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Monday, March 19, 2012

Ratings For The Week of March 12-16

1 - Special programming was aired on one night during the week.

Rating calculations are weekly averages based on nightly ratings provided by TVNewser with data by Nielsen Media Research. Numbers reflect Live and same day (DVR) data.

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Anonymous said...

If ever there was a KTH segment for 360 , it is
the death of Trayvon Martin. Last night AC said
he wears the same gear everyday. CNN is going
to go overboard with Illinois but I hope 360 does
focus on the death of Martin as well. The interview
with the father on last night's 360 was heartbreaking.
360 also needs to look at the police department.

Anonymous said...

MSNBC appears to be gaining on Fox and pulling away from CNN in a big way. No surprise there---CNN is getting much worse. I'm surprised that any of the anchors are still around. Piers needs to be elsewhere, and AC needs to be out in the field instead of at an anchor desk. Even his 10 p.m. repeat is going south. Very sad for a channel that was once the 'most trusted name in news'.

Anonymous said...

Long time no "Your Views On The News"!? I like those posts. Lots to talk about!

Anonymous said...

You guys really should visit PEW to see some
fascinating analysis on cable news. CNN makes
money. It has long been rumored that CNN uses
the 18-49 demo to sell 360. Why would CNN
demote Anderson Cooper 360 at 10 is CNN's
top show. On Monday, 360 topped Last Word
in the demo. 360 is the only show that wins
something for CNN.

Anonymous said...

Not too long ago Morning Joe wrapped up a
segment on Trayvon Martin. The police had
this kid's body for 3 days and did drug tests.
Joe said it best, this is a coverup.He said it
best . Everybody involved in this case needs
to be investigated by the Justice Department.

This killing gets more troubling each day. Joe
knows Florida well, he said 2 words : probable
cause. The police could arrest him if they
wanted. This is Keeping Them Honest, 2 ladies
on 360 said the police are trying to back
Zimmerman. I am with Joe. This is a coverup.
I have noticed this morning that it is the top
Google search. This bigger than Zimmerman.
What about city officials ?They need to be
answering questions. In many ways, CNN is
also trying to back up the killer. CNN is only
focusing on stand your ground. As Joe easily
pointed out this morning, authorities could
arrest Zimmeran. Stand your ground does not
keep you from being arrested CNN. Florida's
governor, state officials and city officials, all
need to answering some questions.. This
murder has Keeping Them Honest written
all over it. The police never bothered to
check the cell phone. The police did not want
to find out what really happened they did not
care. No humanity at all. Also, social media
had a huge impact. Old media is behind the
news at street level.

360 & CNN should talk with Professor Mark
Tremayne out of the Univ of Texas. He authored
a fascinating book entitled Blogging, Citizenship
And The Future Of Media. It is about how social
media can focus on news stories ignored by
MSM. In fact, this is the type of people CNN
needs to hire.

Anonymous said...

If Outfront is still on CNN at 7 PM by May, I
would be stunned. Starting Point and PMT
will be close behind. Cable news is losing
viewers. It is great that CNN has the digital
edge and that is smart. 27 % of people get
their news from mobile devices. I constantly
use my IPhone or IPad for news updates
multiple times, Most of the shows I watch
are on cable. Be it HBO, USA, TBS,TNT,ESPN
and others. Most of network TV is bad except
for Big Bang Theory. Every 15 minutes have
updated news stories that you can see on
TV or mobile devices. All you need is an IPad,
mobile phone & laptop. Like real time man.
CNN is too scripted.

Anonymous said...

Will 360 ask Jeb Bush tough questions ?
He signed this into law. Not only that how
about the guy who introduced the law ? I
gained a lot of respect for Joe this morning.
I don't think the police followed proper
police procedure. They ran a background
check on Trayvon but not the gunman.
KEEP THEM HONEST every night Anderson.