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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Your Views on the News 1/7/12

CNN issued a press release earlier this week announcing Amy Entelis as Senior Vice President for Talent and Content Development. You can read it after the jump. Feel free to give us you opinion on this or any other CNN related topic that has your attention.

CNN Names Amy Entelis Senior Vice President for Talent and Content Development

CNN has named Amy Entelis to a newly created position of Senior Vice President, Talent and Content Development for CNN Worldwide, it was announced today by Mark Whitaker, CNN Worldwide Managing Editor.

Reporting directly to Whitaker, Entelis will be responsible for show development, including pilots and content acquisitions, and talent recruitment and strategy for all CNN networks and platforms including CNN, HLN and CNN International. Entelis will begin on January 17 and will be based in CNN’s New York offices.

Entelis has had an extensive career in television news as a producer and as a senior executive, spending more than 30 years at ABC where she was Senior Vice President of Talent Strategy, Development and Research until May 2011. While at ABC, Entelis hired and developed the careers of hundreds of journalists, both on and off-air, including recruiting and managing talent for the network’s most high-profile programs including Good Morning America, World News, Nightline and 20/20. Following ABC, Entelis served as Executive Vice President, Talent Strategy at Sucherman Consulting Group.

“Amy's eye for talent and gift for nurturing it are legendary throughout the television industry,” said Whitaker. “In this key new executive role, she will help us even better showcase the great anchors, reporters and producers we already have at CNN and our other networks, attract the next generation of talent, and work with program developers both inside and outside the company to create our shows and specials of the future."

“This position offers me a special opportunity to work with the talented journalists of CNN and to contribute to shaping its programming vision,” said Entelis. “I am thrilled to be joining the CNN team.”

Entelis served in a number of capacities while at ABC News. In addition to hiring and cultivating on-air talent, Entelis oversaw all off-air editorial recruiting, hiring and growth and development opportunities. She created mentoring programs, career development initiatives and a diversity advisory board. For ten years she led ABC News’ Business Affairs department, supervising all talent negotiations. As Senior Vice President of Talent Strategy, Development and Research, she was responsible for the news division’s strategic plan for on-air and off-air talent.

Entelis began her career on the weekly news magazine 20/20, and then spent five years as a producer at World News Tonight with Peter Jennings, specializing in business and economics reporting. ABC News President Roone Arledge recruited Entelis for her first management role with a mandate to develop women and minorities for on-air positions. Later at ABC, Entelis pioneered the first system in network news that coordinated the identification, recruitment and development of on-air talent.

Entelis has received many awards for her work as a producer, including the National News Emmy, the duPont Columbia Award, the Front Page Award from the Newswomen’s Club of NY, the Headliner Award, and the Planned Parenthood Award. A graduate of Vassar College, Entelis received her Masters in Journalism from Columbia University and serves as a member of the Board of Visitors of the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism.

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Anonymous said...

After the US election this year, CNN US would probably be better off converting to CNN International.

Anonymous said...

I'm concerned that CNN is just becoming a crime
and politics network. Neither will get big ratings.
HLN needs to be a aggregated news network.

CNN should go to aggregation during the morning.
CNN once had a good team of sports reporters,why
does CNN now mostly ignore sports. There is tech,
science, international, national news, where are the
human interest stories. In a nation or more than
300 million, how is it that criminals and idiots have
come to represent the average American.

Times have changed and it it time for CNN to
change. No video, no reporting no content or
substance. What happened to quality journalism
that put CNN on the worldwide stage.

Maybe things will change now that Amy Entelis
is at CNN after 30 years at ABC. You have to
admire what ABC has done with World News,
GMA & Nightline, which is beating Letterman
& Leno. By hiring her, CNN is admitting they have
some serious issues but it remains to be seen if
she can get the men who have run CNN into
the ground to listen.

Anonymous said...

CNN waited too late to do something about their
morning show. Now they have 2 new shows, no
promos and repeat the same stories every 5 mins.
Try going 5-9 AM without the pundits. CNN has a
pundit addiction and needs therapy before it is too
late. Where are the original ideas and formats at
CNN. The mentality seems to be we will just copy
FOX or MSNBC and somehow viewers are suppose
to not notice. CNN is having trouble finding a core
of loyal viewers because they do nothing to set CNN
about from FOX or MSNBC. Like viewers don't
know how to find FOX or MSNBC. They know and
they have decided to pass and decided to go with
CNN. However, CNN is not giving viewers a news
alternative. Talk radio is dying so CNN goes with
talk TV. Nothing of substance nor worth watching.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully this person has some creative talent and can supervise content.
CNN is woefully in need of someone who can find interesting things to discuss other than a bunch of pundits talking at great length about absolutely nothing, like did Santorum mean to say the word black or did he just verbally pronounce it in syllables, as in "blah."
Yes, this was the discourse on 360 one recent nite between David Gergen and Joe Johns.
As in, was it a partial verbalized black with intonations or just part of the blending of "bl."
Personally who gives a rat's hind quarters....please go on to something else!!
No wonder no body watches CNN. Watching paint dry is more compelling.

Anonymous said...

Can she replace Ken Jautz ? Bringing him over
from HLN was a huge mistake. The man is the
reason why CNN has a pundit problem. That's
all he hires. HLN became Court TV after they
turned into Tru TV. HLN is not a news network.
Customers should be given an alternative like
CNN International.

Anonymous said...

Ashleigh Banfield needs to replace Erin Burnett in prime time. Zoraida Sambolin isn't great. Weekdays, Carol Costello should host a refreshed CNN Wake Up Call from 5AM-7AM. Soledad O'Brien's morning show from 7AM-9AM should take the title CNN Early Start. CNN Newsroom blocks should continue with Kyra Phillips 9AM-11AM, Randi Kaye 11AM-1PM, and Brooke Baldwin 1PM-3PM. Sorry but Suzanne Malveaux isn't a great news anchor. She was much better as a political correspondent. It would be great to see CNN's Situation Room return for three hours from 3PM-6PM with Wolf Blitzer of course. John King needs to go, he is SO boring. He is better as a political correspondent. Erin Burnett definitely and obviously needs to go. 6PM-8PM should be CNN Tonight with Ashleigh Banfield. I think viewers loved her right away, as I did. 8PM-10PM should be CNN360ยบ with Anderson Cooper and Isha Sesay doing the news bulletins and fill ins if Anderson isn't available. Then from 10PM-Midnight, CNN should have a Newsroom block for Don Lemon. 12AM-5AM should be CNN International. Piers Morgan NEEDS TO GO! Did anyone see him late at night joining the Iowa Caucus team? He was so terrible, thought he was funny, and asked stupid questions. You honestly could tell everyone didn't want him there. Why is he on CNN? Why did CNN feel they must keep a talk show on a news channel. It would be better to have Larry King return to do one show a week airing Saturday nights with a Sunday repeat. On weekends, have Newsroom blocks with Alina Cho doing weekend mornings, Fredricka Whitfield doing weekend afternoons, and have Hala Gorani doing weekend primetime. Candy Crowley is good on State of the Union, and so is everyone else with their weekend shows.

Anonymous said...

The demographics are different for TV viewers for
all networks. It makes more sense for CNN to go
for brand new viewers. You won't get them with
pundits or ideology. The new potential viewer is
more interested in content. Nobody talks like the
pundits on TV and no one talks politics all day long.
Where is the original reporting/storytelling. Someone
at CNN had better come up with some fresh ideas.

Anonymous said...

The new CBS show is the 1 to watch. CNN failed
to realize that news was the route to take. Now
they will see the opportunity they missed.

Anonymous said...

"John King needs to go."
"Isha Sesay doing the news bulletins and fill-ins when Anderson is away."
Let's get real.
John King is the only one on TBPT who is able to decipher the magic wall. Anderson doesn't even want to get near it for fear he will misinterpret it and make a mistake.
And Isha isn't appearing on a regular basis on 360 now.
If you've watched, and obviously you haven't, 50% of the time, Isha is MIA.
Susam Hendricks fills in.
Like it or not these are the facts.
Some of your proposals may suit you, but truthfully, most of it
really can't be enforced.

Anonymous said...

What is up with all of the boring political talk on
CNN. First thing in the morning, get real. That is
why Morning Joe will never get to 500,000. I'm
flipping between GMA & CBS. Nothing has really
changed on CNN. Judging from the ratings on TV
BY THE NUMBERS, CNN is falling way behind right
from the start.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, they should have hired this lady last year to stop the Erin Burnett OutFront debacle. I can't recall a time CNN poured so much promotion into one new show and it is a trainwreck. She's like a child at the grown-ups table. Where is the promotion for their morning shows? I guess they spent all their money on Erin Burnett. Ouch!

Anonymous said...

CBS NEWS knows how to launch a brand new
morning show CNN does not. Isha Sesay has
been missing from 360 a lot lately. I m not
too happy about that. I guess CNN is trying
to make sure no one outshines Erin Burnett.

Get real Carol Costello, Ali Velshi & Christine
Romans can't be anchors on CNN. They ruined
American Morning and CNN in the process. I like
Suzanne Malveaux. I don't think John King or
Out Front makes it much longer. Until CNN does
something about content. Nothing will change.

Anonymous said...

CNN has lost touch with the audience, with the viewers. They air what they want to see and not what the viewers are asking for.
This is exactly why MSNBC is climbing in the ratings. Yes, they (MSNBC) cover the same top headlines and stories, but each show has a different perspective. So, you are getting something new, different and informative as opposed to CNN which is pretty much functioning as a Headline News Station.