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Friday, December 9, 2011

Your Views on the News 12/9/11

Since people were leaving comments on the TJ Holmes posts totally unrelated to TJ we felt it was time to start a new topic post. So here's the place to post those complaints and complements about CNN.

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Anonymous said...

I know a lot of people talk about the type of
shows they would like to see on CNN. How about
a news show you can sit and watch with your kids ?
Back in the day CBS aired news items in the middle
of there Saturday cartoons. It was called In The
News. At least on Saturday and Sunday afternoon
CNN could actually air a news show you can watch
with your kids. China has shows like this for kids
as young as 9. You want your kids to learn about
the news and learn about the world. Why is there
no family friendly news show. Even NicK has news.

Anonymous said...


to America, We promise to watch each night and
DVR the show too.

Anonymous said...

I wish TJ Holmes the best. I am not surprised.
About a week ago Will Cain made the same
idiotic comments on the poor as Newt Gingrich.
TJ's jaw literally dropped. It was as he wanted to
challenge Will Cain on what he was saying but
could not. So many times CNN puts their talent
in the middle of a misinformation campaign. You
can't say you are keeping people honest when
CNN let's pundits go unchallenged and unchecked.

Anonymous said...

According to TVN, Erin Burnett averaged
87,000 in the demo. This is getting ugly.
This is not a good sign. How do you save
the show ?

Anonymous said...

I hope CNN gets better in 2012. Let's hope they
stop missing so many stories. I am stunned that
CNN completely ignored the Apple Store open in
Grand Central Station. I enjoy the Next List but
CNN needs more digital/tech news each day.No
Silicon Valley reporters is a big mistake.

Anonymous said...

It was interesting to see Christi Paul anchoring
on CNN this weekend. Content wise 360 had the
best episode on Friday night. Smart conversation
matters and CNN needs to keep that in mind.
This year is pretty much in the books. viewers
will be tuning out until 2012 really soon.

Anonymous said...

Compliments for CNN, this question was posed a couple of weeks ago. And even after a couple of weeks, I still find this very difficult to answer.
How can you compliment a network that continues to chase away their core viewers? We do not change the channel because we want to, we change the channel because the product CNN puts out is completely subpar. I've come to the realization that CNN truly can not be your one source of news.

How many times do the viewers have to state that CNN news programs lack content?

The Newsrooms go into complete repetition after the first fifteen minutes.
Primetime doesn't fair much better. CNN news programs lack variation and their own identity.

As viewers, we have a myriad of choices now. Cable television provides BBC World, France 24 and Eurovision. And the internet provides SKY and Al Jazeera English.
Even with all the alternatives, I'd much rather watch CNN, for how much longer, I don't know?

Anonymous said...

Why do we have to save Erin Burnett?
We'd be better off without her.
CNN would be better off without her and sadly no one here would even miss her.
IMHO even Piers Morgan is better than Erin Burnett.
At least he's doing what he was hired to do, whether you like him or not and I don't.
Erin Burnett has a whimpy childish personality. I can't even see her talking trade and finance, let alone banking!

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:52 PM, I can't say thank you enough.
You nailed it. The lack of news/reporting on
CNN is a big problem. Somewhere along the
lines CNN went way off track. It's content,
storytelling,original reporting, presentation
and putting on quality news programs daily.

CNN is bad by choice. I'm not sure that the
people involved in the shows really are given
the freedom to be creative and not have all
of the shows go with the same tired formulas.

Viewers want quality news. Why do you think
network news in gaining popularity. There is
no excuse for CNN not having fresh content
each 30 minutes. You have CNN. CNN I, CNN TW properties They have access to
content that most can only dream of. CNN
needs to drop the pundits and go with more
writers,photographers,editors, people who go
out and do things. Freelancers, filmmaker,etc.
No more pundits. Contributors should really.
contribute to your on air product. Finally,
book better guests who are qualified for the
subject matter. I sick of hearing the pundits
run their mouths about nothing on CNN.
Talk is cheap.

Anonymous said...

Any chance Kareen Wynter replaces TJ Holmes.
She seems so poised and natural. She has a
cool persona. She has been appearing on CNN
with entertainment news but she could easily
be anchoring the news.

Anonymous said...

Alina Cho should get her own Newsroom block. She's very good at broadcasting.

Anonymous said...

HEROES is one of the best things that CNN has
ever done. CNN needs to do more of this daily.

There are only 20 days left in this year. CNN
does need more original programming Regis
was recently on with George Strombo and he
said he had a contract. That means the only
thing CNN could do would be to pay CBC for
the rights to carry the show in America. It
comes on after 11 in Canada. Maybe CNN
could have him do a live American version
at 9 PM. Maybe Out Front can be saved by
turning it into a women' show. Go ensemble.
CNN can't continue to leave Erin Burnett out
there alone. Viewers have just seen 3 hours
straight of politics. Go with a diverse group
of female journalists. No politics or pundits.
There's no women's show on cable news. Do
something before you lose viewers who will
never come back at 7 PM.

Anonymous said...

Heroes is the 1 show we can all compliment CNN
on. Heroes is so inspirational. Jerry Seinfeld had
the perfect description : palpable. You feel the
unconditional love and it restores your hope in
mankind and the human spirit. Regardless of the
ratings , CNN should always present Heroes. It
was a nice touch to see them add kids to Heroes
as well. Beautiful show. Too bad they all could
not be named Hero Of The Year. Amazingly on
Face Book many posted that this should be done
more than once a year. I would love to see this
on CNN each and everyday.

Anonymous said...

One huge problem for CNN is their political
coverage. CNN has yet to catch on to the GOP
circus and in many ways became a part of the
craziness that is out there. CNN wrongly tried
to make the narrative about government not
about the economy and fairness. CNN never
actually listened to the words from the GOP
candidates.CNN had better get it together.

They can not shape the narrative of the 2012
presidential campaign. CNN really messed up
by putting the crazies on the payroll. What the
worst political team fails to realize is that
loaded questions ,crazy comments that insult
viewers intelligence are offensive and turn
viewers off. The damage is already done and
CNN will likely be 3rd in 2012. CNN's worst
political team misses the big picture. C'mon
Americans have never been down with crazy.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it about time Erin Burnett sat down and discussed the problem with the Euro and why it is such a disaster?
She should be over in Europe interviewing the German Chancellor Merkel, who really seems to be a strong leader, and giving us detailed information about this pending global financial crisis.
Instead CNN is using her as a regular anchor reading the teleprompter and speaking to pundits.
Yes, Burnett has proven to be a big waste of money and time, but you hired her because of her background in banking so USE her expertise, if she has any, or let her go.
She's not "up front" about anything and doesn't stand out using her as an ordinary copy reader.
In order for ANY of CNN's characters to stand out, they have to be out in the field doing what they were hired to do, not sitting behind a desk.

Anonymous said...

Agreed, Erin really needs to start incorportating real business into her show, because the product she is putting out now, is clearly not working.
Watching her show is like watching amateur hour.

Anonymous said...

I find Erin Burnett childish, flippant and amateur in her comments, interviews and facial expressions. Not "smart" and "upfront".

Stephen Whyte said...

As some one who has watched Ms Erin Burnett's business news reporting career at CNBC since that famous day on July 3, 2007 when Jim Cramer Lost his temper over Federal Reserve Chairman unwillingness to drop the FED discount rate to help the investment banks and prevent the forclosure of 7 million families (which DID happen). On that day I noticed that she was able to stay calm, provide a reasoned business analysis and was able to get her co-host to lower his blood presure.

Erin Burnett by her experience in Wall Street and at CNBC has the ability to be lead anchor on a business/ politics show on CNN.

Since the departure Lou Dobbs who had in my opinion one of the better nightly businesss report on television (He is now considering an offer from Fox to host a similiar show)leaves a void in CNN business reporting.

Erin's new show Out Front makes absolutely no sense and in terms of topics and issues appears to be all over the place. It is not surprising to me that her ratings have dropped.

I cannot say for certain if her show has been monitoring the European Debt Crisis and whether the producers were willing or able to send her to the G8/G20 meetings in Europe to interiew the key economic policy decision makers about possible solutions.

If I were a senior executive at CNN, I would restructure the show RIGHT NOW. First, it needs a new name such as the Burnett Business Report or Burnett Business Intelligence. Second, it should stay in the same time slot from 7-8pm. Third you need to create a crack team of writers, editors and business reporters to back her up. Maybe they should ask Ms Kitty Pilgrim who stepped in for Lou Dobbs when he was on CNN for advise and recommedations.Fourth, Ms Erin Burnett should have the authority to do global reporting on emerging business issues.She should be interviewing business leaders that are surviving and prospering during these tough economic times. Fifth, her show can look at economic policy alternatives during the 2012 Presidential Elections as well as tackle tough economic issues faced by ordinary americans, large and small business and non profit organizations. The show can also look at political issues that affect the economy at large

Finally, because it is a new year with US Presidential Elections in November, repositioning Erin Burnett's show will give CNN the shot in ratings it needs to get more Americans to Tune in. Look I am from Toronto, Canada and a veteran CNN watcher since the days of President Ronald Reagan (1980-1988). I have seen the network do alot of things right and wrong over the years. They are still No1 in political coverage, but they need to add diversity in terms of nightly business reporting and primetime news outside of Anderson Cooper (who should be at 10-11pm).

If the executives are as smart as I hope they are, Erin Burnett can be an extremely valuable asset to them for the next 3-5 years during the current economic crisis facing the USA. To make her the best, CNN needs to put a crack team of people to back her up. This will force her to up her GAME in terms of economic reporting, business intelligence, quality interviewing and doing special reports for the network. Will CNN restructure her show? Only time will tell?