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Thursday, September 15, 2011

American Morning Reinvented?

TVNewser is reporting 'the current iteration of CNN’s “American Morning” may be in its final months of production and will likely be replaced by two new shows, one airing from 5am-7amET and another from 7am-9amET.

We’re hearing Ashleigh Banfield, who has been working freelance for ABC News for nearly two years, may be tapped to anchor the earlier hours, while former “American Morning” co-anchor Soledad O’Brien, is being mentioned as anchor of the second two hours.

Banfield, the former MSNBC and Court TV anchor, is under contract to ABC News until the end of the year. O’Brien has been spending the last several years working on documentaries for the “In America” unit. No comment from CNN.'

The New York Post
has a similar report online today too.

TV Newser continues:

“American Morning,” which airs from 6-9amET, has had a rotating cast of temporary anchors since the departures of John Roberts late last year and Kiran Chetry in July.

“American Morning” — once a solid #2 behind “Fox & Friends” — has fallen behind in the ratings. In August, “American Morning” finished behind MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” for the fifth straight month, with the politics-heavy MSNBC show up +21% year-over-year.

As has happened in the past when shows are canceled, the staff of AM will have to re-apply for jobs after Executive Producers of the new shows are named.

“American Morning” has had at least four anchor teams in the 10 years it’s been on the air. The show debuted on Sept. 12, 2001 with Paula Zahn, newly-hired-from Fox News, going on the air several months before the planned start date due to the Sept. 11 attacks. In February 2002, Bill Hemmer was named Zahn’s co-anchor. A year later, Zahn moved to primetime and Hemmer anchored alongside Heidi Collins, Daryn Kagan and finally Soledad O’Brien who jumped to CNN from NBC News in 2003.

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Anonymous said...

What's taking so long ? Let's hope that get
it right this time. What type of shows will
they be ? CNN has to get things right this

Anonymous said...

If they drop idiotic pundits and actually talk
and act like people do in the morning things
could change for CNN.No one gets up in the
morning to consume politics. You want to
find out what happened while you were asleep.
The mornings should be fun and loose. Drop
the dumb questions. Content,content,content.
CNN needs more likable hosts. CNN has too
many people that come across as jerks.Quit
doing the same things over and over again.
If you have to keep repeating the same thing
over and over again that just simply means
you don't need to be on more than an hour.

Anonymous said...

Please don't have Carol Costello on in the
morning. She whines and it is so annoying.

Anonymous said...

Okay, TEA NN is moving the time back 1 hr for
their morning show. With the changes coming
to evening hours that means one edition of the
News Room has to be on only for an hour. Who
is going to be on CNN less.CNN is the tea party
network so that is what everyone calls them now.

All of the current hosts on AM has to go. The
person who thought that Ali Velshi, Christine
Romans & Carol Costello would work should
be fired.

Anonymous said...

CNN needs to completely revamp the network
in the morning, day and night, Cable news is
ignorant. All day long CNN is divisive, mean-
spirited and not reporting what is going on .
Cable news is destroying this country. CNN
is so stupid first thing in the morning and
into the night. Cable news needs to discover
the real world and to quit living in the make
believe world they think exist. It is definitely
not the planet earth.

Anonymous said...

Great news for Soledad but it might be
too little too late. Both she and Asleigh
will be going into rough waters .

Anonymous said...

@7:30AM with all do respect, it doesn't seem like you really watch CNN.

But I agree that CNN should revamp itself. New
Logo, new graphics, etc.

Anonymous said...

We ran the numbers so far this week and it is
okay for CNN.We begin with 8 PM.

360 is averaging 675,000/205,000

MSNBC is averaging 872,000/170,000

FNC is averaging 3,116,000/667,000

HLN is averaging 847,000/187,000

360 is 4th in viewers but 2nd in the demo.

Here is the 10 PM tally minus tonight :

360 is averaging 874,000/310,000

MSNBC is averaging 712,000/176,000

FNC is averaging 1,710,000/404,000

HLN is averaging 455,000/114,000

360 is second viewers/demo because
Ed is not on tonight so if 360 has a bad
night viewership numbers can change.
360 benefited from the debate Monday.
Since I full hourlong episode aired under
the 360 title it counts.

The GOP debate changed CNN programming.
360 did not air on Monday so we only went
with 3 days up to this point.CNN is 2nd in
the demo at 8. MSNBC has to be concerned
about the demos at 8 & 10 PM. Rachel has a
following so at this time she is not being
impacted.We could be seeing slow shifting
at 8 & 10 for CNN.CNN wins the demo but
the viewers are another story as CNN is slowly
growing at 8. The thing is this will all change
in 2 weeks. October 3rd marks the latest
round of changes to the CNN lineup. At that
time we will be keeping an eye on Outfront.

Will Erin Burnett bring in higher ratings in
viewers/demo ?

Is Outfront the right lead in for 360 ?

PMT probably is a concern for CNN. It
seems like Rachel is pulling away. Is it
real ? We can't say but it is not good
to see this. Rachel is holding up MSNBC.
360 is lifting CNN.It will be back & forth
until one show is no longer able to keep
this going.

Nobody cares much about September now;
it is about Q4 for all 4 cable news networks.

Stay tuned. We will know if CNN is getting
momentum going into 2012. CNN does need
to evolve, re-invent, develop a new look and
go with social tv rather than opinion.CNN
has to do better at connecting with viewers
via social media. Without a doubt there has
to be integration with television/social media.
The crawl and pundits probably need to end.
Both are pretty much outdated.

Anonymous said...

While there is a desperate need for change in the morning news arena, bringing Soledad O'Brien back certainly is not the answer.
Why on earth would CNN even consider bringing back an anchor that didn't work out in the first place? Has there been a large viewer outcry to get Soledad back in the anchor chair? No.
But CNN has in the recent past made some rather egregious hiring mistakes, i.e., Elliot Spitzer, Kathleen Parker, Piers Morgan, Ali Velshi, Rick Sanchez just to name a few. So making another one, typical.

Anonymous said...

They say it will be ensemble. The problem
for CNN is to find a team that cliques. CNN
has made some bad hires and decisions but
I would not put Soledad in that group.

Anonymous said...

What you all mean is that Soledad should NEVER have left the Morning Show in the first place.
That was the FIRST MISTAKE.
The second mistake was firing Miles O'Brien.
And of course there were the multitude of other mistakes which need to be cleaned up and Soledad is taking part in cleaning up the MESS KLEIN LEFT.

Anonymous said...

Ugh. Watching CNN in the mornings is becoming more and more painful. PLEASE do something. If you could please get rid of Carol Costello and her "TEA Party Rules" badge she wears every morning, that would be a start. You should have never gotten rid of Soledad O'Brien. Big mistake. Please do something before we have to resort to watching Fox News.

Anonymous said...

Carol Costello is NASTY. She wiggles around like her panties are up her butt. She tries to sound smart, but she is an overgrown cheerleader. Please dont allow her to speak. One more "shall we" and I will scream!

Anonymous said...

I have stopped watching CNN in the morning. The reason, Carol Costello is an annoying, negative, whiner. Does she even like her job? It doesn't seem so. She should move on and let some else take over that is excited to be there.

Anonymous said...

As usual, Carol Costello and the CNN news people saw the debate differently than most of the country. Her condescending way of speaking about Mr. Romney or anything she doesn't like, brings bile to my throat.
The only important thing that C.C. and CNN got from the debate, was the Big Bird comment, and they are working it overtime.