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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Participate in a CNN Town Hall

The killing of 17-year-old Florida high school student, Trayvon Martin, has captivated the nation. The young man’s death has created an undeniable and important dialogue in this country, and now CNN wants to hear from you.

This Thursday, March 29th at 8pmET, CNN is holding a Trayvon Martin Town Hall – "Beyond Trayvon: Race and Justice in America, hosted by Soledad O’Brien. Should people who aren’t police officers take the law into their own hands? Do you believe George Zimmerman should be arrested or not? CNN is looking to hear all opinions on this story and want viewers to be in the studio audience.

Here's your chance to get involved with a CNN Town Hall, either by attending or sending your questions.

For tickets email with your FULL name, phone number, # of tickets (up to 2), and your question for the panel by Wednesday, March 28th at 9am ET. The show tapes on Thursday evening in New York City. You must be 18 and older to attend.

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Anonymous said...

Please stope talking about Trayvon Martin.
We don't know what happened that night.
All we know is that a vigilante killed an Afro-American male wearing a hoodie who was coming from a grocery store errand.
The vigilante should not have taken the law into his own hands and the Afro-American male was no saint. He did something. We don't know what but he shouldn't have been killed.
It took the media three weeks to realize this story had legs and now CNN wouldn't stop talking about it.
I know we all disliked the political pundits, but I say, bring them back. Enough talking about an incident we know nothing about.
Let the justice system bring the vigilante to justice and please stop the race bating CNN.
There's enough hatred in the world.
Stop making stuff up.
He had blood on his head. He didn't have blood on his head.
His nose was broken. His nose wasn't broken.
Do we all have to break our flat screens to make you stop speaking about the same subject?

Anonymous said...

Zimmerman should've been arrested the first day. If the situation were reversed things would be quite different, and the first commenter does NOT know whether Trayvon "did something". There is no proof or evidence of that, you can't say you don't know enough about the case in one breath and then in another say you know Trayvon "did something".

Anonymous said...

I agree that this whole Trayvon Martin story is overplayed on cable news. It sure looks like there is A LOT of information missing and tidbits keep getting leaked out and they are pounced on and overanalyzed. Report the news when something happens and when you KNOW something, until then shut up and stop the conjecture. I am also REALLY tired of the crazy jet blue pilot story. Really, I don't care. It seems like the situation was dealt with professionally and the pilot will get the help he clearly needs. Let's move on. We have a major health care debate going on again and we still have serious domestic economic problems to deal with. How is the European debt crisis going? What about China's political transition? Has CNN ever heard of Greg Smith or are they too worried about upsetting Wall Street and Bloomberg?

Anonymous said...

Yes, we know Trayvon Martin was suspended from school, so therefore we can conclude that this teen was "no saint."
We can also assume that no sane person is just going to take a gun and shoot, for no reason.
So the question remains, what provoked the defendent to do what he did?
Yes, he was provoked but we don't know exactly what made him react.
There are a lot of missing links to this case, but the fact remains:
That Trayvon was shot to death and 2)Why?
Did he bait Zimmerman? Possibly, or did Zimmerman bait him?
Something had to happen. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction and that is a fact, pure and simple.
Zimmerman's reaction was an over-reaction to "something" but we don't know what.
To assume otherwise is futile.

Anonymous said...

Just watched Piers Morgans interview with George Zimmerman's brother. Wow, very interesting. Props to Piers for asking the questions we were wondering. What surprised me most was his claim that it was George screaming in that neighbors 911 call and not Trayvon.