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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

TDS, Newt's Win & John King

We're big John King fans around here so this wasn't our favorite TDS moment. Since we are ALL Things CNN we need to share the good, the bad and the ugly.

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Anonymous said...

Saw this when it aired and I agree.
Why go there if you're not going to carry it through?
Did John think he'd be dancing in the aisles after Gingrich was asked this question??
John said he alone "owned it."
Well if you own it, don't say ABC
did it first.
This is what Jon Stewart was upset about, the carry it through part.
If Gingrich really cared about family values, which is his platform, go after him for not following it in his personal life.

Anonymous said...

wJohn King was intimidated by the crowd.
He looked nervous. He should have had
a follow up. This was a time when Newt
Gingrich was playing holier than thou with
Bill Clinton.

Anonymous said...

I'm not an admirer of John King and I totally agree with Jon Stewart's commentary, John King should've done a better job of pointing out Newt's sheer hypocrisy. John King shares many CNN anchor and reporters timidity when it comes to going after Republicans. On the other hand none of them seem to hesitate whenever they believe a Democrat should be called out which is interesting/odd/suspicious.

Anonymous said...

Ari Fleischer is too partisan. CNN this is a big
mistake. ABC/WASH POST poll shows there
are high unfavorable numbers for Gingrich
& Romney. Voters don't like them. CNN has
to fix things before it is too late. CNN is just
like the GOP candidates. There is reality and
the crap on cable news. Who knew last night
that when the president mentioned the seals
that they had carried out a daring raid.

The United States is the #1 choice. So this
decline the Republicans speak of is not true.
Viewers know what they are seeing is bs.
Their friends are sending them news items
on FB and Twitter all day long. So we know
that CNN is excluding facts and making stuff
up. We must be on another planet. Stop trying
to compare Obama to boring dudes like Jimmy
Carter & Michael Dukakis. Watch video of all
3 and you will notice rather quickly that CNN
is full of it. Obama is just 51 and energetic. His
opponents are older and kinda don't match
with the future. Besides Obama has oratory
skills that neither Carter or Dukakis possessed.

Anonymous said...

This was basically SOTU & 360 night on CNN.
Later today we will see if 360 got a bump pre
speech & post.

There is no shortage of news for 360. The seal
rescue of the hostages in Somalia has got to be
the lead story. I'll say this about 360 and politics.
Each night 360 has on someone with ties to the
Romney campaign but never someone with ties
to Obama. Anderson does need to challenge the
things that come out of the mouths of pundits.
Anderson should challenge the pundits. He has
an obligation to not let them mislead 360 viewers.

By the way the Daily Show did a better job
explaining the tax returns than Erin Burnett.
The Club For Growth guy is not objective.

Anonymous said...

CNN is missing something that should be on the
radar with Mits Romney. The man has not had a
job in 12 years and yet he gets a lower tax rate
for just investing. There is a great story of a FL
voter saying Romney should get a job. When a
guy makes millions without a job that does not
sit well with average voters. Bill Maher talked
about this. Romney is no Steve Jobs, Henry Ford
or Mark Zuckerberg.

Anonymous said...

I agree about the Somalia hostage rescue story.
However, Gabby Giffords is close. From the hug
from Barack Obama to the emotional day on the
house floor. You don't need any words when you
are covering the Giffords resignation. Just show
the highlights. IMHO 360 needs to be innovative
with politics. Twitter has released some stats on
the # of tweets on the State of the Union. Crazy
numbers, 766,681 tweets. Chad Ochocinco had
the best tweets. Can Anderson interview him ?
On Twitter it was about the spilled milk joke,
education, energy and jobs. The people and
the pundits are not speaking the same language.
Now the speech ending makes sense. Seal Team
6 does it again.

Anonymous said...

That was a dangerous and risky mission into
Somalia. Giffords is a human story but we all
know CNN is pundit TV. Stop trying to rip off
Morning Joe & PTI on ESPN with pundits. So
not working and never will.

Anonymous said...

John King is the man! Screw Gindgride and his hypocritical BS! King did his job! One of the best anchors around! Gindgridge belongs in a hole somewhere!