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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

CNN's October Numbers

Our ratings blogger is out of commission because of last weekend's snow storm. We hope they'll be back with ATC's weekly ratings post next week. Here's the latest press release from CNN on October's numbers:



October Highlights:
• While CNN grows in primetime vs. a year ago, MSNBC and FNC primetime programming have double-digit losses.
• At 8p and 10p, AC 360 tops MSNBC in the key demo 25-54 and grows vs. a year ago; while MSNBC and FNC experience double-digit declines.
• Piers Morgan Tonight is the only 9pm program to grow among 25-54, while MSNBC and FNC are down double-digits.
• Erin Burnett OutFront at 7p grows from CNN programming a year ago.

Despite the cable news network’s significant ratings bump due to heightened viewership from the rescue of the Chilean miners last October, CNN showed growth in key day parts and primetime programming while MSNBC and FNC declined vs. a year ago.

In M-F prime (8-11p), CNN topped MSNBC in the key demo (233k vs. 197k) and was up +25% vs. a year ago. MSNBC was down -25% and FNC was off -28% among 25-54. (Omitting CNN’s Republican debate on October 18, CNN averaged 197k in the key demo, tying MSNBC. Without the Republican debate, CNN also still grew vs. a year ago – increasing +5% among 25-54.)

CNN outperformed MSNBC in total day (6a-6a) among total viewers (409k vs. 402k) during October. In addition, CNN grew +5% in the key demo (128k vs. 122k), MSNBC was down -10% (129k vs. 143k) and FNC lost -15% of its audience (253k vs. 299k) compared to a year ago.

CNN also topped MSNBC during dayside programming (M-F 9a-5p) in total viewers (519k vs. 344k) and in the demo 25-54 (139k vs. 85k). Compared to a year ago, CNN increased +5% in the key demo 25-54; MSNBC was up +5% and FNC was down -16%.

Show Highlights:
• 8p, ET: Anderson Cooper 360 topped MSNBC in the demo (178k vs. 175k) for the third consecutive month. The CNN program was the only program at 8 pm to show growth vs. a year ago– increasing +21% (178k vs. 147k), while MSNBC was down a staggering -36% (175k vs. 272k) and FNC dropped -28%.

• 9p, ET: Piers Morgan Tonight is also the only show at 9 pm to gain demo viewers compared to last year – increasing +4% (176k vs. 170k) , while MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show is down -21% (217k vs. 276k) and FNC declined -24% (457k vs. 598k).

• 10p, ET: Anderson Cooper 360 continued to top MSNBC in the demo (234k vs. 188k). October represents the 6th straight month that AC 360 topped MSNBC at 10p in the key demo 25-54. Despite heightened viewership a year ago, AC 360 grew +2% (234k vs. 229k), MSNBC is down -22% (188k v. 241k) and FNC lost one quarter of its audience, declining -25% (376k vs. 503k).

• 7p, ET: Launch-to-date (October 3-28) Erin Burnett OutFront has also seen growth compared to CNN programming a year ago, increasing +8% in the key demo (146k vs. 135k) and growing +7% in total viewers (490k vs. 458k). MSNBC is down -3% among 25-54 vs. a year ago (177k vs. 183k) and FNC is off -16% (379k vs. 449k).

• 4p, ET: Launch-to-date (October 3-28) The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer (new time slot) topped MSNBC’s Dylan Ratigan in both total viewers (674k vs. 401k) and among 25-54 (175k vs. 92k). The Sit Room also grew compared to programming a year ago, increasing +26% in the key demo (175k vs. 139k) while MSNBC is down -5% (92k vs. 97k) and FNC is off -15% (235k vs. 278k).


CNN reached a cumulative audience of 95.2 million viewers in October, FNC followed with 78.5 million, while MSNBC was third with 77.7 million.

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Anonymous said...

Good news for CNN. Say what you will about
360, it is saving CN big time.

Anonymous said...

'Erin Burnett's Outfront out performs from a year ago?'
Oh, pleaze give me a break!
On what planet did this happen?
And CNN is up in the demos over MSNBC at the 8PM hour....well this happened and MSNBC fixed it in the middle of the month so this is NOT TRUE either.
How much does this masterful mind get paid to write things that are so full of crap, you'd want to ...
Well you get the idea.
All of this lends to interpretation, But the one about Burnett is just so over the top, everyone at CNN should be ashamed of themselves.
She got a 97 in the demos last week.
My cat could do better without uttering a meow.
Erin Burnett is useless.

Anonymous said...

TSR's not in primetime, but it's been getting higher ratings/demos than CNN's primetime shows lately. I'm not a big Blitzer admirer, but he deserves some credit for his good showing these past few weeks.

Erin Burnett will not be the savior of CNN, she is too off-putting and too much of a smart aleck.

Anonymous said...

The ratings are for an entire month. MSNBC just
wants to focus on 1 week. All of the major news
papers say CNN topped or tied MSNBC in the
demo. When you have a viewer deficit like that,
it is unusual and impressive. Demos are how all
of the networks make money, Time Warner had
a huge 3Q. $ 822 million /net income, increasing
57 %. $ 7.07 billion in revenue an 11 % increase.
TV networks including CNN brought in $ 321 M,
a 7 % increase. 360 and other CNN shows, as
well as all of the networks are making money
and more money for Time Warner. I wish TW
would pay more attention to CNN but if the
network is not losing money. They don't care.
The word is the advertisers asked for 360 at
8. Have you noticed how many commercials
are airing during 360 ?

360 does need to find a way to capitalize on
Ed dropping in the demo at 8 from his lead in.
Get those viewer numbers up as well. CNN does
look silly comparing itself to itself. Out Front
& PMT are not competitive in their time periods.

360 can't keep holding up both shows. MSNBC
is counting on CNN keeping PMT in prime time
and that is why they won't consistently beat
MSNBC and eventually set their eyes on FNC,
making an effort to get the at least half the
viewers/demos of FNC each night. 10 PM has
been the most interesting this year. PMT is
hurting 360 because it drops down. Look at
those ratings for Monday. It is no secret about
which show is dragging down CNN in prime time.

Anonymous said...

These are 4 words for CNN to remember. It is
as close to The Daily Show that CNN can get.
Not only that, dude can bring in 18-29 , 18-34
& 18-49 year olds each night. Imagine not only
what that does for the demo but viewers as well.
These are the ones with the DVR's and it can get
viewers to watch CNN who would ordinarily not
watch CNN all that much. Stroumboulopoulos
can win at 9 for CNN. Be the alternative network.
Create a core of news shows that viewers really
want to see each night. You won't get there by
relying so heavily on politics. You get there by
changing the game and not imitating others.

Anonymous said...

The problem for MSNBC is at 8. The problem for
CNN is that 2 shows before 360 drop form TSR.
CNN always waits too late for everything. They are
just getting around to trying to fix AM but given
the recent history with the show I'm not hopeful.

Ken Jautz does not have a good track record with
shows so far. He had nothing to do with 360 and
Jim Walton was doubtful and did not want 360 on
CNN in prime time.

360 has been much better the last couple of days.
Wonder how long that will last ?

Anonymous said...

Last night's 360 was another one of those
classic 360 moments. When the lawyer for
one of the accusers called in, that made me
do a 360. I could not stop watching. That was
good stuff. Anderson, Toobin, Gergen and
Bolger had some tough questions. That was
must see TV.

When, it comes to Piers Morgan, the need
to get the promos straight. Right now Rice
is not the most powerful woman in the world.
She is in private live right now. So what is with
the false advertising. Same thing with the 50
Cent promo. It is no big secret that plenty of
rappers are very good businessmen. That is
why Forbes publishes the list each year. CNN
stop trying to sale Piers Morgan. You blew
that already.

Phebe said...

@anonymous 2:40, The clip you mentioned of Borger, Toobin, Gergen and Cooper questioning the lawyer for the accuser in the Cain case is up in last night's post at All Things Anderson.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Tuesday's 360 was riveting. Those kind of moments don't happen often, but when they do, it really makes for compelling television.

Anonymous said...

It looks like The ED Show and The Last Word are sweeping the floor with 360, and anyone who thinks this press release is true, needs to have their heads examined. It's PR folks. People are paid to make CNN's deplorable numbers look good.
360 placed third again and for the most part, 360 may be doing better than the rest of primetime, but that's not saying much.

Anonymous said...

@2:40PM: Glad you were impressed because from the looks of the ratings on TVN, not many viewers were, including myself.
Viewers have already decided that Cain is a "Con man" and he's suspect, so keep on watching.
He'll resign from the race soon enough.
He's NO Bam and he's certainly no gentleman.

Anonymous said...

What 360 DOESN'T need is the unbelievably awful Dana Loesch. She has zero credibility and a terrible reputation working for Andrew Breitbart. You would think that the 360 staffers/bookers would know better than to have someone with such a slimy background on their program. CNN should've never hired this disgusting woman. She doesn't know what facts are and she's not intelligent. Oddly enough, Anderson seems to love her in spite of the nasty remarks she's made about him as a journalist.

Anonymous said...

In agreement with you about Loesch.
I'm wondering if she's not related to Loesch Pharmaceuticals.
Why the infatuation?
Just mere speculation on my part, however.
She's very divisive.
A real back stabber.

Anonymous said...

It was irresponsible for Anderson Cooper to let
Dana Loesch play the race card on 360. It is
obvious at this point that a rival campaign leaked
the Cain story. For 20 minutes Anderson Cooper
permitted a circus to to go out live on 360. He
has a responsibility to not let things get out of
control on 360. It is no excuse for putting that
type of foolishness on 360 night after night.
Show some respect for your viewers. What is
wrong with these people ? Considering some of
the stuff she has written about President Obama,
why does Anderson Cooper permit her to get
away with stuff like that. Grow up.

Anonymous said...

James Carville and Jennifer Rubin made Loesch look like the fool she is on 360 Wednesday night. They shut down her crazy theories about the Cain controversy and made it impossible for AC to allow her to get the last word in for once. Carville basically said the whole direction that Loesch was taking the discussion was idiotic and an insult to intelligent viewers. THAT is why Loesch should not be on AC360 or employed by CNN, her presence drags them down into the dirt.

Anonymous said...

I really don't understand why Anderson continues
to waste viewers time with pundits he seems to
lack the ability to hold in check. It makes him
look bad.

A general strike was going on in Oakland. The
5th largest port in the U.S. Anderson should've
ended the Cain segment with Gloria Bolger and
Jeff Toobin. By the way Anderson contradicted
himself, The night before he said let's hope
race is not bought into the conversation. 360
should've only done 1 segment and moved on
to the story on the family court judge abusing
his daughter. Gary Tuchman also had an un-
believable story on Amish gangstas. 360 won't
have any luck topping ED with pundits.

Anderson, if you can't hold the pundits in
check, how can I trust Keeping Them Honest ?

Anonymous said...

Excuse me , excuse me is now a ringtone. I am
waiting for the Daria theme song mashup on
You Tube. There is Cain, who blames Perry,who
blames Romney. CNN is losing sight of what is
the real story. CNN should not permit the typical,
predictable, usual media detractors to divert
attention from the real story here. The sexual
harassment aspect is way different from the
political discussion. Yes, it does need to be a
conversation with adults. Sexual harassment is
a very serious matter for organizations and
companies. Herman Cain's handling of the
situation after a 10 day headsup is relevant
and throws cold water on the liberal media
is out to get Cain silliness. The campaign is
having a meltdown. This has nothing to do
with race. The detractors are trying to make
the media not cover the real story here. They
show up just to inject race and throw the
conversation off of the real story.ED did a better
job handling the situation than Anderson Cooper
last night. I think the ratings will show that
viewers were turned off by the pundits on 360.
It was inappropriate what 360 did last night.

IMHO 360 should have lead with the Texas judge
videotaped beating his daughter. This guy decides
the fate of kids and wether or or not parents
should keep their kids. I am certain that he has
had to rule on abuse cases.

Anonymous said...

The pundits is the reason why CNN has the
worst political team on television. CNN is so

Anonymous said...

It's official. American Morning is going away.
CNN claims the show will be replaced by 2
shows that will feature news and conversation.
Why do I think we are about to get all pundits
for 4 hours . That means opinion and not news.
CNN seems to be confused about news and
opinion and increasingly look like they don't
know the difference.

Also, Soledad will host an ensemble news &
conversation show. Wonder if it will be all
women. Since it is CNN , I am skeptical but it
is good to see the network backing female
journalists. Inviting them to play a crucial
role in turning things around in the morning.

They seem to be admitting that they have some
continuity issues and insist the shows will
complement one another. The scary thing is
that they seem to think they have continuity
in prime time. That channel aint CNN. Unless
they mean 360 complements 360.

Anonymous said...

Why do some commenters continue to come here to discuss 360 and Anderson Cooper on a regular basis? This is not the place and most of us really don't care to read what you think on a daily basis about AC360. Take it to ATA and keep this board open to comments on CNN in general and the other anchors who don't have an entire blog dedicated to them.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe the ratings for Al Sharpton
and the Hardball repeat. What is CNN doing
wrong at 6 & 7. Who would've thought MSNBC
would benefit more form CNN's programming
changes at 6 & 7.

Anonymous said...

Who would have thought MSNBC would benefit from the changes at 8 and 10 PM, but they are.
Inspite of the positive press releases from CNN, MSNBC is sweeping the floor with them and they have to know that.
CNN is fooling no one but themselves.
I did tune in for Kyra Philips today, which is rare, and she belongs on the new and improved morning show with Soledad.
Two women with an IQ higher than Ken Jautz, which doesn't say much, but it has got to be better than what they've got now.

Anonymous said...

It is not a good sign when your competitors are
going up for 2 hours and you are going down.
Eventually this is going to bring down 360. If
Out Front is down by 500,000, 360 would have
to gain close to a million viewers to be ahead of
MSNBC. Too many pundits. That is why people
don't like CNN. Who wants to watch that all day
and night. CNN needs a new approach to covering
politics and it doesn't involve pundits. CNN just
pays people to sit on their butts and offer their
opinions. Drop the pundits CNN. It doesn't
help that CNN went overboard and hired some
extremists. CNN is shortchanging viewers and
they are shopping elsewhere. Dave Bohrman is
right. CNN is incapable of coming up with
fresh ideas. Nobody watches CNN for pundits.

So far 360 is hanging around but for how much
longer because CNN keeps trying to make the
show Crossfire.

Anonymous said...

CNN is the underdog here. MSNC knows that
the only thing CNN has going for it is 360. We
all know that Piers Morgan was a mistake.. CNN
is having trouble right out of the starting gates.
From morning and day. It is now affecting TSR.
MSNBC took one look at Erin Burnett's show
and knew. Outfornt & JK back to back would
go nowhere.CNN is it's own worst enemy. They
are not doing anything to help CNN.

CNN is having trouble at 5,6, & 7..CNN is doing
damage to themselves by sticking with PIers
Morgan. Management wrongly thought it was
all about Larry King's age. Not . It is the format.
A celebrity interview show will never top FOX
or MSNBC. Move PMT to HLN. Who's bright
idea was it to put Piers Morgan on 7 nights a
week. Hello, you are CNN.It will be interesting
to see the ratings for Thursday's 360. AC did
not start with pundits. CNN is not too good at
picking the right political content. They are
consistently a day late and a dollar short. Stop
it with the pundit fantasy game. Why does CNN
think they need to act like they are a part of the
campaigns. They are not and what about the
punishment that you are inflicting upon your
viewers. The pundits make CNN seem distant
and cold.