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Friday, August 5, 2011

David Bohrman Leaves CNN

TVNewser is reporting that David Bohrman is leaving CNN after 14 years. His farewell to staff is after the jump. You can follow the link for the full article.

Today will be my last day with CNN. I have been offered a fantastic new opportunity, and Jim has graciously agreed to let me give it a go.

In the coming days you will hear details of what I will be doing, but today I want to send a brief note of thanks to all of you here at CNN.

In the past decade, not only have I been able to create and produce daily programs, but I have been lucky enough to oversee and produce FIVE November election nights, 4 conventions, and probably about 50 debates, primary nights, and other major Special Events (which I think puts me second only to Bob Furnad in the history of CNN). We have won critical acclaim, the ratings, and many awards.

In addition to having had the reins of the Washington Bureau, this has allowed me to work with just about every single one of the thousands of employees at CNN Worldwide and benefit from their hard work and tireless effort. These events are really the ultimate team endeavor, and without listing every one of the many jobs and people who all took part, I just want to say thanks, and give a “tip of the headset” to you all.

All the best,
David Bohrman

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Anonymous said...

Is there anyone at CNN who is not looking
to bolt. Congrats it sounds like he is moving
into a new media venture.

Anonymous said...

The sets he helped to envision were wonderful. What a loss for CNN. He was as important as anyone on air.