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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Your Views on the News 12/3/11

The Colbert Report did a segment this week on CNN's recent firings and layoffs. (If you missed that news it was reported by TVNewers on November 11th.) We thought it might make a good jumping off point for this week's discussion.

"Bravo CNN for getting rid of all those pesky professionals. Hopefully this bold move will help you get rid of your remaining viewers." ~ Stephen Colbert

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Anonymous said...

Recently Tom Brokaw spoke about professional
news and responsibility. This is a huge blunder
by CNN. I-Report is not at the professional level.
With so much inaccurate stuff out there. Pros are
needed more than ever for clarity and real reports.

Colbert is right. CNN viewers want high quality
news not a cheap talking head channel . What
CNN needs to do is to hire some recent grads
with digital journalism skills. To gather more
content. CNN fails to understand that they are
a content provider.CNN should be adding more
people not cutting jobs.

Anonymous said...

Team 360 seems to be trying to get their act
together. The story on the HIV student being
denied to attend Hershey was a good lead.
Anderson talked with a school representative
along with Jeff Toobin and a doctor. The lead
sets the tone for the hour and they did good
last night. Maybe it is me but they seem to
be changing the format.

Anonymous said...

4 words for CNN :


ti would be great to see him on TV each night.
Right now we can only see him on the web.
Dude would be the Jon Stewart of CNN. We
are hoping CNN will bring the show to the
United States. Hope the lobbying pays off.


Anonymous said...

CNN could top MSNBC in the prime time demo
for the first week of December. When was the
last time that happened without a debate. ED
is looking weak in the demo. Wonder if lower
viewers will follow. MSNBC might to have to
reshuffle the lineup again. It has not been the
same for MSNBC without Countdown.

Writing Junkie said...

Hey, i'll be graduating from college in 4 years.
They should just hire people like me during that time. XD

Perhaps they're just kicking out the old to make way for the new, young, fresh faces of television!

judy said...

Leave it to Stephen Colbert for being just as smart as Jon Stewart, his boss, and hitting the nail on the head.
Why bother with people who are trying to do their jobs and considering them "pesky" personnel?
Fire them CNN just did.
Everything in the name of downsizing.

Anonymous said...

I see nothing wrong with CNN going for digial
journos. I have posted names like Jason Silva &
Max Lugavere. That is fine, you get original content.
The yare filmmakers. Would love to see CNN hire
independent writers as well. ABC revamped about
3 years ago and hired some 300 digital journos.
They have some producers who also shoot,write
and edit their material. The thing is they have a
background doing this. They know what they
are doing. It is no different than what Anderson
Cooper did in his early career. College students
and aspiring journos would respond like crazy.
Most even have their own equipment.

Anonymous said...

CNN should hire Nicole Lapin and get her to
develop a decent business show. Your Money
needs to be canceled. CNN needs a hip biz
show like Bloomberg West.

Also, she can replace Erin Burnett. Make her
part of an ensemble news team with Isha
Sesay,Angela Sun & a Latino female anchor
from UNIVISION.No politics for the hour. A
diverse group of female journalists for the
hour, talking news,sports business, etc . A
great mix of stories and topics. Women are
news watchers and have been ignored by
CNN and other cable news networks. CNN
needs to offer a groundbreaking news show
for once. CNN has a women's /diversity issue.

CNN needs to start hiring contributors who
are not pundits. Jay Smooth, the legendary
DJ in NYC has the ILL DOCTRINE. Great social
commentary. If they can't get Strombo have
him be a contributor. George does politics
like Stewart & Colbert. I kid you not, he did
a song on Cain. It went something like This
is the story of Herman Cain, the man who
started a pizza chain. Aisha Tyler is the only
one who makes The Talk watchable.

Anonymous said...

Bring back the cool alternative music that many
viewers identified with on 360. The beginning of
the show could kickoff better.. Once he was even
standing next to a screen that looked pretty good.
The current 360 open does not grab your attention.
It is a little boring. With breaking news, that is
understandable. But what about the other nights.
It might keep people form checking out the others
right away. Find better music for Isha Sesay too.

Anonymous said...

Nicole Lapin was on with Don Lemon on Sunday.
I hope this continues. Same for Katie Linendoll.
Univision has great stats with younger viewers
I studied Spanish for 5 years . Sometimes I watch
Noticias. It moves at a much faster pace .

Anonymous said...

CNN hire Team Vanguard from Current TV.
You have Kaj, now go for Marianna, Chrisof
& Adam. Current is gutting Vanguard and it
is hands down the best doc series on TV.CNN
is the only other cable news network to have
real docs not prison reality shows. Al Gore has
completely destroyed Current TV. I could see
Max & Jason hosting a show on CNN overnight
going through the CNN vault. They had a gig
like that on Current.

Anonymous said...

If 360 ever does start to use music again. Here
are some selects for today's news trailer. just
teases on the web all day. Never the directors
cut. Save that for the show and make the full
length version available for viewing/download
the next morning. Air the directors cut on TV
so folks will set the DVR for 360. AC says , hi
I'm Anderson Cooper , welcome to tonight's
360. Talk to your viewers right away. Roll the
360 open that is never the same each night.
You never know what you might miss, so you
might want to turn to CNN earlier rather than
later. 2 Edit 2 different versions for 8 & 10.
Sometime you can show AC heading to the
studio or have him walking to the desk out
of the open.

Music : OPP /Naught By Nature. Classic line you
down with OPP.... voice says Iran says it is in
possession of some very valuable U.S. property.
A high-tech eye-baller drone that is so deep on
the down low, if we tell you we have to kill you.
Business Insider does an incredible smackdown
and says Iran is likely lying because of the story
the Iranian press is saying. It does no jive with
the technology so they think the drone is the
old school prototype.______ joins us for the

Next Herman Cain says I'm suspending my
campaign. Fade in The Dell/ Pretending Days.
Classic line, my pretending days are over ,
gonna leave acting to the stars of Hollywood.
Or Moby's Extreme Ways, classic line oh baby,
it fell apart.I say pretending days since many
never thought Cain was for real. Dude did
admit the Pokemon theme.

Voice says Cain is on suspension but there
is still a a 2012 GOP presidential class. 2
choices here : The Wall, all and all you're just
another brick in the wall or the line from 1
of the songs in the Jack Black movie School
Rock, Teachers Pet, just get me to school on
time.... fade to The Choice Is Yours/ Black
Sheep but who will HC endorse and where
will those formerly Cain supporters go,,,
Jump, Jump/ Kriss Kross._________ share
their thoughts and we finish up with The

It does look like they are trying some different
things with 360. It looks like they are going with
4 or 5 stories. So have setups for the segments
after the opening segment. Make a cool graphic
called The 360. Make it look like a worldwide
area code/like 411 the universal code for info.
Drake's Headlines would be background music.
The beats make a great news theme and you
sing the phrase, they know all throughout the

Make the 360 Bulletin more of a conversation
with Isha & Anderson. Song for the Bulletin,
News 4 U/ Fitz & The Tantrums. Classic line,
I got some news for you,and it's going down.
Make it a 5 minute segment. You just don't
waste that kind of chemistry. No other CNN
show has it. Besides 360 needs a better flow
Get to it right away don't tease the stories
Isha will be talking about. Surprise us. Or if
it must be music use Pumped Up Kicks by
Foster The Poeple for the music to be played
under the graphic. Great bass. Hard to ignore.
it gets your attention. You don't have to use
the music for the whole segment just for the
intro before Isha and Anderson talk.Add more
stories and video to the segment.

360 could switch up the music from time to
time. Never boring, never predictable.360 has
more younger viewers than the others for the
hour and he comes on ahead of Rachel Maddow.
She is the only one who is younger than AC
in prime time (8-11). Besides there is a huge
group between the ages of 40-50. Yahoo had
an article on this a while back. This group is
like the hipster adult crowd and down with
pop culture. Not different than their kids.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:23, where can I see this. That would
make 360 can't miss IMHO. Cute, other people's
property. The whole concept sounds great and
creative. Not sure if CNN would get it.

I am hoping to see an amazing story on Face
Book. There is a popular men's magazine FHM.
Known for being provocative. Boy , did they ever
get people going this time. They had Pakistani
model/actress Veena Malik pose for the cover.
Of course, she is naked but that is not what's
causing the controversy. The magazine is for
India but they put the initials of the Pakistan's
secret security force on her arm. India says
they are behind some of the terrorists attacks
in India. I think they did it to see if guys would
notice,being she is naked. She is suing and
says she never posed naked and the cover is
Photoshop. She wants the magazine pulled.
FHM is talking of countersuing. Back in the
day this would be a classic 360 story. It is
so ripe for the Ridiculist as well.

Anonymous said...

Can't make this stuff up. To Obama OPP means
other peoples pocketbook. He said those words
when speaking about the payroll tax statement.

Came across a couple of possible songs for Cain.
! is The Walk by Mayer Hawthorne. The opening
chorus is so long, you did me wrong. . About 55
seconds into the song he says I but I took just as
much as I can stand now, you can walk your long
legs baby right out of my life. He seemed to pass
blame around and he is walking away from his
presidential bid. You could also use Walk Away
buy Joseph Arthur. You walk away is the chorus.
Just thought of another song by Bill Callahan,
who has a deep story-telling voice. It has a
great song called Jim Cain, the author. Some
3 minutes into the song he says I started running
and the concrete turned to sand , I started running
and things didn't pan out as planned.

The song for the live edition during the 10
for the bulletin with Isha would be Reckoner
from Radiohead or New Pollution from Beck.

Now that Gingrich is rising in the polls. There
is the line from Crabbuckit by K-OS. The line
for Gingrich, no time to get down cause I'm
moving up. When you mention the one time
Cain supporters go with The Break Up Song
by Marsha Ambrosius. Let's face it. It over
for Cain and his supporter. They have to hook
up with another candidate. Since they are all
jockeying for his supoort. Go with the song
Hustlin' by Rick Ross. That is where the line
everyday I'm shufflin' comes from for Party
Rock. They are hustlin' for votes.

Anonymous said...

I think CNN's lame approach to politics is a problem.
CNN has yet to get the Republican candidates are a
national & international joke. The ring leader is
Donald Trump. It is pathetic and CNN acts like this
is serious. It is a circus. Throw in Tears Of A Clown
for my money. Bloomberg is reporting that S & P
are considering downgrading 15 countries in the
Eurozone. Any chance 360 can book Nicole Lapin
tonight. There is a lot of news going on. The FHM
story is unbelievable. It has Ridiculist written all
over it. Although it would be an interesting 360

Anonymous said...

Right now I am watching Young Turks on
Current. Right off the bat he mentioned Out
Front not directly naming Erin Burnett by name
but you know what Cenk meant when he said the
words Out Front. CNN has a real clunker on it's
hands with Out Front. Young Turks could be a
problem. They already have CNN beat on banners,
everything lines up and is not all over the place.
They do need to work on the production. All
video is shot on TV monitors. It can work with
interviews but not with video. Nice Young Turks
graphic they are using before commercials. Lots
of camera movement . No dreaded split screen.
Thank you.

judy said...

OK I admit it.
I do watch Celebrity Apprentice.
I don't know exactly why.
I'm really not a fan of "The Donald" and would never vote for him because I don't take him seriously although he does make a few ligitimate points about W. and China, and our huge debt.
However, could He BE ANYMORE POMPOUS in his TVN/MSNBC interview with Chuck Todd?
Granted, Todd isn't the sharpest pencil in the pack, but every statement Trump makes sounds repeatedly like he's endorsing himself, not another GOP candidate.
How could he ever endorse anyone else if HE'S so fabulous in every respect?
There's just no oxygen left in the room!