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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Your Views on the News 11/19/11

Another weekend another chance to complain in 'Your Views on the News'. Any chance anyone has something positive to say about CNN?

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Anonymous said...

The 2011 TV season is pretty much done. It is
on to 2012. That said CNN has got to produce
better programming. It will be interesting to see
what CNN comes up with for 2 brand new AM
shows. The worry is CNN is awful at creating
shows and hiring talent.

Anonymous said...

CNN please hire George Stroumbolopoulos,
It would be so cool to hear the Sloan theme
song and it;s your boyfriend each night.

Anonymous said...

CNN needs to move Don Lemon to weekday primetime. I don't find it necessary to have a repeat of AC360ยบ at 10PM. Let him have a LIVE Newsroom block from 10PM to midnight! He is great at what he does! What do you all think?

Anonymous said...

I wish 360 would mix in some positive news
stories. Back in the day 360 used to do some
positive news on the show but like the rest
CNN 360 is too negative from time to time. I
do worry that with the daytime show getting
bigger that 360 might become the rear view
mirror show. On Friday with Hugh Jackman, I
noticed that Kevin is now on Anderson. Don't
get me wrong, it is right for Anderson to give
them the opportunity but I hope it does not
mess up 360. It just so happens that 360 is
the top show on CNN so both shows need
some attention. It is in the interest of Time
Warner to make both shows more successful.

Anonymous said...

360 at 10 is CNN's top demo in prime time.
It is going to stay on at both 8 & 10 until it
can't get ratings anymore. Let's facet it AC
is a big time marketable media personality.
It seems like prime time is now considered
to be 7-11 PM.

I'm pulling for Strombo and a ladies show
in prime time on CNN. In the future, CNN
will need to be like TNT, HBO & other TW
properties. You have to have original shows.
Neither would move CNN away from being
a news channel. Stewart has just as much
credibility as an of the news people. Don
can wrap things up at 11 until midnight.

Anonymous said...

OMG! Leslie Stalh has an inteview with Taylor Swift for 60 Minutes.
How could this happen??
You mean to say there was one celeb
that Anderson didn't get to dish about!
What is this world coming to?
Guess he's just too busy with his daytime show for 60 Minutes even during sweeps month.
Maybe next week.

Anonymous said...

I was hoping that Anderson Cooper's daytime talk show wouldn't be renewed for a second season, but unfortunitely it is! He seems more focused on his talk show rather than CNN. Why isn't he reporting from the Wall Street protests or from Syria? Since his show began, I haven't seen any field reporting. I will miss that. Look at Piers Morgan now. He is quitting America's Got Talent to focus more on CNN. I wish Anderson had only agreed to a season of his talk show.

Anonymous said...

It seems our friend anderson is giving up what he does best, field reporting.
Now because someone said he was funny, duh, he has to prove them right.
Next he'll take his show to Vegas.
Wait, it's coming.
To me, he seems to bored with 360, like he's phoning it in.
What he should be bored with is his dayshow, but none of his hired yes people will tell him the truth.

Anonymous said...

The best thing CNN could do right now would be
to fire all of the pundits. There is virtually zero
reporting on CNN. THe network is nothing but
talk and opinion. Nothing of value. CNN needs to
start focusing on news and not the people making
crazy statements each day. CNN is responsible for
the rise of the stupids. Intelligent conversation is
frowned upon at CNN. Ted Tuner would never let
CNN become this bad. CNN needs to find a new
Ted Turner. The guy running CNN is the one who
has given us an HLN that is a disgrace.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing wrong with Anderson having a
daytime show and anchoring 360. There is no
comparison between Anderson and Piers Morgan.
America's Got Talent is a summer show and he
is only a judge. That is why it didn't garner any
press. It means nothing and affects nothing.
Nick Cannon is the show.

Brian Williams anchors Nightly News and has Rock
Center, and Williams interviews pop culture icons
as well. Anderson and 360 are run by 2 different
components at Time Warner. Distribution makes
more money period. That is the bottom line here.

Anderson and 360 bring in millions for TW. It
has previously been written that advertisers
pushed CNN to move 360 to the 8 o'clock hour.
Advertisers like the demos for 360. It has been
rumored that CNN goes with the 18-49 demo
to sale 360. The thing is 18-49 year olds are not
fans of talking heads.360 can't alienate this
group. DVR's are becoming important to the
TV industry. You have Anderson, Charlie Moore,
Isha & Team 360. Let them do their thing. But
as long as both shows make money the top dog
at Time Warner does not care. Only when you
lose money do they care. Time Warner is a huge
media conglomerate. Check out Time Warner
stock. It is performing quite well.

Million dollar question,who has editorial control
of 360 ? Brian Williams is the managing editor for
Nightly. Not sure if Anderson Cooper,Moore
and staff have the freedom to be creative and
innovative with 360. Think about 360 over the
years. For the most part it was never a talking
head show. It was the most different show on
cable news. The NBC network is doing lousy and
it is going to eventually hurt their news division.
Comcast likely won't put money into MSNBC.
TW can put money into CNN by hiring people
who enhance the CNN brand not destroy it or
cheapen the value.

It would be great if CNN were treated like HBO,
Cinemax, TNT, TBS, Cartoon Network, WB TV
and WB Movies, and whatever else they own.
With the Time Warner family being so big, it is
very hard for CNN to get the attention it badly
deserves.360 permits CNN to say they are
growing and it is true but you would think that
CNN would not mess up 360 for that reason.
Running a network is never easy. Just ask Oprah.
It is hard to pick shows but you don't keep
repeating past failures.

Anonymous said...

Wow Hala Gorani is on CNN anchoring. In 2012,
I hope we see more of Isha Sesay & Hala Gorani
on CNN. Both are so smooth. Hala mentioned
I-Report for Thanksgiving. The question is what
are you thankful for. That is alright . No recipes
or send us pics or video of your Thanksgiving
spread. Traditional turkey or fried ,what food
is always on the table for your family. Or even
trivia. I just found out why Alice's Restaurant
is a Thanksgiving tradition.

Anonymous said...

Anderson Cooper is the an anchor not a field
reporter. That would be a demotion. Content,
lack of factual reporting, failure to put things
into perspective, being distracted from real
news and no journalistic soul, ugly banners
and graphics, production/presentation issues.
That's just some of what is wrong at CNN.

You will never hear Alice's Restaurant on CNN.
The tea party will never agree to this. Why do
you think CNN has disdain for OWS. TEAnn.
Just look at the CNN hires. It has tea party
written all over it. Where is the journalistic
independence ,integrity, credibility ? CNN
needs backbone and to stop being afraid of
the right wing media crowd.

Look at how CNN is covering the bad behavior
of the Nascar fans. Mrs. Obama and Jill Biden
were standing on the platform with kids. I
would think those minority kids were not
comfortable in that environment. They were
booed by a crowd that is 99 % white. CNN has
no questions for Nascar. The 2 woman are used
to this but those kids did not deserve that.
That's right it is not a hip hop artist so they
are not rude.

Anonymous said...

CNN is a bunch of hypocrites. How can you
criticize partisanship and ideology in D.C.
but have people on your payroll who you
put on you network almost hourly on a
daily basis to do the same thing. CNN is
dysfunctional as well. Cable news is so
partisan that you can't get accurate info.
You can't stay in business with that model.
I can find out the real deal from BBC or Al
Jazeera. Network news covers more in 30
than CNN covers for an entire week.

Anonymous said...

If Anderson Cooper was such a big time "marketable personablity," his ratings would be higher.
What he wants is what his friend Andy Cohen has, a franchise.
Andy Cohen owns the Housewives franchise, on Bravo.
So Anderson is trying to market himself as the franchise, the way Oprah marketed herself.
The only problem is, it is not working in his favor.
And if it does begin to work, he will leave CNN.
And yes, they will let him go because after a while, personalities become too costly to keep happy.