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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year 2012!

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Anonymous said...

I purposely did not stay with CNN this year because of Kathy Griffin.
I find her actions inexcusable and here's what I learned from surfing
the channels.
Ryan Seacrest isn't a bad host.
He's pleasant, but I'm not a fan and Disney seems to like him and he was down amongst the crowd most of the time and introduced both Dick Clark and Lady Gaga.
Lady Gaga is a very talented Lady and certainly knows how to market herself and poor Dick Clark needs to retire.
Megan Kelly complained of the cold to Bill Hemmer on Fox News, but the two blended nicely and Megan, it wasn't cold.
And finally I did catch Kathy Griffin and AC, and it was the wrong time or maybe the right time, depending on which side of the aisle you're on.
She was, and I hate to even type this, practically "licking Anderson's face with her tonque."
I was right all along and if that brings CNN ratings, than let the trash pile up.
Happy New Year.

Anonymous said...

I watched Anderson & Kathy and enjoyed it very
much. I won't watch Ryan Seacrest. He is why we
have The Kardashians.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to all. Well 2012 is now here.
Monday marks the starting point for January
ratings. We will be watching to see what really
happens in cable news. College Bowls will have
some impact on the ratings in cable news.

The end of March 2012 will wrap up the 1st
quarter and that is a great time to measure
where things are going

We will be watching and pouring over data to
see if we are able to follow any trends. So many
questions have to be answered. Will CNN, FNC
& MSNBC be up or down ? Will there be more
programming changes ? Will 1 network be a
big winner and another a big loser ? Who can
say how things will play out. We will be tracking
and analyzing the data.

We admire all of the fine journalists at CNN
and wish them the best for 2012 . We all
understand that there are many problems at
CNN but majority of the news staff are not
making the decisions that can lead to problems.

Hopefully, by the weekend we can post our
thoughts on week 1.

CNN starts with changes in the lineup come
tomorrow morning. We get Early Start & Starting
Point. Will things get better or worse for CNN in
2012 ? Stay Tuned.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone seen a promo for Early Start or
Starting Point ? Why is CNN not letting their
viewers know about the changes ? They do
want the shows to succeed ? Probably not.
That is CNN for you these days. News is not
that important anymore at CNN. Na Na Na
Na , Hey Hey Hey , Goodbye. CNN not doing
news would be like ESPN not covering sports.
But that is the difference between the 2. ESPN
management is smart enough not to destroy
their brand. The E.D. Hill hiring is a blaring
example of how clueless CNN management
really is these days.MSNBC & FNC don't have
to take CNN seriously at all. CNN is it's own
worst enemy.

Anonymous said...

Good for MSNBC, taking a full page add in the NYT to celebrate the successful rise of their morning show, "Morning Joe."
They promoted it and management took a chance on being outspoken and a bit different, more like radio/TV broadcasting, and viewers
answered in numbers.
Unlike CNN, who sees no reason to promote their morning show and calling it some silly name, Early Start or Starting Point.
Why not something like Rise and Shine with Soledad?
At least giving this talented anchor who has done outstanding documentaries, her own show, shows they have confidence in her ability.
But NO. They'll keep promoting the losers, Erin Burnett and Piers Moron, and then lie and tell us how wonderfully well the two are doing.
Same stuff for 2012 on CNN.
Hey, that's their next slogan.

Anonymous said...

As usual, Anderson and Kathy were fantastic together, I love them both and I hope CNN continues to pair them up. Kathy is smart and quick with her quips and AC is always warm and genial and snarky with her. It's easy to tell that they like each other a lot and that makes it fun for the audience. According to TV By The Numbers, AC and Kathy beat Fox's New Year's show, but I'm not surprised. I don't see any point in watching Fox or their dull hosts. Anderson and Kathy have the winning combination.

Anonymous said...

CNN is toast. If you have a show called Early Start
claiming to be news from A to Z, you better be for
real. All they did was change the anchors. CNN is
going with the same tired old formulas. Repetition
and talking heads. At 5 AM in the morning you
can't have pundits on a news show. You are telling
me that no one at CNN could not come up with at
least 25 news stories, interesting topics, sports
etc. to produce an hours worth of content. Hello,
where's the video/sound and nice mix of stories
CNN always set their shows up for failure, doing
the same old things over and over again that has
brought them ratings woes in the morning. CNN
fails to understand that Way Too Early/Mj are
successful because they broke the mold. CNN
handcuffs and drags down all of their shows by
not letting them have their own unique styles.
I feel badly for Asleigh Banfield & Zoraida
Sambolin. They deserve a chance CNN. The
management needs to top being control freaks.
For once CNN hired some decent talent with
energy and personality challenged.

Prediction : Starting Point will have worst ratings
than Early Start. At least Asleigh & Zoraida are
energetic and you can see they are putting their
heart & soul into making Early Start a hit. It is
the content that is the big drag on Early Start.

Starting Point has no point 120 minutes of
mindless chatter. Snoozefest, blah blah, Charlie
Brown teacher. Can't take it in more flip to
Morning Joe. Their crew does not mind mixing
with locals. CNN can't keep doing Talk Radio
on TV. What is CNN trying to implement., Talk
Radio Killed A Video Star. Soledad for 2 hours
solo is pretty boring. Right now MSNBC is
not worried and LMFAO. CNN didn't change a
thing . It is very likely the format of both shows
will lead to big bumps for Way Too Early &
Morning Joe. Is there anyone in management
who was not raised on a diet of pundits &
opinion. CNN it is now 2012 and CNN shows no
signs of reforming itself into a 21st century
news org. The world does not stop if are mired
in the past.CNN is not doing anything to improve
their situation. In many ways they are digging a
deeper hole for themselves. I can't see myself
watching CNN much longer. I keep waiting for
CNN to get itself together and know who they
really are (worldwide news org) .MSNBC is faring
better than CNN because they understand you
will never gain on FNC by doing the same thing.
That is just being lazy and won't work.FNC
viewers call CNN the Communist network.
They don't want to watch CNN. Try making
a play for the millions and wide majority of
Americans who don't watch news because it
is not news on cable TV.

CNN is trying to do cheap news shows and that
is not CNN. For goodness sakes pay the music
fees. CNN needs a music director who can come
up with the perfect song list for news stories and
segments. Hire video editor/producers who can
work magic with video & music. There are so
many songs they could have used this morning.
You gotta put on a show for viewers.

Anonymous said...

Is CNN even in the big leagues
anymore. It looks like amateur
hour.Why would you want to keep
it on the downlow that CNN has
some new shows. Anon 9:27 I think
you mean that Ashleigh & Zoraida.
are likable and have personalities
that viewers can connect with but
CNN just seems incapable of doing
anything right.The frustation you
mention is so true.

If that is the format for Soledad,
she is going to get killed in the
ratings by Morning Joe. Televsion
is a visual medium. You really
have to pay attention to every
detail from content, graphics
camera shots, story flow and pace.

Maybe none of the formats are a
permanent thing. You have a point
about music, 3 things are on in
the morning when I wake up. I'm
surfing the internet for news,
listening to songs on the Ipod
or Ipad if I have more time. At
the same time the TV is on to
catch some news.Sometimes I even
switch to MTV when I grow tired
of too much politics.

Morning Joe took out the ad to
let CNN know that they are ready
for a fight and will concede
nothing. It was in your face.
They noticed that CNN had no
promos for new shows.

CNN should not be making it
difficult for the show to be
a success. Maybe it was a rush
job and everything was not quite
ready. I like Soledad, Asleigh
& Zoraida.I just hope the suits
have their backs.

Anonymous said...

Kathy Griffin had to "strip" in order to get ratings and Anderson needs her tasteless wit, because he's as dry as toast by himself.
Yes, you're right, "a winning CABLE COMBINATION."
The one nite of the year CNN is able to win in ratings because no one else will stoop to their level
of sleeze.

Anonymous said...

My heart goes out to these 3
ladies.This launch went badly.
CNN is too monolithic with their
shows. They all look alike.Already
both shows are being called nothing
but TSR & John King, USA. Both shows were too pundit heavy.Also,
people are calling out CNN for
having pundits come on to repeat
and rehash the same old tired lines. CNN has got to decrease the
facetime they give pundits.Both
shows had better pick up their
sotry count. The # 1 criticism
seems to be where is the news ?
CNN ruined any chance the ladies
had. CNN needed to knock it out of
the ball park but they struck out.
The new CBS Morning Show will
start soon. There is very little
time to fix this. In many ways,
CNN did set them up for failure.
There is no excuse for not having
promos for new shows.

Anonymous said...

Anderson Cooper gave up his winning combination with Kelly Ripa on "Live" a very popular show to have his own dull talkfest and seeing him with Griffin, who looks more like a drag queen every year, was an equally bad decision.
The only win in this was CNN for promoting the lowest common denominator on NYE as entertainment.

judy said...

Rock Center with Brian Williams is nothing like anything on CNN or anything on cable.
Someone here commented that Rock Center had hip music.
Well, it does, but only in appropriate places, when they shift from one segment to the other, and it isn't the music that makes it hip. It is the show's pacing and Brian William's ability to be agile
and at ease and connect easily with the viewers.
He ANCHORS this program behind a desk, but does not do the reporting, just introduces the segment and has a Q & A after it.
He's energetic and isn't afraid to adlib and not be glued to the teleprompter.
This program is done well and not slapped together and Brian Williams, as well as NBC, deserves praise for trying something fresh and tasteful.
There's a reason he's Broadcast's #1 and Jon Stewart's best friend.

Anonymous said...

No one can say for certain how
things will turn out for CNN &
it's competitors in 2012. That
said, CNN has to get srious and
get in the game.Later today we
will get some ratings for the 1st
Monday in cable news. Later this
week we will see how things turned
out in week 1. There is a long way
to go before anything materializes.

Anonymous said...

It may be the holiday blues, but AC got a 90 in his demos on Wednesday at 8PM and he didn't do much better the following Thursday at 10PM with a 353 in totals.
So how's his talkfest going?
Better than his News show I hope.
Where's Kathy Griffin when you really need her?

Anonymous said...

Well looks like Kathy Griffin will be back even though Fox News is slowly closing in on CNN.
Yes, CNN won the ratings on cable, in the demos, but not the totals.
So KG will have to take it "all off," next year.
All I can say is UGH!