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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ratings For The Week of August 15th - August 19th

1 - Special programming was shown on one night during the week.

Rating calculations are weekly averages based on nightly ratings provided by TVNewser with data by Nielsen Media Research. Numbers reflect Live and same day (DVR) data.

All content, unless otherwise cited, is © All Things CNN and may not be used without consent of the blog administrator.


Anonymous said...

Tonite was a perfect example of why Piers Morgan should not be sandwiched in between 2 different episodes of 360. The program and reporting of importing facts, loses continuety.
On nites where on the ground reporting is necessary, Morgan should be cancelled or shown at a later time.
He is not a field reporter and a tabloid journalist should not be reporting serious foreign events.

Anonymous said...

TVN is reporting that Katie Couric will be calling her fall talkfest for September of next year, "Katie."
How original.

Anonymous said...

At 11 PM CNN had on Johnathan Mann &
Isha Sesay. On international events like
Libya Piers Morgan should not be involved
in the coverage. For the worlds biggest
news stories you should have your best
reporters.It signals that you are not really
serious about the news. Ironically, 360 is
being used as bookends for Piers Morgan.
Weirdly, CNN is now higher at 8 in the
demo. It does look stranger for AC to toss
to Piers Morgan for breaking news.CNN
can't forget about continuity.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that AC360 is doing better, but I wonder if it will last. O'Reilly from Fox and Ed from MSNBC were both gone last week and I think that might have been the difference, although I hope I'm wrong.

Tarek said...

I posted this message a while back only to realize I posted on a post that was a few days old so I doubt anyone read it. So here it is again (with some edits):

I think over the years CNN has lost it's way. Rather than being "the most trusted name in news" they tried to be "the best political team on television". This was a turning point that left them dead in the water. CNN by nature is not and will not ever present a story showing any bias to either side of the political spectrum. Competitors have done well because they have either taken and extreme right or extreme left approach and therefore cater to their respective audiences - audiences who are so extreme they wouldn't ever watch CNN in the centre.

CNN needs to go back to the news!

- CNN lacks a proper business show on it's US network. This would be a great opportunity to move Ali to primetime and have him cohost with Poppy.

- PMT just doesn't work. I don't like Piers for so many reasons but the biggest issue with him is that I can't take him seriously. He's not a journalist and CNN should never put him in a position to host any program about actual news. Move him to HLN to do Showbiz Tonight.

- AC360 re-ran at 10 pm is a terrible idea. Mark my words.

- what the heck is going on at American Morning? American Morning needs to be blown up and started from scratch. More news, weather and flight delays on screen at all times, and less commercials! They aren't going after the same viewers as GMA or Today - they are going after people that needs news on the go. They should adopt the hour news wheel that Rogers Communications uses on 680 News and the upcoming CityNews Channel (

- Don Lemon has really stepped up his game in the last couple of weeks. I have always liked him but for some reason I think he is in someway auditioning for something or is part of a big plan at CNN. "No Talking Points" screams CNN show title or at the very least tagline (think keeping them honest and no bias no bull)

One person I would love to see come back to CNN and do an international news hour would be Aaron Brown - intelligent and well spoken, he was always on point.

Anonymous said...

In TOTALS which IS counted in the RATINGS, for ALL shows, AC/360 was third.
This, it would appear, is not a good sign when both of your competitors are absent.

Anonymous said...

That is exactly what makes Anderson Cooper
finishing 2nd in the demo amazing.He can
get fewer viewers than the others but get a
higher demo ratio.

Anonymous said...

@12:08AM: You are missing the point.
His audience is smaller and the "demos" are disceiving.
He cannot sustain a large audience with that type of following in network broadcast.
And that is exactly what Katie Couric is betting on.

Anonymous said...

Brooke Baldwin has surprised me.
I really thought that as a former entertainment reporter, who just did little bits with Rick Sanchez, that she would not have been able to handle two hours as an anchor and deliver a serious newscast.
But she fooled me.
She has made the transition quite easily and I'm impressed with the way she ia able to focus and pace herself. Maybe CNN should use her expertise in the morning where anyone who is breathing it seems, makes an appearance.

Anonymous said...

360 is doing just fine. If demos don't matter
how come TVN is doing analysis just like what
was posted on this blog over the weekend.
The big question : in the future will CNN go
with 2 different live episodes of 360 everyday
or will it be if news events warrant ?

Anonymous said...

Demos are real numbers, not deceiving. Adweek
says advertisers put some pressure on CNN to
move 360 to 8 PM.360 could possibly lead to CNN
topping MSNBC in the demo in prime time.In The
Arena & Parker/Spitzer were on for months with
lousy ratings. Demos = $$$$.

Anonymous said...

Phebe. We don't know if you will post this but
here are our thoughts about Monday and Tuesday.

360 was 3rd in viewers & 2nd in the demo on
Monday with 652,000/201,000 at 8 PM.

At 10PM 360 was 2nd in both viewers/demos
with 846,000/273,000.

Later today we look forward to seeing the ratings
for Tuesday with the breaking news about the
quake along the east coast. It is a safe bet that
all of the 24/7's got a bump in the ratings.

Now there is Hurricane Irene. 1 unbelievable
week in cable news. Libya,quake & Irene.

TV BY THE NUMBERS is our ratings source.
Phebe if you want us to stop. We will. We
will know if you don't post this.

Anonymous said...

@11:56AM: Phebe may have posted your trivia but you are annoying.
From us all.

Anonymous said...

Starting Sept 12th you're lucky if CNN gets ONE.

Anonymous said...

@9:18AM "DEMOS=$$$"

Anonymous said...

It would be great if Anderson Cooper could
toss to Isha Sesay each night. Its great to see
both she and Hala Gorani. Any chance of CNN
keeping the hour of CNN I on at 11.

Taping for Anderson is going on now in NYC.
That can only mean that most of the shows
for Anderson will not be live.

This blog usually has a positive vibe. I hope
it stays that way. Personally, I am not annoyed
by anyone on this blog .I respect what others
have to say rather I agree with them or not.

Anonymous said...

Some of us on this blog, are much more discerning and intuitive than others.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know how online viewing of CNN
is going.I have been watching a lot of the news
online since they started live-streaming.It was
so cool to be able to watch CNN on the Ipad for
earthquake & Libya coverage. Every thing is going
mobile. The days of only being able to watch tv
only in your home are gone. That is like dial up.
The DVR was only the beginning.CNN might want
to start streaming CNN International. Someone
has already beaten them to the punch.

Anonymous said...

For years I have followed the ratings for cable
television on Zap2It. They always rank their
shows by the 18-49 yr olds ratings. In fact on
Tuesday, the 3 o'clock hour of the CNN Newsroom
had a 0,5 and made the top cable ratings list.
CNN had 2.1 million viewers. More than some
of the shows ranked ahead of them. There have
always been rumors that CNN uses the 18-49
yr olds to sale AC 360. Totals don't lead to
cancelations. Take for example soap operas.
They get viewers but the demo is older than
advertisers like that is why the networks are
dropping soap operas. All they care about is
how much money a show brings in.

Anonymous said...

CNN has too much invested in 360 to cancel
the show. 360 is CNN's highest rated show.
Networks don't cancel their highest rated shows.

Anonymous said...

Week 3 for 360 being on CNN at 8 and this
is the ratings picture midweek.We just ran
the numbers. So here we go.

TV BY THE NUMBERS is the source.

Let's begin with the 8 PM hr.

360 is averaging 782,000/261,000

LW is averaging 735,000/188,000

HLN is averaging 632,000/161,000

If the trend continues 360 should be
2nd in viewers/demos for the week.
Tuesday marked the highest ratings
for 360 at 8 with 1,057,000/384,000.
With that monster storm Irene coming,
this is likely to be the highest ratings
for 360 so far at 8. Very few days are
remaining in this month and it is the
return to campus, vacations and a
holiday coming. Viewers should be
settled around the week of Sept 19.

Here's the 10 PM stats :

360 is averaging 866,000/277,000

Ed is averaging 819,000.235,000

HLN is averaging 409,000/118,000

It comes down to tonight for 360 vs
Ed.We get to see the ratings Friday.

Since 360 has been airing at 8, we
are seeing ratings in the 600,000's
for viewers with demos ranging in
the 200,000's. The ratings for the week
prior will be averaged in for the month
of August. CNN elected to wait until the
8th to start airing 360 at 8.

It is tight for 2nd in the prime time demo
between CNN & MSNBC . Rachel Maddow
had a big night last night so it is CNN 2,
MSNBC 1 as we come to Thursday.

We will be watching for the launch of Erin
Burnett's show to see what effect that will
have for CNN on Sept 26th. Right in time
for Q4 , which starts in October.

We can't reach any solid conclusions just
yet but 360 has improved the ratings for
CNN at 8.

With Hurricane Irene expected to heavily
impact the east coast, live-streaming CNN
could not have come at a better time.

Stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

The demographics for the daytime are entirely different than for a cable news broadcast.
Anderson Coopers following is, on regular nites, under one million.
He cannot afford to go under one million during the day, or yes, he is looking at cancellation.
Demos or no demos he has to bring in an audience every day that support his show.
More than likely Katie Couric has that audience already lined up ready to go.
She doesn't have to sell "spots" to Google at the last minute and promote and promote. She's sold to ABC along time ago right out of the gate.
And soaps were cancelled because nobody was watching them.

Anonymous said...

@6:25PM: Since "ALL of YOU" just ran the numbers, did you ever consider that Lawrence O'Donnell as well as ED Shultz have a substitute anchor?
They've been gone for about two weeks now...just thought ALL of YOU, should take this into consideration....busy little fellows.

Anonymous said...

@Tarek: You make some interesting points, especially about Piers Moron.
Did you ever notice that he asks every guest he has, the exact same questions? "So how does that make you feel?"
He must have taken a Q&A study guide course for beginners.
Fully agree: He belongs on HLN and the sooner he leaves, the better.

Anonymous said...

I watch MSNBC. Ed has been on the air.
Lawrence O'Donnell has been off since
his mom passed away. It probably means
nothing. The Last Word skews older than
Countdown. Ironically, those viewers have
not followed Keith to Current TV. That is
likely because Countdown is awful right
now. Not watchable at all.