIRST choice and now we know why. He really does not need CNN. CNN needs him, but we need someone who can actually communicate on many levels with the audience. And we don't dislike him from the get go.
It has to be someone lite, but credible.
The rest of your schedule seems to work but 9 PM is going to be a problem unless Moron disappears.
Let's face it. He may have a fan here or there, but basically, we as Americans resent him. He lacks both warmth and humility and for us, that's too important to overlook.
Don Lemon at 10PM is a great choice.

Anonymous said...

Here's my lineup from some ideas on the blog.

* Mark Kelley evening news show to go up
against the Fox Report. Connect with Mark
Kelley strikes the right balance. New show
at 7 PM.I really don't think Erin Burnett will
change anything in this time slot.

* Anderson Cooper 360. Let's face it 360 is
the flagship program of CNN. Cooper & Kelly
back to back is continuity. Besides it would be
2 cool news men back to back. Kick off prime
time at 8 PM.

* Strombo at 9 PM. CNN needs a show that
can attract viewers who would not consider
CNN in the first place. It can also be a show
that can bring in viewers without breaking
news. Shake up the hour and prime time in
cable news. Right away I can see him being
booked by Jon Stewart.CNN let him keep
his fashion style.Go to the CBC website and
take a look at his interview with none other
than Larry King.

* Launch a groundbreaking women's news
show . CNN needs to put the women back
in prime time. Erin & Co. Diverse group of
female journalists. I think names like Isha
Sesay and Alina Cho have been mentioned.
No brainer; that is long overdue.10 PM is
for the ladies. Already Erin is being called
the next Campbell Brown or Paula Zahn.
Don't let history repeat itself again.

* Don Lemon on at 11 PM with a new show.
Live. Be live until midnight.

It is time for CNN to shake things up in prime
time. Stop it with the boring talk/opinion. It is
so lame. Go with a schedule that puts CNN on
the map and makes them a national player again
instead of a national joke. News is the brand for
CNN. This is a news lineup that is news, fun
and informative all together. Revolutionize the
news on CNN.

Suzanne Malveaux is the best dayside anchor.
I'm sorry anchoring is not Ali's calling. I have
to think about the morning and dayside but I
have on problem with an hour or CNN I at noon.

CNN must get a real time look during the day.
Have cameras capture the news all coming
together. Let's hear the chaater from the studio
and control room. Let's see CNN reporters
going out to cover their stories and giving us
updates all day long and have them tease us,
put the words stayed tuned on the screen or
not happening that day go with to be continued,
Look us in the eye and talk with us. I call it
a daily episode of the Wire. You don't know
where it is going or what will happen. Guys
can we get beyond reading scripts and going
with ideological panels to kill time. Use the
time more wisely. Let's see fascinating people
who are not celebrities. CNN has too much
celebrity worship. CNN could take a hint from
Ellen, when she sees fascinating people on
You Tube ,she invites them on her show. Way
better than the talking heads.In this day and
time you have to have music all day long in
and out of commercial breaks.360 was the
first show to do this and guess what, CNN
stops the music.

Can the sports and weather segments be done
solo with the sports or weather anchor. Some
segments need to be stand alone.

I could see Tom Foreman doing a Sunday
Morning type show for CNN. In some ways
he reminds me of Charles Osgood. That
would be a great addition to CNN on the

CNN could learn a lesson from Nightline &
Sunday Morning. Both shows have evolved
and are as popular as ever. People like
journalism and story-telling and good writing.

CNN must concentrate more on content, story
telling , writing, better use of video, production
and presentation. For goodness sake follow the
news and not the noise.

Piers Morgan needs to go.CNN do yourself
a favor and cancel PMT.

Anonymous said...

Direc TV customers your wait is over. CNN live
streaming is now available. This must be pretty
popular for Direc TV to get onboard so fast.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing wrong with celebs and musicians
& entertainers. The thing is you need someone who
can pull it off. Toure would be able to pull this off.
He already does this on Fuse. End the hourlong
boring celeb interview but if people have movies,
music, etc coming out I have no problem with that.
He would be the go to guy for this type of show. I
have seen him interview, Paramore, Lady Gaga,
even Lil Wayne. At least Toure is a journalist, who
did articles for Rolling Stone. Piers Morgan is too
boring for an entertainment show.

Anonymous said...

I hope that CNN stops using pundits for any
further discussions on the debt ceiling. The
futures for the dollar and Wall St look bad.
In about 15 minutes the Asian markets will
open an it won't be pretty. It is going to be
really hard to turn this around. CNN has to
be serious with economists, Fareed Zakaria
and people from Fortune magazine. We are
in uncharted territory. This is too important
for pundits. This is clearly a time for smart
& intelligent conversation. On Friday The
Last Word had Nicholas Kristoff on the show.
He had some interesting things to say about
how the media helped create this situation.

Anonymous said...

I do not believe that CNN should make 360 their flagship show and put all their eggs in one basket.
This has been done for the past seven years and we see the results.
Anderson seems more interested in other pursuits and if things work out dayside, eventually he will leave CNN, just as so many others before him, have.
The writing is on the wall. CNN must look out for CNN and if that means to change the network so the it now has the a feel of global orientation, than so be it.
CNNI must play a very important role in this development.
So what if we see foreign reporters and hear foreign accents.
Are we afraid of something really new?
Our news as well as our economy is global and our anchors should reflect noon.

Anonymous said...

Time Warner has a vested interest in 360 &
Anderson. It is all in the company. Anderson
is not looking out the door. Time Warner also
distributes other shows like Ellen. Time Warner
sees an opportunity. Anderson will be in Oprah's
time period in several markets.In the news biz,
people do this all of the time. Brian Williams is
doing virtually the same thing. 360 is a very
profitable show for Time Warner and Anderson
just simply means more money for Time Warner.
Keep in mind that all of these shows have staffs.
It will be people's jobs to work on 360 all day
long.I can tell you that the moment Charlie
Moore wakes up, he is working on 360. People
are having conversations and deciding what
to do tonight at 10. In the future, it will be for
8 PM. It is nothing new what Anderson Cooper
is doing. It has been done in the news biz for
decades. You can go back to Murrow. Each show
will have their own staffs that will be in the same
building. It is not like they would lose contact
with Anderson. 360 and Anderson will be just
fine and profitable. This is all about money.
This is a business decision. 360 will be around
for a long time because it makes money and
is one of the most profitable shows in cable

Anonymous said...

360 is already the flagship show for CNN. If
you get a chance go to TVN, they have a link
to an ad publication with an article about CNN.
Unless CNN offers clear alternative programs
to what is being offered on FNC and MSNBC in
prime time, the changes won't matter. I have
long thought that cable news is too negative.
CNN needs to go with a more positive prime
time news lineup.

Transition from partisan bickering. You are
losing viewers. How about 360, Strombo,the
ladies each night on CNN in prime time. This
is a great lineup for the advertisers, The theme
for Strombo is Good In Everyone. It is a positive
show and is news oriented. Who can aruge
with a diverse group of female journalists. If
CNN is not careful they will end up like the
soaps. Those shows failed to adapt to changes
in modern society. Women are the majority in
the United States. It is way past time for news
executives to acknowledge this,

Does CNN need to have an hour each night for
dysfunctional celebrities. Hello go for the news
junkies. Don't get me wrong. i see nothing wrong
with talking about Amy Winehouse but nor for
an entire hour.

CNN really has to make radical changes before
it is too late.

Anonymous said...

@8:14 "You can go back to Murrow."
Really? Murrow?
Murrow wanted to be a talkshow host after he was an anchor or he was an anchor before he became a talkshow host?
I don't presume to know what makes money for Time Warner but I do know business.
Time Warner makes money for Time Warner and Anderson Cooper is a means to an end. He's a commodity, something that can be bought and sold and when something or someone else is more appealing, he will in fact, be sold.

Anonymous said...