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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Your Views on the News 9/10/11

We know you have observations, complaints and compliments about CNN. Here's the place to share them.

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Anonymous said...

CNN needs to drop the crawl, add a media bar and
do something about those gigantic banners. Now
that CNN owns Zite they can come up with apps to
make CNN the ultimate cable news channel. CNN
needs a hipper look for their graphics ,transitions,
production and effects.

Also, have Zite developers come up with a design
to feature material from instead of
repeats. Air these stories from 2-5 AM. Don't
need an anchor. You just have animated graphics
for various topics with music for 5 seconds. Set
it up so you can go to the website and find out
the times that the stories from the web will be
airing on CNN during the overnight hours.

It is time for CNN to modernize it's shows. It is
time for CNN to have a daily news show that
covers tech,social media & science Same goes
for a freestyle real-time news show based on
news as it develops during the day.

Anonymous said...

CNN should hire Toure and cancel PMT.
Toure is unafraid and understands the
power of words. The man makes you
think. There is nothing like him on cable
news.Toure deserves his own prime time
cable news show. HIre Toure away from

Anonymous said...

Better remote audio during disasters. Other networks do OK with weather and satellites better than CNN. Last weeks hurricanes became painful to watch with the bad audio from the reporters.

Anonymous said...

The crawl is being used effectively today with
the names of the 9=11 victims.

Compared to CNN & FNC, MSNBC has the best
design for overall graphics for 9-11. It is as if
it was designed to not obstruct video. CNN &
FNC should have went with a smaller scale. The
banners should be on the same scale as names
of the victims

Anonymous said...

This may be premature, but "Anderson" is "dead in the water," in the NYC area, and I am referring to his talkshow.
He is OPPOSITE JUDE JUDY, ELLEN, AND DR OZ, appearing on pix 11!
Good Grief Charlies Brown!
He'll need all the publicity he can get and Katie hasn't even started yet!
Wendy Williams has a better time slot appearing at 5PM on fox five, which is originally what I thought he was on.
Personally, I give him 6 months tops!
When I read that Disney didn't talk to him about R&K, I knew something, not so good was up.
Hope he has better luck in LA, because if he loses the NY market... Bye Bye.
You heard it here first.

Anonymous said...

That's Judge Judy and Charlie Brown. Typos in previous comment.

Anonymous said...

Anderson the talk show will do just fine. At
this time it is impossible to figure out who
viewers will choose. Plus there is no way in
the world Warner Bros would drop Anderson
after 6 months.It is going to come down to
guests,topics and the overall flow of the show.

It is on my DVR show list. Besides I get the
feeling that Anderson is aimed at 18-49
year olds. It seems like social media is being
used to make viewer content a part of the
show. Judging from the clips circulating on
the web, my only description is it is a wide
ranging without a standard format.

Anonymous said...

Millions of eyeballs are up for grabs. Nobody
knows how this will turn out. Soap operas are
dying,no Oprah,soon no Regis. Entertainment
writers don't even know how this will turn out.
I see a lot of channel surfing. You never know
what shows people will watch.

Phebe said...

This is not the place for a discussion of Anderson Cooper's talk show. If that's what you want to focus on please take your comments to our sister blog All Things Anderson. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

What is going on with CNN? I am at home sick today so I have been watching these completely self-absorbed anchors reciting their non news. Brooke Baldwin singing Happy Birthday to some rock band. Is this news? And what is with all the pictures of her?

Anonymous said...

In today's USA Today, there is a piece on Anderson's talkshow.
It said what another commenter here
said that he's opposite Judge Judy etc. in the NY area and the show was up against obstacles starting out.

Anonymous said...

Wolf Blitzer did a terrific job moderating the debate.
He was tough when needed and made the candidates answer the questions.
I don't know if we learned anything by watching them. One was stupider than the next, but I will say Rick Perry didn't blink on his anti-social security stance.
He didn't back down because it wasn't popular, like another Democratic President we know.
So at least we know what he stands for which is more than I can say for the current person in charge.