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Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Labor Day 2011

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Anonymous said...

Has CNN been asleep for the last decade.
The BBC had some great animation about
how it has been a decade of zero job grains
in the U.S. CNN needs to really work on it's
reporting. Really 360. 30 minutes on Michele
Bachmann. Get real and do some real news.
Go ahead and make me turn the channel.

Anonymous said...

CNN is run by a huge media corporation. CNN
will keep trying to make us forget that Wall St
caused the current economic crisis as they did
the Great Depression.

The only way CNN covers economics is to focus
on Wall St.

CNN has the worst economic and political teams
on cable news. They are clueless and it shows
big time. Do yourself a favor and ignore CNN
so that they will be out of business.

Anonymous said...

According to the statistics, presented here, 360 has not charmed its way to the top of the heap for CNN.
In the demos, the numbers at 8PM remain relatively the same.
Some nites are better than others depending on breaking news.
360 has held its audience in the 10PM slot, no better, no worse, again all depending upon the breaking news.
The real test will come around mid-September when primetime broadcast shows gear up, such as DWTS which begins at 8 EST.
Right now, there's not very much competition except to view the news on cable.