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Monday, January 23, 2012

Ratings For the Week of January 16th-20th

1 - Special programming was aired on one night during the week.

Rating calculations are weekly averages based on nightly ratings provided by TVNewser with data by Nielsen Media Research. Numbers reflect Live and same day (DVR) data.

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Anonymous said...

It doesn't get any closer with Anderson & ED.
360 is blowing up at 10. It will be interesting
to see if Anderson or ED can get to 200,000
or more.

Anonymous said...

If Anderson can't beat ED, than right there, there is a problem.
And in totals again, AC comes in third most nites.
I don't care how many people are in his twitter account. They obviously don't translate into solid ratings.
This is a major problem with him.
AC depends on the "older viewer" in daytime and they are not there for him.
You can't depend on the younger viewer who is fickle and not set in their ways.

Anonymous said...

I really hope that in the future 360 talks more
about international news. Why can't one of the
news bulletins be devoted to international news ?
It is essential for us to know the world. Not 1
network devotes enough time to global affairs.

That is why BBC & Al Jazeera is becoming very
popular with younger viewers. Americans need
to know the world. China, India, Asia, Africa,
Europe, South America and anywhere in the
world. There is so much for CNN to cover. Do
something other than opinion all day long.

Isha knows international news. In fact since she
is well know to CNN viewers have her anchor an
hour of international news. It doesn't have to be
your typical global news show. You can have the
cocoa story, the Latin American drug story that
was on CNN Presents. You could do a global
world mix with music. The theme song could be
Reckoner by Radiohead. Give her the 2 PM hour.

Anonymous said...

I agree that Al Jazeera English is becoming very popular with younger viewers. Im a college student, and love the simplicity of it. I love how it streams live online for free! No pundits, just straight news, no opinion. Great to see former CNN anchor Tony Harris on it! It really saddens me how CNN has become. CNN Primetime isn't great anymore. Piers is terrible and Anderson doesn't seem to put the effort he used to put into AC360ยบ. Seems like his daytime talk show is a bigger priority for him. I am also disappointed in Starting Point. I expected better from Soledad O'Brien. It's just a chat fest. This is CNN! When I want to see opinion and talk, I will watch The View. The only good show I watch on CNN now (even though there still are pundits on it) is The Situation Room. Wolf Blitzer is great. I also really enjoy Don Lemon on weekend evenings.

CNN please fire your current president. Total loser.

Anonymous said...

The demo is how all of the networks make money.
You can't just think of television as just that box
anymore. It is tied to social media. Mobile has just
passed print and will soon take over radio. That's
why you offer episodes of 360 available for anyone
to see . With out CNN being on multi platforms it
can't survive. It is a combo of TV, DVR, mobile,web
social media and gaming consoles ( CNN ignores).
We live in a world of whenever people are watching
events on TV they go to Google and social media.
President Obama will be using crowdsourcing
while delivering his State Of The Union Address.
Not sure how that will look on TV but I will DVR
to see how it works out. The world sis changing
and CNN should commit 1 hr a day to world news.
Grand parents are on Facebook.

Anonymous said...

Thank you ANON 11:41 AM. The suits at CNN
don't understand that the pundits drag down
the news. It's about reporting and story telling.
CNN is too busy going with destructive/divisive
chatter rather than news that really maters.360
needs to get back to being 360. You are right
Ken Jautz has to get up out of CNN.. The man
destroyed CNN and made the network a national
joke. So why is he still there ?

Anonymous said...

I agree that Starting Point is a disappointment - not only is it all pundits but the SAME pundits everyday. CNN looks like they hastily through together a morning show. Soledad is not being well served by the panel on the show. I've been watching CBS Morning Show and it rocks. Remind me, how CNN lost Erica Hill?! She is ten times the journalist that Erin "Wall Street Spokesmodel" Burnett could ever be. I love AC but, I agree, he seems to be phoning it in lately. Perhaps the CNN brand is getting too heavy to carry.

Anonymous said...

Folks: CNN and other cable networks will never devote 2 hours to international news. Never.
We all say we want to see more global coverage, but only when it directly concerns us.
Networks have tried this before and no one watches international news.
Right here, there is a commenter who wants to be entertained with "bump music," while they watch The News.
Americans in general are the least interested people when it comes to global news. Unlike European countries, we have no world view and we don't care.
It's just like we say we love "Anderson but lately he's been phoning it in."
Not lately, he's been phoning it in for a while and now and if we "loved him so much," his ratings would be higher, day and nite.
So CNN and Fox will keep the pundits you're not watching because in reality, someone IS, watching or they wouldn't be on.

Anonymous said...

But CNN can afford to try something different being as though out of the big three, they are the lowest rated cable news network (most of the time.)

With all the high powered talent at CNN International right at their fingertips, a international news show is not out of the question. A few years back they did infact have an hour of international news.

It's not like we're all flocking to their daytime news program, they can use a bit of change. And if it doesn't work, really they are not losing a thing?