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Monday, August 8, 2011

Ratings For The Week of August 1- August 5th

1 - Special programming was aired one night during the week

Rating calculations are weekly averages based on nightly ratings provided by TVNewser with data by Nielsen Media Research. Numbers reflect Live and same day (DVR) data.

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Anonymous said...

CNN needs more changes from morning , day
& prime time. There is no commitment to news
from CNN, especially if you listen to the latest
person, David Bohrman, who just left CNN to
run Current TV. It sounds like he is frustrated
that CNN has become noise. There is the big
problem for CNN. It is all blame game, useless
talk and really empty. Outside of Fox those
demos are not that good for anyone. at 8 PM.
At some time today those ratings will come
out for 360. Will it be 2nd or 3rd right away
or get 800,000 viewers or more ? Will the
ratings be higher at 8 or 10 PM ? 360 will have
to do something to standout at 8. It can't be
the same old stuff that makes CNN a turnoff.

360 was pretty good last night. However, more
should have been done about the seals who
died in Afhanistan.

Anonymous said...

It does not seem that viewers care that much
about S & P judging from the Friday ratings.
Jon Stewart said it best. CNN did not ask the
hard questions. S & P helped wreck the U.S.
economy and ratings agencies have credibility
issues. Only Stewart & ABC news pointed this
out. Journalism is largely missing on CNN.
S & P were given a free pass. With all of the
skepticism about the downgrade, CNN's
coverage was one-sided and CNN needs to
ask more about the motive here. Largely no
one is buying this. It just does not pass the
smell test. Also, if CNN is going to walk the
walk, they need to talk the talk.. Don't get all
high and mighty chastising politicians for the
blame game when that is all you do all day
long. Personally, I don't see that CNN is
capable of having a constructive conversation
about anything. To them it is only ideology &
politics. CNN is lost and I don't see how 360
moving to 8 fixes all of the major problems
at CNN. The fundamentals of CNN are wrong.
It is the worst prime time lineup. There are
no complimentary shows to 360. 360 &
PMT should not be anywhere near each other.
It just does not work. CNN is so busy trying
to make everything bad for President Obama
that they ignore too many factors.

Anonymous said...

CNN needs to fire Carol Costello . She is an
idiot and then some. Her comments about
poor people yesterday were appalling. AM
sucks and so does CNN. Out of touch and
out of their minds. CNN has some of the
worst personalities in cable news. You don't
watch them because you can't stand them.

Anonymous said...

Judging from yesterday's 8PM ratings, 360 will still get most of its viewership at the 10pm hour.
CNN may be ready to broadcast 360 at 8PM, but viewers are not ready to watch until ten.
Viewers habits are hard to change and if there's no good reason to watch at a designated hour, they will continue to follow their old routine.
Prime broadcast stations haven't even started their new seasons at the 8PM hour so this is not good news for 360.

Anonymous said...

Will 360 get 800,000 viewers or more, at the 8PM hour?
What planet do you live on?
Those viewers will watch at 10PM and nothing will change and 360 placed fourth at the 8PM hour and third in the 10PM slot.
Not a good beginning.
It did not matter whether the DOW plummeted or they were in Somalia.
Whoever watched before, will continue to watch at the old time,
according to TVN ratings and the demos at 8PM for 360 were awful.

Anonymous said...

Looks as though most viewers are continuing to watch 360 at the 10PM hour rather than the earlier presentation at eight even though it is live.
It will be interesting to see if this trend continues.

Anonymous said...

We are a ways off to finding out how 360 will
fare. Erin Burnett's show is not on yet and it is
sill not widely known that 360 is on at 8. You
will need some 3 months to figure out where
things are headed. It is more about the demo
for CNN. The goal is to beat MSNBC in the
demo.CNN tied with MSNBC in the demo. Just
where did those younger Countdown viewers
go to. Clearly, they are not watching The Last
Word or Countdown on Current. Even with 360
having less than 600,00 viewers the demo
numbers were not distant from HLN or MSNBC.
Viewers have been skipping CNN at 8. You are
going to have to work really hard to get them
to watch CNN at 8 PM.

At 10 those younger viewers showed up and
you can tell that from the demo.In the future,
I will be looking to see if Erin gains viewers
for CNN at 7. Having another political show
right behind TSR is not a good idea.CNN needs
to give viewers some breaks from politics with
different types of shows.

Ironically, 360 is still giving a boost to Piers
Morgan and it is the repeat. Nearly 50 % of
the viewers were in the demo.It is going to
be a slow process to get viewers at 8. Keep
in mind that many viewers still think that
In The Arena is still on CNN. 360 needs to
be really careful about leading with politics.
Some viewers might think they have Anderson
doing a political show at 8. The opening story
is going to be crucial. Team 360 has to come
up with a better opening. Try some indie theme
song with a pre produced open.360 has to
hook viewers right away. Maybe Reckoner by

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:22 , I could not agree more. Perhaps
there should be 2 different versions of 360.
Go with the hipper ,younger version at 8 PM
with the music in the beginning , breaks &
end. At 10 go with what 360 has been doing.
Unless it is a huge political story it should
never be the lead for 360 at 8. If you want to
grow the 8 PM hour it can't be the same at 8 &
10 PM. With Anderson in Somalia, it is hard
to do this week but hey, why can't there be
2 different live hours of 360. I am okay with
360 having video/music segments for each
segment.. They did this last night with Anderson
in the tent with the family and other segments.
Good show last night but wrong lead. That
should have been a reader from Isha Sesay.
Anderson was right about Nima. Maybe even
an hour free of politics at 8 PM for 360. The
show has to stand out at 8 and politics is not
the answer and definitely no pundits. 360 has
to carve out a niche at 8.

Anonymous said...

Originally 360 was live for 2 hours. There
is no reason there can't be 2 live hours of
360 at 8 & 10.

The show opener does need to be a movie
trailer these days. I noticed that ABC & CBS
have really stepped up their production.CNN
is way behind the others in production.

Anonymous said...

@10:27AM: We are not all nine years old.
At 8PM those that want to watch AC will watch. Those that don't will watch their prime shows.
Most of his following will watch him at ten because that's when they always did watch.
He will pick up very few new viewers at eight because younger viewers are out doing other things.

Anonymous said...

Piers Moron had an economic adviser on his program that made Erin Burnett look like she didn't deserve the really big bucks CNN is paying her.
I believe her last name was Gallegher, and she spoke about the stupid super-committee and how this precipitated the collapse of the stock market. Shame on our government and shame on this President for letting this happen and standing idly by and allowing it to take place during a recession of this magnitude!
For some reason, the few times I've seen Erin Burnett, she was looking at notes she had written before air time, was totally unsure of herself, and came off searching for words. How impressive is that??
When will CNN realize that big names don't always bring in big ratings and if the old network let the talent go, perhaps they weren't that talented to begin with.

Anonymous said...

If Prime Minister David Cameron in London, can call an emergency session of Parliament because of the riots and call all its members back or to convene, why can't President Obama have the nerve to call back our Congress to get our economic policy in some shape or order??
What is the matter with him?
I am beginning to understand CNN's attitude toward the POTUS.
When will he understand his Presidency is at stake here??

Anonymous said...

I hate to be the one who is centered on reality with all this AC Love in the blog post prior, but sadly Anderson came in fourth in both times slots, and did really poorly in the 8PM hour both in demos and in totals, according to TVN.
Yes, we have to focus on the world globally, but when people are out of work and feel demoralized it is quite hard to look to those who have much less.
Especially when you are judged by your neighbor and how much he has or doesn't have in OUR CULTURE.
Perhaps more time on 360 should be spent on the hard working middle class that is in the United States. What is wrong with showing a little appreciation to your loyal average American viewer?
That does not mean we should forget those less fortunate and by all means donate to those less fortunate and starving. But in the final analysis, we have to be practical, because practicality rules our lives.
Even if we are able to look beyond our borders, some may look and see Somalia, while others will look and see a thriving country like Canada and ask "What are we doing wrong?" And looking inward is the first step to economic recovery....something those in Washington, including our President, know little about.

Anonymous said...

Younger viewers have DVR's. So you can
watch 1 show and record another. You
can't reach any conclusions from 1 week.
If 360 gets 235,000 in the demo tonight,
they will have averaged 200,000 the 1st
week. 1 month from now you will have
data but wait a couple of months before
you see what really happens with moving
360 to 8. That said 360 does have to work
on content and consider more interesting
stories rather than talking heads. The news
on 360 could be a little more interesting.

360 started out with music being very much
a part of the show.I am with bringing back
the bump music. I also would like to see
Anderson have wide ranging guests on 360.
It can be writers,journalists, authors, artists
and just people who are out doing things
and make fascinating stories. Right now 360
has only political guests on the show. That is
boring as hell. You have to give people a
reason to watch 360 each night.360 needs
to cover more diverse topics.

Anonymous said...

360 is a mess right now. Isha is hardly on
the show at 8 and she seems to have lost
a segment to a PMT promo.We now know
that Ken Jautz controls the content. So he
is now destroying 360. Did anyone learn
a lesson from his changes to AM. Hands
off 360 before it is too late.

Anonymous said...

One thing 360 has done so far is to keep
CNN from being 4th in viewers/demo for
a week in prime time.

Anonymous said...

5:25PM: If you want interesting guests, look to AC's talk show.
During 360 I want NEWS, not bump music. He's opposite BOR for a reason, to be competitive.
BOR is a show for adults and they don't have bump music.
Neither does Lawrence O'Donnell.
In order to stay competitive, 360 has to appeal to a wide range of audience, not just the teenager in everybody.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, 360's fate has been sealed in the first week of broadcast.
Kate Couric had a good week her first week and then it took a nose dive.
With AC/360, most of the viewers who follow Anderson, will keep following him at 10PM. There isn't even a huge difference at this hour, according to TVN.
AC is still coming in fourth.
Some of this is due to poor mangagement and choice of content, and some of the responsibilty lies with him.
As one viewer pointed out, we now see less banter between AC and Isha and Isha was a draw. She was better than the Ridiculist, but if you dare say this, you will be told you are not a fan.
SOMEONE HAS TO KEEP THIS SHOW HONEST, or it will fail in both slots and that would be sad.

Anonymous said...

Who says all of the shows have to be the same
old thing. That is the problem. Nancy Grace has
viewers and she is not doing news or politics.
So why can't 360 offer viewers something that
is different than what is on FNC or MSNBC ?

360 needs to add more stories and pick up the
pace.I am with you all about Isha, why is she on
360 less ?

Anonymous said...

CNN is likely to keep 360 on at 8 until the
end of the presidential election of 2012.
The 2012 campaign is going to be the big
story of 2012.360 is a safe bet.

360 was in Somalia for most of the week
and already topped the demos from the
prior week 172,000. We still have to wait
for the ratings for Friday to get the full
picture, but these are the numbers so far :

BOR is averaging 761,000 in the demo

360 is averaging 172,000 in the demo

TLW is averaging 221,000 in the demo

NG is averaging 185,000 in the demo

BOR is # 1 by far but things are getting
tighter at 8 for the others in the demo.

2nd is a different ball game just 13,000
viewers is the difference between 360 &
Nancy Grace.

It's a 49,000 difference between 360 &
The Last word.

The ratings for Friday will determine who
will be 2nd. Someone could have had a
big night or someone could have had a
bad night or the numbers can hold steady.

360 is being aired at 8 to shake up the demo.
The show will be a work in progress and 1
week means nothing.It is a snapshot. Who
knows maybe 360 improves next week or
not.We simply don't know.360 is being used
to stop the bleeding.

Last night's show improved. We get to see
what viewers thought on Monday when we
see the final results.Isha was around more
last night. Anderson was live in Somalia
covering famine earlier this week so banter
and light hearted moments would not work
nor would it be appropriate. The Ridiculist
was a great way to end the week and was
quite funny.

We used the data from TV BY THE NUMBERS.
Judging mathematically for last week, it seems
that if 360 averages 600,000 or more viewers
each night the show could average more than
200,000 in the demo.

Anonymous said...

I have an idea,how about if 360 did something
each night called Hack 360. No pundits. Let 360
viewers have the opportunity to weigh in and
possibly let Anderson react to what they have
to say about Keeping Them Honest or any story
on the show. That is how you engage viewers
and CNN needs to come up with with something
new. Let the viewers become contributors. You
have Face Book, Twitter & the 360 blog. Hey even
let viewers text in their thoughts. Think outside
pundits and see what happens. It is very easy
due to technological advances. Hello, you can
do face to face with an Ipad. Where was the
background on the Iowa Caucus. Can you say
infrograhpics before going to John & Candy.
CNN is so bogged down in ideology that some
important facts are being left out. CNN looks
like it did 20 years ago. Come on retire the
pundits and stupid questions. Crossfire has
got to end . In case you have not heard there
is a great invention called the internet and it
lets me have conversations with millions.
Meanwhile on old media like television we
get talked down to.

Anonymous said...

I think you are on to something when you say "engage the viewers."
Why not have Anderson take calls from viewers like Larry King did?
Not anything personal, just his views on the news or whomever he is talking with.
This would also work during his daytime show. Ellen does it.
Even if it's not live it's worth a try.
He has said that he wants to be like Phil Donahue. Well Phil was one of the first to engage viewers.
I can still remember him walking into the audience saying "Caller are you there?" That's what made his show interesting, as well as his being the first.
If you don't engage viewers you lose them and it doesn't matter if he energizes his audience. It's the viewing public that needs to be all inclusive.
Something tells me though, on 360, this will never happen.