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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Ratings For the Week of January 9th-13th

1 - Special programming was aired on one night during the week.
2 - Special programming was aired on two nights during the week.

Rating calculations are weekly averages based on nightly ratings provided by TVNewser with data by Nielsen Media Research. Numbers reflect Live and same day (DVR) data.

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Anonymous said...

Yep, the CNN Ratings Rollercoaster. Up at
8,down at 9 and up at 10 again. It will be
interesting to see if 360 can pull off demo
wins for CNN twice.

judy said...

Glad to see 360 devoting so much time to the cruise ship disaster.
Crusing is a multi-million dollar business for the travel industry and they will certainly take a hit
at least internationally, with this
An article in the NYT says that the crusing industry itself is partially unregulated so that many regulations are not even followed.
After this, I think they may in fact be forced to rethink their regulatory obligations to the safey of their clients, the passengers.
To be sure, there will be plenty of litgation against the American parent company, Carnival Cruise Lines.

Anonymous said...

Who was the idiot who came up with the idea
to hire Ari Fleishcer at CNN. I think he is always
condescending to Cornell with a I am better
than you attitude. Cornell does not let him get
away with it and always calls him out. There is
video of New Gingrich saying black people should
demand paychecks instead of food stamps and
this has been widely discussed in the media. So
Ari Fleischer is trying to make 360 viewers think
this did not happen. It was a statement from
Cornell. I can't spell Cornell's last name. That
is why CNN is in trouble. The Bush administration
is responsible for the mess we are in . CNN has
some serious credibility issues with Fleischer.
This guy gets to take cheap shots at Obama
on the economy. Dana Loesch and Fleischer
are problems for CNN. It is as if CNN has been
hijacked and is not an independent news org.
CNN is controlled by pundtis. CNN has been
punked into not being a serious news org.
If CNN loses that they are history. A course
correction is needed..

The same thing happened with John King. He
was talking about the 15 % tax rate that Mitt
Romney pays. A GOP operative tried to blame
President Obama. John King let him get away
with it. We all know that has zero to do with
Obama and he was trying to distract viewers.
CNN that is bad journalism and sloppy. CNN
does not hold pundits in check . That leads
you to wonder if CNN reporters know the
facts. Let's see how CNN handles the big news
story that ABC will break today on how Mitt
Romney is hiding money in the Cayman Islands.
ABC News found the mailbox. CNN bought into
the myth that Mitt Romney creates jobs and it
is all falling apart. For more than 10 years
Mitt Romney has not been involved in an
American economy that has drastically changed.
There is no way he understands the modern
U. S. economy or global economy. CNN read
the script and gave him a free pass.CNN has
to stop letting the pundits run their network.

Anonymous said...

It is good to see the news winning for CNN.
Sometimes 360 is not the best but it has
more news than the other prime time shows.
360 needs to add more stories and pick up
the pace. I noticed on The Last Word replay
that they seem to be trying to add some
news and move faster. Night Line beasts
Leno & Letterman. There is an appetite for
news but not 3 24/7 political channels.

Anonymous said...

Somebody at CNN had better wake up now.
Starting Point is heading in the direction of
CNBC. 70 in the demo on Friday. this is what
happens when CNN waits too late to react to
situations. The annoying AM trio was tanking
and CNN left them on too long and now there
is a deep hole that Soledad has to get out of.
She needs to be following the CBS Morning
Show model. Morning Joe is not that great in
the ratings. It's just that CNN is so bad. It is
all about the news. If Soledad is going to talk
about foreign affairs. Shouldn't Fareed Zakaria
or Christianne Amanpour be at the table. There
are some very complex issues and CNN does
not take them seriously.

Romney won't release his taxes. He knows
the damaging information. I think Romney
was trying to get ahead ABC. It is going to
be on World News & Nightline. Already set
the DVR. The hiring of Bush's press sec'y
is another 1 of those hires by CNN that
makes you scratch your head.

Anonymous said...

So will CNN drop Out Front , PMT or
JK, USA first ?

Anonymous said...

Andrew Sullivan took the MSM ( CNN ) to task
for the lies they repeat about Obama. CNN will
fall for anything. Cornell works for Obama and
that does not set well in punditville. They were
wrong and they don't like that Team Obama
makes them look stupid. Obama derangement
syndrome. Ari is just like Dick Cheney and the
rest of the Bush bunch trying to rewrite history.
CNN is the easiest network to fool. CNN was so
busy trying to hook up with the tea party, they
lost their sense of reality.

Anonymous said...

With a debate coming up on CNN Thursday.
I will avoid CNN for the next couple of days.

Anonymous said...

Why CNN would want to have Dana Loesch and Ari Fleischer on their team is a mystery to me. Neither has a sliver of credibility and Ari is smug, condescending and unpleasant to watch in spite of his ever-present plastered on phoney looking smile. Ari is a relic of the horrific Bush Administration and is undeserving of the lofty status he holds as a CNN contributor. I was also happy to see Cornell Belcher take him on last night. Fleischer's claim that Belcher was being divisive by pointing out the racism of Newt Gingrich and others was mind boggling and insulting.

The type of honest, intelligent commentary Andrew Sullivan provided on 360 about President Obama is what should be a mainstay on CNN (if only to counter their seemingly non-stop Tea Party obsessed/Obama-bashing narrative) and minus the mindless punditry of Bay Buchanan types for "balance".

Anonymous said...

The promo for Andrew Sullivan's appearance said that he was going to talk about why Megyn Fox refused to have him on her show to defend himself, but I don't think Andrew and Anderson ever brought that up. It might've been interesting to hear.

Anonymous said...

So can Andrew Sullivan appear regularly on 360.
The man demonstrated how facts take down the
pundits and how ridiculous they sound with their
cliches. Andrew Sullivan is not afraid of pundits.
Sullivan keeps it real and 360 needs this. Besides
it is a helluva lot more intellectual/interesting

I would love to see 360 go against the grain more.
TLW might be trying to be a little bit more like 360.
I have alway thought 360 should be recut with
music Take for example the news that Rick Perry
is bowing out of the race. In many ways it is the
GOP class for 2012. I 'm a big fan of movies &
music. At the end the move School Of Rock
there is a song called Zach's Song. There is a
line you better get me to school on time. Rick
Perry is the latest presidential dropout this week.
I am talking some 2 :25 in the song and he
later says the words this is my final exam. This
is Rick Perry's final exam. TLW thinks they know
what they are up against since 360 is a repeat.
You best them by re-editing the show and TLW
can't guess what the 10 0'clock episode of 360
will look like. Also, there is a song by Joseph
Arthur called Walk Away. It is fitting since Perry
is bowing out and the media has to walk away
from the Romney wins Iowa headline. It now
turns out that Rick Santorum won Iowa.

Anonymous said...

Things couldn't be any better for CNN today. A
debate, Rick Perry is out & Santorum really
won in Iowa. Since the Iowa story never really
happened, any footage from that night has to
run in reverse motion.

As I think more about music and video used most
effectively to tell the news. A couple of some other
songs. First, 1 of the hottest bands of 2012 will be
the Alabama Shakes. 1 of their song is You Are Not
Alone as well as their other songs I Found You,
Hold On and Going to the party. There is also the
theme song from Daria. That also covers all 3
topics. Of course you have a debate and we all
know Romney and Gingrich will get into. From
Why Can't We be Friends to Mama Said Knock
You Out. The possibilities are endless. You can
even go with You Got The Love by Florence &
the Machine. Perry just endorsed Gringich.

Give you an example. Say you use the Standing
On My Neck song from Daria. You start with
Perry saying I'm out, play the video of CNN
saying Romney wins Iowa, pause the tape,
have someone say totally didn't happen. Say
what went down today when the truth comes
out. Have someone say that set the stage for
this, clips of the debate.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry I left out B.O.B's Don't Let Me Fall.
Not only is it a great song but great for all
of the events gong on today.

Anonymous said...

360 was awesome last night. Congrats to
Anderson & Team 360.

Anonymous said...

Love it. Do we get a Sopranos ending for
360 tonight. Fade to back with Don't Stop
Believin' in the background. Anderson, Isha
and the crew can pull stuff like this off. You
are so right. The story of the Iowa Caucuses
has to be retold. That means the narrative so
far is not accurate.