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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Ratings For The Week of October 3rd to October 7th

1 - Special programming was aired on one night during the week.

Rating calculations are weekly averages based on nightly ratings provided by TVNewser with data by Nielsen Media Research. Numbers reflect Live and same day (DVR) data.

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Anonymous said...

AC is not anchoring so far this week so the
ratings for 360 will be lower. Outfront is bad
news for CNN. Erin Burnett solo is a disaster.
She does not have it and she blew any chance
she had by being insulting.CNN better have a
backup plan.

Anonymous said...

Watching Erin Burnett try to anchor breaking
news is painful. She is so out of her league.
CNN is in really big trouble and it is about
to get much worst, The ratings for Monday
have to be a major concern for CNN. What
made them think they could get away with
imitating FOX ? CNN turned off viewers.
What CNN is doing is tantamount to ESPN
not doing sports. Do some news.

Anonymous said...

You folks heard it from me first.
I told you all that Erin Burnett's promos were terrible and some commenters said I should give her a chance.
You can tell a lot from background and promotion.
Yesterday she interviewed, none other than her friend, "The Donald."
HE didn't let her get a word in edge wise, and the worst part was, she was AFRAID to try.
Campbell Brown had more gumption than this mouse.
You could tell Trump didn't respect her and he knew going into the interview she wouldn't challenge him.
Just today, it was announced that Wall Street would cut 10,000 jobs!
What did Burnett talk about? Foreign affairs and not fiancial foreign affairs either.
Someone has to remind CNN WHY they hired give finance reports, business news, housing projections, and job outlooks.
We're in a recession and she can't find anything worthy that has to do with stocks, bonds, trading, and what the average person should do during a "bear market?"
Wall Street is losing money for the same reason, the banks are refusing to lend, and not lending is placing a strangle hold on everything.
Credible people, with high FICO scores, can't get a loan and Ms Burnett makes believe her program is relevant. To Whom??

Anonymous said...

Here's the biggest mistake CNN made with Erin Burnett.
They hired her some six months ago or more.
The minute they hired her they should have put her on the air.
What was she doing all this time?
She came from another network.
It wasn't her first time in front of a teleprompter.
Was she practicing how to speak, because if she was, she certainly can't project AND she should have had a plan....a plan to speak about what she knows: BUSINESS, AND NOTHING ELSE.
Today she spoke with Peter Bergen.
Why? Was she speaking about the global economy? NO
She spoke about the assassination plot! We have other journalists to do that and that's the producers fault and everyone BACKSTAGE and not UPFRONT OR OUTFRONT OR UPENDED.

Anonymous said...

So now CNN has 2 shows that can't even
draw 100,00 in demos. Not bringing in
those younger viewers and never will. To
them Rihanna is hot. A 35 yr old woman
in cable news is not hot. Who is the idiot
who thought young guys would find her
hot. Young guys watch Stewart & Colbert
for news as does there generation buds
who are women. Youngster, hipsters,etc
like smart and they crave content. They
have media smarts and know when they
see crap.360 was bringing in younger
viewers and now they want to make like
In The Arena.It is only a matter of time
before they mess up 360 as well. CNN
your viewers have pundited out. CNN
we don't like you is the message from

Anonymous said...

One thing CNN could do to get better ratings for
TSR is to go back to the original intent of the show.
Bring back the 2 internet reporters. When you go
into the television menu to find out info for shows
TSR says traditional reporting,online resources &
international news. That is not a true description
of what you get when you watch the show. 360
& TSR are the only 2 things CNN has going for it
right now. Who would have thought that Wolf
would have better demos than Erin Burnett. CNN
might have to cancel Outfront in 6 weeks.I 'll
bet that when it comes to breaking news CNN
will send viewers to FNC for the hour. Nobody
watched her try and handle breaking news.

Viewers are hip. They know CNN has the worst
political team on television. The RedState blogger
just launched a website mocking Occupy, Will
Cain works for GBTV , Beck just told people
Occupy will kill you and some have ties to
Breitbart.CNN can't get anything right. CNN's
lousy approach to politics can also be a reason
for the ratings dive with their political shows.
360 even screwed up Raw Politics. What was
wrong with the packages from om Foreman,
Joe Johns & Candy Crowley. At least it made
CNN look different. Too many pundits is
proving to be a negative for CNN.

The lack of news content is a huge problem for
CNN. You can go to Barnes & Noble and read
all of the magazines for free. You can surf
web and find more content that's newsworthy
than you can fit into an entire day. There is
no excuse for CNN being this bad.

Anonymous said...

words are a game changer for CNN.

STROMBO is cute,smart and has a great sense
of humor and makes you think. Women will
like him for all of those reasons. Guys will like
him because he would be the coolest dude in
cable news.

Maybe add some more women to help out
Erin Burnett. Isha Sesay is around and find
a couple of others for the hour but make
sure it ethnically diverse and has diverse news
items and stories aimed at women. Not your
typical news show and if there is breaking news
you will have journalists who can get in gear.

Anonymous said...

"add some more women to help out Erin Burnett?"
Are you kidding me?
Erin Burnett is getting a really big salary. Let her help herself!
"Who would have thought Wolf Blitzer would get higher demos and totals than Erin Burnett?"
Again, are you kidding me?
I KNOW the Wolf man can get higher ratings than all of them.
He knows his stuff and everyone who watches TSR knows he knows.
He too has proven himself over the years.
No, no one should help Ms Sweetie Pie. She got herself into this mess. Let her get herself out.
She was well aware of what she was getting herself into and CNN over estimated what talent she had or lacked.

Anonymous said...

TVN is reporting that Katie Couric co-hosted Regis & Kelly, sitting in for Regis.
Interesting, since her future dayside competitor, Anderson, isn't doing the show, any more.
Still think Cooper should have gone after the spot. It was pefect. Lite, airy, and no responsiblity and he could still do hard news. It also had a ready made audience.
Everyone is trying out for Regis's position and AC had the most experience, but Disney probably has the person they want already signed, and it's no one obvious.

Anonymous said...

There's a poll out now showing that Americans are supporting Occupy Wall Street by a 2-1 margin and the Tea Party continues to be viewed unfavorably by a majority of the public. It looks like CNN hitched its wagon to the wrong movement.

I'm surprised anyone here has the stomach to sit through an hour of Erin Burnett. I was done with her as soon as she stupidly denigrated OWS. To be honest, I'd rather watch Eliot Spitzer than her.

Anonymous said...

CNN hired Burnett to do a news show.
Thats the problem. CNN needs to go
for the next gen journos. Why they
thought it was a good idea to hire
her for news is anybody's guess.

The women's show at 7 PM may not
be a bad idea. But have it be the female
journalists at CNN , no pundits or heavy
focus on politics. How CNN continues to
ignore the millions of potential female
viewers is a mystery. Women are a key
demographic .CNN is being run into the
ground and they can't get any decent
talent. I would love to see Strombo,Toure
& Aisha Tyler but CNN would never hire
them. Neither of them dumb things down.

CNN has become ignorant.

Anonymous said...

It is so easy to find news for a women's show.
For example, India is launching a Fight Back App
next month because harassment and sex assault
are a problem in New Delhi.So if a woman needs
help she uses her phone to message for help.
It goes out to her family, friends, FB & Twitter as
well. Or the story about the Super-Marion themed
wedding invitation that someone put on an art
blog. There are pictures of the invitation. The
design and attention to detail will blow you away.
They are so popular that people want to keep
the invitations. Interview the people behind
this and see if they are willing to do this for
others who like something this memorable.

Same thing goes for tech. Samsung surpasses
1,000 tv apps,downloads top 10 M. So what are
the most popular apps ? Apple has released a
new card app. Hark lets you listen to your
favorite movie clips. It turns out women have
a very strong presence on the web. A women's
show on multiple platforms would be awesome.
There are more smartphones than our 300 M
population.I say go heavy with tech because
it turns out women love social media to spread
the word. Target women. Outfront is aimed at
men instead of women. Cmon.

Anonymous said...

CNN has a problem. When Anderson Cooper
is not around, they have no other show to help
pick up the slack to get viewers. The evidence
is there for the ratings this week. As far as I'm
concerned Piers Morgan is a bigger problem for
CNN than Outfront right now. He is actually in
prime and fading fast. There is nothing CNN
can do to fix PMT. I don't know how much longer
Charlie Moore & Team 360 can hold up CNN.
360 needs backup and they can't get it form
Outfront or PMT.

I have a criticism for 360. Last night John King
had a pundit on with Jeffry Sachs. Really CNN.
That was an insult to Prof. Sachs who knows
what he is talking about. CNN just keeps getting
dumb and dumber. Only in the warped mind
of CNN would this be considered to be honest.
How lazy can CNN continue to be. Just set up
a fake debate that ends up being nothing for
viewers. Where was the smart,intelligent and
constructive interview with Sachs, in which
the viewers can walk away with something.
Unfortunately, CNN shows are designed with
viewers as an afterthought or viewers mean
nothing to CNN.

It's no secret that CNN & NBC are considered
to be the worst managed networks right now
but I will bet NBC will try and solve their
problems while CNN keeps doing the same
tired old stunts. Does CNN realize they have
to fix things at the network.CNN needs a
course correction. Fix this now not later.

Anonymous said...

CNN does look ancient with pundit overkill.
It is not how we consume info or talk to
each other. Television and news are using
outdated business models.CNN should be
investing in backpack journalism,digital
news teams, writers, animators, graphic
artists, musicians, aggregators, social
media pros,filmmakers, etc. Pundits need
to be fired. Content is king not opinion.
CNN needs to be making hires that keep
them modern not ancient history.

Anonymous said...

I was surprised to see Nate Berkus, of Oprah fame for furnishing interiors, on NBC at 4PM opposite Anderson, in the tri-state area.
Nate Berkus registered the top spot on a prime channel in the NY area??
This had to be because of his Oprah connection.
He certainly doesn't have a fan base and to get on NBC yet while AC, who does have a fan base, wallows on PIX 11 NY, seems a bit unfair.
Once again. Even in television land, it's not what you know, but who.

Anonymous said...

CNN could learn a thing or 2 when it comes to
social TV. The Guardian recently had an article
on how Anderson's, talk show is 1 of the best
and really at the top of their game with social
media and know how to really work it.

Now that Americans have so much control with
content. CNN needs a daily/nightly show, yes 2
live hours in which the viewers drive the news.
You should not just be limited to texting on 3
stories to influence the news. Make it available
on as many platforms as possible. Put the show
on at 11 PM. Have it so viewers can contribute
24/7. CNN has IReport and they recently are
experimenting with crowdsourcing for news.
For the daily flow do a noon edition.

Make it open source but really a viewer driven
content news program. That is how you engage
viewers. I mean news based ,it has to be based
on news not opinion. Viewers could send in
their photos or chose an avatar. For example,
if I submit an item it would be great if a CNN
reporter can connect with me on the news
item. Let's say someone post an item about
the new Iphone that comes out today. Talk to
viewers about which features they like the
best. It is time for a viewer contributed content
news show, All should be able to go to 1
website that links it all together, blog,FB
Twiter, Tumblr. Keep things respectful and
if you do anything offensive or launch personal
attacks you are out. The Huffington Post and
others are now doing this to keep their sites
more focused on the content and not letting
their sites get hijacked by agendas.

What is even cooler is if CNN can make a
connection with me about an item I would
submit by actually connecting a story from
a CNN reporter to the items I or others
would sumbit. Say for an example, It is the
$ 50 computer in India. A CNN reporter got
a sneak peek and can actually show video
and do a story on the computer.

I'm talking a viewer contributed content
news show. This would be an instant hit
and you would be connecting millions of
CNN viewers from around the world to the
news and the viewers were all content
contributers 1 way or another. No loaded
questions or you can only chose from the
3 that CNN gives you. Any news junkie is
welcome.. Anyone can go to
and vote on the stories even if you don't
want to leave a comment.To do that you
should have to register but if I choose not
to comment. I still should be able to vote
on the stories at that I would
like to see on the news show.

Nothing like this exists. This is real viewer
engagement. I'll give you a title : Open Source.
It is time for a viewer influenced news show.

Anonymous said...

CNN should have made that move 2 years ago.
That is how you can really reach younger viewers
and more people. The Ipad is the most popular
news consuming device. It is long overdue for
viewers too really have their say about the news.
Give viewers access and quit talking at them.
That will be a part of the future of cable news.
CNN can't afford to keep ignoring viewers. The
Guardian is doing this by letting their readers
find out about future stories in advance and
telling the readers to contribute to the news.
Hey, if you have something to add to the
story ,you are welcome. Here's the invite. Why
can't this be CNN ?

Make the move from pundits to people. I say go
with Conor Kniighton , Max & Jason, all formerly
with Current TV. That is also why CNN should
never have let Nicole Lapin go. You have to go
with people who know how to tap into the
market and know their stuff with social media.
The response would be overwhelming, not
just form younger viewers but actually for
ages 16-54. Which by the way is the group
that is consuming that news on the Ipad. That
is demo gold. When you say you choose , mean
it don't limit the public to questions and texts.
Or the dinosaur , aka E-Mail.

You will be out of business soon if you keep
doing that and keep trying to control people.
That is exactly how not to use social media.
It can't be about you. You can only imagine
how much traffic this would be for CNN on
the web.It is time for a news exchange with
CNN and the viewers. One lesson that old
media can learn from Facebook & Twitter is
that if you build it they will come and make
it accessible and be designed for all and not
just a select few. That is right. It is time for
viewers to get their news on. It should not
just be limited to 2 hours this needs to be
24/7 & 365. Will CNN do this ? NO . With
all of the content that is out there, you can't
consume it all. Maybe there is something I
missed. We would all find out what people
really wanted to see at 11. Could compete
with Nightline., which is not very newsy.
CNN should tell viewers : hit us up with
some news you want to see.

Anonymous said...

CNN needs to hire Strombo now. PMT
is sinking big time, Check out TVN.

Anonymous said...

Erin Burnett finally spoke about something that had to do with finance.
It was very brief but it was a start.
She spoke about Mattel's Barbie and how it influenced the rise of the stock's first quarter earnings and that the company is now concentrating and expanding the Barbie influence to Asia and beyond. That should be interesting.
Barbie is now over fifty and has had a great influence on our culture.
Burnett should do an entire segment on Barbie. There are sooo many topics she could do, that has to do with finance but has a cultural flavor to it.
You don't know whether to shake her, or her producer.

Anonymous said...

The 2 big stories that everyone is talking
about is Rick Ross & Occupy going global
but CNN is wasting our time with a debate
that is not until Tuesday. Then again CNN
probably has no clue who Rick Ross is or
anyone in the hip hop community. CNN
needs to realize that millions of todays
parents were the first to embrace hip hop.

Anonymous said...

Dr.Phil needs to start to analyze Anderson Cooper.
He needs to find out why he decided to portray a real person who makes a minimum wage and is waiting on people at Boston Market.
Is it because he actually wants find out what it's really like to be poor, and therefore he will become a liberal?
Or this just another prank to raise the ratings of his talk show, because either way, media is starting to question his credibility in jouranlism and I for one am questioning his sanity.
As one media outlet put it, 'you can't be Ellen by day, and then turn into Edward R. Murrow at night'...or you can if this is just something he's decided to do in order to destroy all his credibility and good will in both broadcast journalism and the television industry.
Either way, people are beginning to question his motives.