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Friday, January 20, 2012

The Opening Question of the South Carolina Debate

Photographer: David S. Holloway
© 2011. Cable News Network. A Time Warner Company

The first question of last night's debate resulted in an attack on John King and the mainstream media by Newt Gingrich. John King had asked the Speaker about his second marriage and the claims of his ex-wife, which was the elephant in the room to many viewers but apparently not to Newt.
Here's the exchange between Gingrich and John King:

And CNN's political panel's take on the question and answer:

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Anonymous said...

Kudos to John King, We are back and we ran the
numbers for the major CNN shows so far this week.

360 at 8 is averaging 660,000/189,000

ED is averaging 931,000/179,000

BOR is averaging 3,008,000/615,000

BOR is # 1 by far in viewers/demo. Anderson
is ahead by 10,000 in the demo. It comes
down to tonight. ED has the edge in viewers.
The difference in viewers is 271,0000. Next
week we will see if there is narrowing in totals.

360 is averaging 1,140,000/424,000 at 10

TLW is averaging 824,000/178,000

Greta is averaging 1,981,000/496,000

We can say that Anderson tops TLW in the
demo and might just barely win in viewers.
Things are getting closer in totals as well.
As far as who takes the demo crown this
week, we have to wait and see the ratings
for tonight. A difference of 72,000.

PMT is averaging 632,000/181,000

TRMS is averaging 953,000/229,000

Hannity averaging 2,078,000/496,000

JK, USA is averaging 476,000/123,000

Sharpton is averaging 787,000/189,000

SPCL RPT is averaging 2,080,000/438,000

OFront is averaging 514,000/146,000

Hardball is averaging 820,000/201,000

Fox Rpt is averaging 1,877,000/417,000

TSR is averaging 576,000/130,000

Hardball is averaging 858,000/157,000

The 5 is averaging 1,821,0000/375,000

The picture for January 2012 is coming
into focus. It gets clearer next week.We
are gathering the data now.

Stay Tuned

Anonymous said...

Here we go again 360 just made a huge blunder.
It makes no sense to begin a news show with
pundits before John King , Gloria Borger & Jim
Acosta. These are 3 seasoned reporters but CNN
decides pundits must lead shows. You don't
smack down your reporters. The journalists are
2nd class citizens.CNN is terrible for this reason.
The don;t get it. The pundits are not working for
CNN and never will.

Anonymous said...

I've never been a big fan of John King, mainly because I really find him quite boring. I did not enjoy it when he moderated a debate back in June because he kept mumbling and saying "time" when the candidates were trying to speak. It was very distracting. I was not looking forward to that in this debate, but luckily, he did not do that and did a really great job this time! My heart ached for him though when New Gingrich basically bullied him. I agree with what David Gergen said on AC360º about the situation, however an interview setting might have been more appropriate than a debate setting or they could have tried asking him beforehand if he wanted to discuss it and how.

PS - I think Soledad O'Brien would do great moderating a debate!

Anonymous said...

I too, think it is about time Soledad O'Brien was given a chance to moderate or perhaps Candy Crowley.
It is time for CNN to recognize the talented women that work for them.
Women always make interesting moderators and the candidates may have a different demeanor or show a different side to their personalties when a women is in charge.
Although with Newt Gingrich you never know. He might feel that a woman was inferior to a man and act accordingly.

Anonymous said...

I'm not really an admirer of John King, I feel he's biased and I don't think he was hurt at all by Newt yelling at him, he knew what to expect, what he should have done was push back and point out how hypocritical Gingrich is. Rachel Maddow said King fell down on the job at the debate because he failed to take Newt on and I agree with her. A good reporter won't back down when under pressure from crooks and liars like Newt.

Anonymous said...

While I like and admire Rachel Maddow, she, to my knowledge, was never the moderator of a debate.
It was not John King's obligation to "push back" on Gingrich.
The audience favored these speakers going in. It was an audience that liked at least one or more of the candidates and their ideas and to further antagonize Gingrich, there and now,
would have served no purpose.
John acted like the gentleman he is.

judy said...

It seems Jon Stewart had some fun with John King tonite.
He agrees with Rachel Maddow who said King should have pushed back at the South Carolina debate.
Jon felt that King lost an excellent chance at slamming Gingrich for his hypocracy on family values.
He opened the discussion and then caved because of audience reaction, it would seem.