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Monday, March 26, 2012

Ratings For The Week of March 19-23

1 - Special programming was aired on one night during the week.

Rating calculations are weekly averages based on nightly ratings provided by TVNewser with data by Nielsen Media Research. Numbers reflect Live and same day (DVR) data.

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Anonymous said...

Funny how I used to look forward to Anderson Cooper 360ยบ and now it's just like "Oh look, it's on". He doesn't seem to be as passionate as he used to be about his show. He even always looks tired now. It's all thanks to his talk show. What I believe is that maybe he just got tired of doing what he does at CNN and wanted a change in life, taking the talk show opportunity. I miss him traveling. I miss seeing him in the Middle East, or at the Gulf Coast. His star shined when he did field reporting. He hasn't done that since his talk show began. It's all sad. I would have to say that the true star of CNN is Wolf Blitzer.

Anonymous said...

CNN should be embarrassed that they are beaten during any hour of primetime by HLN. Really.

Anonymous said...

As ;usual 360 is the top show at 10 on CNN,
which leads me to ask, what's the problem
from 5-10 PM ?

I'm concerned how CNN is now covering Trayvon
Martin. The New Black Panther Party is just trying
to get publicity. There seems to be a coordinated
effort by Will Cain and the others to demonize.
Trayvon Martin with stereotypes that the media
has a history of enforcing. CNN and others are
following the Daily Caller. Why would Anderson
put these clowns on for the longest interview
segment of 360. The don't matter to this case.
CNN and others are afraid to grill Joe Oliver
because he is one of them, a former anchor. CNN
and others asked President Obama to show his
birth certificate, gave Donald Trump face time
to feed a lie. Nobody trusts CNN or the MSM
on Trayvon Martin. Lawrence was right on point.
At least MSNBC is not following the lead of the
right wing smear campaign but as usual CNN
just reads the script. We have seen this movie
for quite some time on CNN. All you need to do
is to look at how CNN covers President Obama.

Anonymous said...

CNN should be a little Discovery, NIghtline &
Current, Real Time News. Current would have
worked fine had it been a combo of pros and
amateurs filmmakers. Where is the substance.
I am thrilled that the co-founder of Huff Po
is going to be taking on CNN, MSNBc & FNC.
Someone needs to really challenge them. It's
like content, story-telling, factually based news
is not their concept. If you don't deliver news,
you are heading for disaster. All year long we
are going to hear about the shrinking cable
news audience. So many were hoping CNN
would champion the news. Who wants to
watch ideological opinions.

Anonymous said...

I thought Anderson's interview with the "New Black Panther Party" was one of the worst and most unnecessary things he has ever had on his show, it was disgusting, inflammatory and pointless. I thought Anderson and the 360 team were smarter than this, but they made NBPP out to be more important than they actually are. I remember Rachel Maddow decimating them on her show once, but she had the good sense to not actually interview them directly, she did her research and totally dismissed them as irrelevant. Instead of giving them valuable airtime, Anderson should have ignored them the way Trayvon Martin's family has.

Anonymous said...

Apparently CNN lost HALF it's audience March and Q1 2012. Disastrous, but considering the direction they've been taking lately, I'm not surprised people are tuning out in droves. So, will they fix this or let things continue to spiral downward.

Anonymous said...

@3:17 p.m.--Oh they won't fix it. Just let the morons who are anchoring continue. CNN's latest news release concerning Q1 is laughable. 360 beating Lawrence at 10 p.m. in the key demo is the best they have? At 8 p.m. AC360 is often below HLN, and lately LO has been beating 360 at 10 fairly often. I used to be such a fan, but can't stomach some of the 'journalism' that I see and the programming nonsense that is offered--on all the primetime shows, but particularly on 360. Anderson can do better than this, and has in the past. If he can't do better, he needs to leave or become a field reporter again.

Anonymous said...

@10:57: You are absolutely correct.
Anderson Cooper should be TOLD to go back into the field or give the news biz to someone who finds it interesting and someone who is able to engage viewers with the same passion Anderson USED to have but who has lost his mojo.
360 doesn't have the ratings to save CNN so give it a rest.
He'd be doing everyone a favor including himself.