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Monday, January 9, 2012

Ratings For The Week of January 2nd -6th

1 - Special programming aired on one night during the week
2 - Special programming aired on two nights during the week

Rating calculations are weekly averages based on nightly ratings provided by TVNewser with data by Nielsen Media Research. Numbers reflect Live and same day (DVR) data.

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Anonymous said...

The 1st week of 2012 looks like lame ratings.
Where is the FOX bump with GOP ? None of
them FOX<CNN or MSNBC can be too proud.
Maybe folks are still settling in but it has to
be a concern.

Anonymous said...

The ratings for New Hampshire well be lower.
360 was horrible last night. Nothing but pundits.
& crime. Thanks for nothing CNN. I think 360 is
losing DVR numbers. After last night I took it off
of my list. Should've recorded Hawaii Five- 0.

Anonymous said...

I gave up watching 360.
I'd rather watch HGTV.
It's more relaxing and entertaining.
360 is no longer must see news.
AC has lost his interest in doing quality journalism, so why watch?

Anonymous said...

Nothing about cable news has changed. For
the first time women will be the majority of
the voters. Where's the women's news show
on CNN in prime time ? Women are also the
majority of the U. S. population.

Anonymous said...

Kyra Philips is the one to watch.
I happened to catch her this morning and she is a dead serious news journalist.
No fooling around with her and for some reason I got the idea she isn't all that happy with what CNN is or isn't doing.
They really should be using her more.
She's the type of anchor you want to watch and see more of and she makes eveything she says, sound important.
Unlike everybody else on CNN.
It's as though she's the "last man standing from the old school," the way journalism used to be.
Give THIS lady a talkshow.

Anonymous said...

Is it my imagination or is CNN virtually news free.
It is nothing but talking heads, panels & crime and
useless information. What ? Nothing happened all
day long. Have all of the reporters been fired ?

Where is the news on CNN ? Looking at the ratings,
viewers are not having it. It became official Jan 1st
2012. CNN is no longer a 24/7 news channel. So
why is CNN cheating their viewers and not giving
them any news ?

Anonymous said...

CNN is getting lousy press these days. I am
convinced that the suits have no idea how
bad CNN really is these days. If the did, they
would do something about it. I'm pulling for
David Rhodes and Chris Licht at CBS. It is my
new choice in the morning because they do
the news and have a kick butt trailer called
Eye Opener.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Isha Sesay is no longer doing Inside Africa.
She will be anchoring Back Story & 360 Bulletin.
Maybe it is a promotion and she will be the back
up anchor for 360.

Jimmy Kimmel has the best description of the GOP
primaries. The audience is not going to be that big
or diverse. That is why there is no ratings bump.

Anonymous said...

Can Jon Stewart run CNN ? He summed it up best
last night on The Daily Show. CNN is terrible and
what is CNN suppose to be ? They need to drop Out
Front like right now. It is an embarrassment. Same
goes for PMT. CNN is completely ruined. You don't
have your anchors making punk juvenile phone calls.
Who greenlights this crap. The CNN brand is now
officially destroyed. If JS can't get their attention,
no one can. This is not funny anymore. Who is going
to clean up the mess that is now CNN. Ted Turner
please come back and save your network.