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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Where in the World is Rick Sanchez?

TVNEWSER has posted an interview with Rick Sanchez about his future and a little look back at his time with CNN.

“You can’t win. I don’t care if you’re as masterful politically as Chris Matthews, as incredible in an argument as Bill O’Reilly, or as good-looking as Anderson Cooper. No matter what your skill set, someone’s going to be there every single day to blast your ass.”

When Sanchez was fired, he says what hurt him most is that “no one stood up for me. I was just as hated on the right as on the left.” If, by some quirk of fate, Sanchez returns to cable, “I’d have a publicist working with me every day and an agent watching my back, even if it costs half my salary.”

If he had to do it over again, “I would read every single word of every script, right off the ‘prompter,” Sanchez says. “I’d show up half an hour before, do my makeup, then do the show. Folks who do that are the ones who are beloved.”

The hard workers, like him, “are guaranteed to get a lot more crap,” he says.

To read the full interview and read more about his possible talk show based out of Miami follow the link.

Mediaite also reported recently that Sanchez will be calling the action for the Florida International's Golden Panther football team. Here's the link to that story.

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Anonymous said...

I didnt mind Sanchez, but he was WAAAAY into himself and came off like he knew everything, which is why people like John Stewart had no problems mocking him. It really became about his ego than the news even though I sided with a lot of things he said.

I'm SO happy Brooke Baldwin took his place. Smart, charming, attractive and very personable, thats someone who can make the news interesting but not make it about her every second like Sanchez did. Sadly when he was fired, I dont think he was missed. He should ask himself why?

Anonymous said...

"Where in the World is Rick Sanchez?"
Does anyone really care?