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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

CNN Signature Programs Surge with Double Digit Gains in July

CNN Posts More Growth than FNC and MSNBC in July
CNN Continues to top MSNBC in Weekday Daytime 25-54
CNN Signature Programs Surge with Double Digit Gains in P2+ and 25-54 in July

In the M-F Primetime daypart, CNN increased more than FNC or MSNBC versus year-ago, building by +15% in total viewers (662k) and +40% among 25-54 viewers (215k). This compares to gains of +12% in total viewers and +14% among 25-54 for MSNBC and declines of -6% in total viewers and -11% among 25-54 for FNC.

CNN also continued to surpass MSNBC in July during the M-F 9a-5p daytime daypart among both total viewers (504k) and the demo (144k), holding an advantage of 33% and 27%, respectively.

CNN Programs Surge with Double Digit Gains among both total viewers and 25-54 viewers in July
• CNN Newsroom at 3p increased 21% among total viewers (578k) and 28% among demo viewers (157k).
• The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer at 6p increased 10% among total viewers (573k) and 11% among 25-54 viewers (167k).
• John King USA increased 18% among total viewers (500k) and 25% among 25-54 viewers (156k).
• Piers Morgan increased 9% among total viewers (715k) and 37% among 25-54 viewers (217k).
• Anderson Cooper 360 increased 32% among total viewers (760k) and 56% among 25-54 viewers (283k).
CNN reached a cumulative audience of 101.9 million in July, followed by HLN with 90.9 million, Fox News with 86.7 million and MSNBC with 85 million.
CNN Digital
In July, traffic and video usage on was up over last year with 1.2 billion global page views and 89.1 million global video views.

Proving that users come to for breaking news, the World section saw double-digit growth in July with 105.9 million page views (25% over last month and 59% last year), related to coverage of the massacre in Norway. The top two stories on overall were related to news of Norway, one with 8.7 million page views and the second with 6 million.

Also showing steady increases in July was’s Opinion section with 21 million global page views, 34% over last month and 160% over last year. CNN contributor LZ Granderson had the top story on bratty kids with almost 1 million page views followed by Bob Greene’s op-ed on the missing Indiana boy with more than 900 thousand page views.

HLN numbers are after the jump.

HLN Surges to its Best Month Ever in July
Ranks #1 in Cable News 9a to 5p Among 25-54 in July
HLN Programs Post Double and Triple Digit Gains Over Year-Ago
More Than 5 Million Tune in to HLN for Casey Anthony Verdict in July

In July, HLN posted its best month ever in Total Day among both total viewers and the 25-54 demo (702k and 230k, respectively), topping solid numbers from June and previous highly-ranked months including September 2001. It also had its best delivery ever in M-Su Prime among total viewers (998k) and ranked #1 in the dayside daypart (M-F 9a-5p) across all cable news among 25-54 viewers (256k).

Additionally on July 5, during the breaking news coverage of the verdict in the Casey Anthony trial, HLN was the most-watched television network on broadcast or cable with more than 5.2 million viewers turning between 2:15 and 2:30 during the reading of the verdict.

HLN’s entire line-up achieved double and triple digit gains versus year-ago, with highlights including:

• Morning Express with Robin Meade posted an increase of +74% in total viewers (524k) and a +20% gain among demo viewers (199k), topping MSNBC’s Morning Joe in both demos to rank as the #2 cable news morning show in the month of July.
• HLN Special Report at 5p posted a whopping +318% increase compared to a year ago among total viewers (1.016 million) and grew +195% among demo viewers (301k), far and away the most growth of any cable news network at 5p.
• Prime News at 6p increased +224% among total viewers (900k) and grew +151% among demo viewers (281k), the most growth of any cable news network at 6p.
• Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell scored a +116% gain among total viewers (960k) and +75% growth among demo viewers (298k), the most growth of any cable news network at 7p.
• Nancy Grace ranked as HLN’s top program of the month, posting a +98% increase in total viewers (1.369 million) and +89% among demo viewers (411k), the most growth of any cable news network at 8p.
• Dr. Drew increased by +119 in total viewers (1.148 million) and +139% among demo viewers (335k), the most growth in cable news at 9p.

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Anonymous said...

Okay. We know that CNN has to release press releases, but do we have to read them??
By now we all know it's a bunch of bull.

Anonymous said...

Pathetic. MSNBC's Phil Griffin does not even
worry about CNN anymore. He is setting his
sights on fFOX. Losers.

Anonymous said...

Keep in mind that Time Warner ,which owns CNN,
is a content company. TW needs ad dollars less
than the others and that is the problem for CNN.
It is not losing money for TW. So they don't care.
That is why CNN Domestic is horrible compared
to CNN International. The big thing for TW is the
content they can distribute on multiple platforms.
TW cares more about the content on CNN I & than CNN in the states. I think that
is unfortunate for American news consumers. We
don't get decent programming and viewers are
not exactly watching CNN these day. Nothing will
change at CNN unless they lose money and that
is not happening.I would really like to see CNN
stream CNN I for free for customers who have
CNN & HLN but don't have access to CNN I.

Anonymous said...

CNN please hire George Stroumboulopoulos.

Let you all in on a secret. CNN I is so popular
that some websites offer free live streaming.
There is a demand for the channel. I know all
media giants hate that but we can't get it any
other way. Global news is important.

Right now David Muir is the only American
reporter in Somalia. How come Anderson is
not in the region live for a week.

Anonymous said...

Actually, CNN made Phil Griffin's job easy. CNN
is it's own worst enemy. CNN is so busy trying
to sell Piers Morgan that they neglect CNN. News
took a backseat and that likely bothered newsies
who were once loyal to CNN.MSNBC gets it right
and CNN gets it all wrong. Hello, 4th place. If
they don't get the message from viewers now,
they never will. How many ways can viewers say:
CNN you suck.

Get real. Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O'Donnell
have already surpassed 360.I think CNN's hope
is for 360 to pull viewers away from MSNBC &
HLN. I am skeptical because 360 in no longer
on the same level as Rachel & Lawrence. It is
as if 360 has been downgraded.

CNN has got to get back to being the Google of
news. You used to be able to turn to CNN and
get some news and vital information. You used
to be able to find it all at CNN. While CNN was
being sloppy, MSNBC was being smart. That
sums things up in a nutshell. MSNBC outsmarted
CNN. It is like MSNBC is playing chess and CNN
is just learning checkers. Time Warner is a
business and CNN is 1 of their many properties.
It is bad business to run CNN into the ground.
I don't hear words used like smart,intelligent
or informative when people talk about CNN. It
is more about disdain for what they have become.

Anonymous said...

I don't know who moderates this site, but I'm very disappointed that you feel the way some of your commenters do, that anyone who talks about AC360/Anderson here are "stalkers" and you refuse to print any comments from them, yet you print these nasty comments like 1:46 on the previous post. But you got what you wanted. I'm done with this site. Of course I know this won't get posted either, but I wanted to say it anyway. I hope you do consider removing Anderson's picture from this site and changing the name of it to "All Things CNN (except for Anderson Cooper/AC360)".