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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Your Views on the News 9/3/11

It's your turn to tell us what's on your mind. Thoughts on what's wrong with American Morning? Or maybe you have an opinoin on the title of Erin Burnett's new show 'Out Front' or on Nancy Grace Dancing with the Stars?

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Anonymous said...

Nancy Grace has a lot of spunk and probably will do well on DWTS.
Erin Burnett has yet to prove herself, but from the looks of things, she needs an awful lot of time to prepare for whatever she's about to do.
You'd think she'd seen a teleprompter and knew nothing about the "biz."
Doomed to gloom before she's begun.
Piers Morgan has to leave. He is a stuffed overpaid shirt, that too many people resent.
Anderson Cooper will be looking to get back to doing more of the news and journalism.
He has forgotten what failure was like after hosting the Mole.

Anonymous said...

Susan Hendricks must go. Her hand jestures are rediculous, her patter is comical,and she has an annoying voice. She looks like she has just come from Entertainment Tonight. Good looks alone don't cut it in news.

I agree on Piers Morgan - - really bad. Just look at his ratings.

Not a fan of T.J. Holmes either.

These folks are an embarassment to CNN.

Anderson Cooper is great. Probably won't stay at CNN.

Anonymous said...

Soledad O'Brien's latest documentary is quite good.
I can understand the prejudice against the Muslim population, but this special delves into their emotional attachment to being law abiding citizens and some of the abuse they've had to endure since 9/11.
It is true that while we were the victims of this terrible attack, most Muslims have assimilated very well and if there's one thing that America is good at, it is assimilation.
Britian and the rest of Europe could learn something from us.
We have learned how to be multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, and they have not.

Anonymous said...

TJ and Reynolds are the best on CNN in the
mornings on weekends. The only ones who
don't recognize that Piers Morgan needs to
go is CNN management.Morgan is a drag on
CNN and horrible at interviews.

Anonymous said...

TVN is reporting that Anderson will have Amy Whinehouse's family and the HWOBH on one of his first shows.
And in addition, there will be Kathy Griffin and his fav, Snooki.
These are all people who interest HIM.
Oprah succeeded because she chose people who interested others, not only herself.
She surprised her guests by giving them personal items that would satisfy them and she thought outside the box, in order to keep the interest level up. She interacted with her audience by selecting certain books that she thought were relevant to get her audience to read and relate to the characters in her book choices, and the authors who wrote them.
Personally, I don't give two hoots about Amy Whinehouse or her family.
Yes, I'm sorry she passed away but having said that, I never gave one thought to her when she lived.
I don't care for people in Beverly Hills and can't relate to their made up problems and I know many others who feel the same way.
Someone has to tell "Anderson" that in order for his show to suceed viewers at home HAVE TO RELATE.
And just for the record I don't give a hoot about Snooki or Kathy Griffin.
Never watched either of them and could care less and I'm a pretty good judge of "pop-culture."
On my list, "The Help." The movie as well as the book and its author, who was rejected more than fifty times before someone picked up her option to publish. Now that's interesting!
But then who am I? Just your average viewer who will not be watching "Anderson."

Anonymous said...

Really? Those are the individuals Wonder Boy Cooper has selected for his show?
This show will be nothing more than tabloid trash. The he will do AC360 and act like his is some kind of paragon of truth.

I like Nancy, she is what she is and doesn't pretend to be anything else. Of course I'll watch her on DWTS.

I wasn't all that impressed with Erin on her other show and now they are parading her around like she is the next Diane Sawyer.

I stopped watching American Morning years ago when the Chetry woman joined in. And now they have the egotistical Ali and you wonder whats wrong with American Morning.

Anonymous said...

@1:23AM: You make some good points that I agree with.
When you think of the access and range, and all the possibilities AC has at his finger tips, you'd think that HE wouldn't fall for the "lowest common denominator" of guests.
Just today there was an interview in the NYT about the last surviving CEO at Kantor Fitgerald, who lost practically all its staff on 9/11.
As CEO he was a few minutes late dropping his child off at school.
Why not have HIM as a guest on "Anderson" the first day, instead of some third rate singer who was "strung out on drugs."
And then the wife of the husband who committed suicide.
Yes, suicide is terrible, BUT, he was on a show that pushed him over the edge, Bravo's HWOBH!
While we are well aware that Anderson's brother fell victim to suicide, why exploit this tragedy?
And yes, exploitation is what it is and it is in poor taste.