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Friday, March 9, 2012

This Weekend's Programming 3/10/12


THE SITUATION ROOM – Airs Saturday 6:00PM – 7:00PM
Topic: Politics 2012
Guest: Gloria Borger, CNN chief political analyst
Guest: Ron Brownstein, CNN contributor
Topic: Violence in Syria
Guest: William Daniels, photographer
Anchor: Wolf Blitzer

SUNDAY, MARCH 11, 2012

Topic: Democratic Agenda in Congress; 2012 Race
Guest: Sen. Harry Reid (D), Majority Leader
Topic: Running for President; 2012 Race
Guest: Dick Gephardt, Former House Majority Leader; (D) Former Presidential Candidate
Guest: Steve Forbes, Chairman and Editor-in-Chief, Forbes Media; (R) Former Presidential Candidate
Topic: Economy; Jobs; Campaign 2012
Guest: Dan Balz, National Political Correspondent, Washington Post
Guest: Stephen Moore, Senior Economics Writer, The Wall Street Journal
Guest: Alice Rivlin, Former Director, Office of Management and Budget
Anchor: Candy Crowley

FAREED ZAKARIA GPS – Airs 10:00AM – 11:00AM and 1:00PM – 2:00PM
Topics: What was PM Netanyahu’s take-away from his White House visit? Are ordinary Israelis in favor of a strike on Iran? Is Iran a good distraction from Israel’s other problems? Has Palestinian problem dropped off the radar?
Guest: Elliott Abrams, senior fellow for Middle Eastern Studies, Council on Foreign Relations
Guest: Rula Jabreal, Arab Israeli journalist
Guest: Daniel Levy, senior research fellow and co-director of the Middle East Task Force, New America Foundation
Guest: Bret Stephens, Global View columnist, The Wall Street Journal
Topics: Iran, Syria, the Middle East, China & Russia
Guest: Henry Kissinger, PhD, former U.S. Secretary of State (Richard Nixon Administration); chairman, Kissinger Associates, Inc. A Fareed Zakaria GPS Exclusive
Anchor: Fareed Zakaria

Topics: Media Frenzy Over Limbaugh’s Comments and Apology
Guest: Michael Medved, syndicated radio host
Guest: Stephanie Miller, syndicated radio host
Topics: Dramatizing Reality for the Big Screen: “Game Change”
Guest: Danny Strong, screenwriter and producer
Guest: Jay Roach, director
Topics: Super Tuesday Coverage
Guest: Erin McPike, RealClear Politics
Guest: Eleanor Clift, Columnist for Newsweek/Daily Beast
Guest: Ramesh Ponnuru, National Review
Host: Howard Kurtz

Programming schedule for Tuesday, March 13 – Alabama and Mississippi Primaries (All Times Eastern):
6:00PM – 7:00PM John King, USA (Live)
7:00 PM – 8:00 PM Erin Burnett, OutFront (Live)
8:00 PM – 10:00 PM America's Choice 2012: The Alabama and Mississippi Primaries (Live)
10:00 PM – 11:00 PM Anderson Cooper 360˚ (Live)
11:00 PM – Midnight Erin Burnett, OutFront (Live)
Midnight – 1:00 AM Piers Morgan Tonight (Live)

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Anonymous said...

I am sick and tired of CNN hyping a war with
Iran. Leslie Stahl sat down for an interview with
the former Israeli spy chief. He is saying that
would be the wrong move. This morning Matt
Lauer talked to the Exxon boss and he said gas
would not reach $ 5. Yet CNN keeps up with the
fear factor. There have been several analysts on
Bloomberg saying that high gas prices might not
effect the economy and this is not 1981. CNN
is not practicing good journalism. Can they be
that desperate for ratings that they want a war.
It is totally irresponsible.

Anonymous said...

I was just looking at the CNN schedule for this weekend and no special programming mentioned for the Kansas, Guam, Mariana, and Virgin Island caucuses Saturday. I personally think it's a good idea to just incorporate it with Don Lemon in the CNN Newsroom. Truthfully, the only times CNN should replace regularly scheduled programming with America's Choice 2012 coverage is the Iowa Caucus (because it's first), Super Tuesday, pretty much any day that has 3 or more states voting that day, and when it seems that a party could score a nominee by getting enough delegates. I understand though that it was a bigger deal in 2008 becuase both parties were voting. I think it's interesting that for Tuesday, they incorporated all their shows (John King, Erin Burnett, Anderson Cooper, and Piers Morgan) for special live editions. CNN knows more people will be watching during voting nights, so it's a good way to promote their shows in that sense.

Anonymous said...

Just curious why Hawaii wasn't mentioned on Tuesday? I know it would be 12AM or 1AM Eastern time until polls close, but I would think Hawaii would play an interesting roll to see who Republicans choose because President Obama is from there.

Anonymous said...

It has everything to do with ratings. The
GOP primaries are not exacting bringing
in viewers. The Super Tuesday ratings had
to miss expectations. If none of the networks
got big numbers on Super Tuesday, the big
day in primary politics, you know viewers
don't care.

Anonymous said...

Hi, we are back with the first installment of CNN
March ratings for 2012. It is not much but it is a
start. This is the final month of Q1. This month
will decide who finishes at # 2 for this quarter.
TV BY THE NUMBERS is the data source.

At 8 PM , 360 is averaging 559,000/185,000

ED is averaging 1,206,000/277,000

BOR is averaging 2,935,000/642,000

At 10 PM , 360 is averaging 583,000/218,000

TLW is averaging 1,188,000/295,000

OTR is averaging 1,723,000/393,000

PMT is averaging 632,000/197,000

TRMS is averaging 1,276,000/348,000

Hannity is averaging 2,240,000/486,000

CNN is at 682,000/226,000 in prime time

MSNBC is averaging 1,050,000/304,000

FNC is averaging 2,137,000/475,000

CNN is at 435,000/138,000 for daytime

MSNBC is aeraging 571,000/178,000

FNC is averaging 1,169,000/281,000

MSNBC seems to have hit a stride in prime
time. Are MSNBC shows getting stronger ?
CNN has it work cut out for it. 360 gains
viewers but it is not helping much because
for 2 hours CNN is losing viewers and down
by a sizable margin. We will be watching to
see if MSNBC is trailing FNC by less than 1
million viewers in totals and the demo is
lessening between the 2. You can thank
Rachel Maddow now. She is helping to lift
her colleagues. ED & Lawrence are benefiting.

In fact, for a couple of days this week MSNBC's
day numbers for totals topped CNN in prime
time. This can get ugly for CNN. The headaches
start 1st thing in the morning and go into
very long day.

We'll end here and post some additional details.
We are now including the weekends for a fuller
picture of the ratings for cable news.

Anonymous said...

Here is part 2. We are now including the ratings
for the morning shows.

Stating Pt is averaging 244,000/109,000

Morning Joe is averaging 443,000/160,000

F & F is averaging 1,030,000/301,000

These numbers are just from March 1-7.

Starting Point is a really, really , really, really
rocky start for CNN. This is going badly.

TSR kind of rebounds at 5 but it is a deficit.
Given the daytime ratings. It's likely that
MSNBC is growing from 6 AM and up until
whatever the time.

For 5-7 PM the numbers are from March

TSR is averaging 605,000/149,000

Hardball is averaging 892,000/167,000

The 5 is averaging 1,603,000/328,000

Jk, USA is averaging 462,000/122,000

Sharpton is averaging 896,000/201,000

Spcl Rpt is averaging 1,669,000/342,000

At 7 PM Ofront is averaging 444,000/147,000

Hardball is averaging 939,000/222,00

Fox Report is averaging 1,787,000/364,000

We are wondering what the breaking point
for CNN would be. Is it Hardball & Sharpton
reaching 1 million ? Is it both CNN shows
dropping below 400,000 ? At some point
something has got to give. Either scenario
is a nightmare for CNN.

We stress this is just 1 week. Next week could
be different for CNN.

Stay Tuned.

Anonymous said...

CNN must establish a strong female presence in
prime time. The Daily Beast has a fascinating
article on advertisers and talk radio. It is not
just Rush. 98 companies don't want their ads
running on Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity & others.
Know why : women 24-55 is the demo for
advertisers. If CNN were to do this, there would
be no shortage of advertisers. All you have to
do is to take a look at Pinterest. Women share
stuff like crazy on social media.

Music has to be involved. Not only the folks
involved in the show but viewers as well. Let
viewers submit picks to be featured on the
show But with a twist. Establish a download
or delete button for all of the songs. Fridays
will be all of the viewers picks for the show.

I could see Ashleigh Banfield and Isha Sesay,
Alina Cho and a 4th Latino female journalist.
CNN can't afford to keep ignoring women.

I am talking about a news show. No View
with them yelling and talking over each
other. Talk is more subdued and they are
more civil but it lacks energy and chemistry.
Most importantly it has to click and flow.

Politics and partisan ideology can't be a
part of the show. 99 % of women won't look
at things through a partisan political point
of view. Let's be honest. Cable news is heavily
geared towards men. That has to end. It is not
a smart business model. News and interesting
topics will make a great fit.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, CNN is run by men who just
don't get it. They don't understand diversity or
women. You have been writing on this for about
a year. CNN has written off women and minorities.
A show like this will never be seen on CNN.

The breaking point for CNN is right here, right now.

Anonymous said...

This is looking like a Your Views On The News post! Good posts!

Anonymous said...

Wow. Apparently, CNN.COM is dropping 200
million to buy Mashable . It is one of the most
popular blogs around. Does that include IJNET,
which is a part of Mashable. Could this mean
that CNN is finally admitting that CNN has some
content issues. Mashable is all about digital. Let's
hope it can also influence CNN beyond the web.

Recently, Yahoo/ABC topped CNN. CNN has no
idea how to really work social media. This CNN
Mashable story is blowing up on social media.
I hope Pete Cashmore can influence CNN on TV
too. CNN needs a serious upgrade.

Starting Point is proof that CNN viewers will
not watch opinion news. Every guest on MJ
is vital to the topic. CNN's panel is just there
for talk. What's the point. CNN looks like a
cheap amateur MJ wannabe with Starting PT.

Kony 2012 shows how lame CNN and other news
organizations are when it comes to global news.
The world is a very small place now. Because
cable news is so bad we know how to watch
BBC Al Jazeera, Euronews & others. We know
that PMT clips have no business being in the
news segment of CNN.COM. CNN has the nerve
to talk about facts with Kony 2012. That's funny
because CNN misses the facts daily. CNN could
learn from the people behind Kony. Getting 73
million to watch a 30 minute doc is not small
feat. Not one celebrity is in the film. Hello, but
you do tap into their followers on social media.
This is how you get millions to watch a show.

Maybe Pete can get CNN to come up with a
plan to make the news go viral. Like the real
stories filed by reporters at CNN. People already
now how to follow individuals on Twitter & FB.

The moment I see that the pundits are on 360
via Twitter I am so not watching. It has nothing
in common with the actual story. Who gets
excited about pundits. 360 needs to be dropping
hints about the news stories and the show. It
is different if it is a big mover or shaker like
President Obana or Hillary Clinton. Of course,
you blow up Twitter & Facebook.

It has to be about the news to draw masses. It
involves presentation, production, editing and
how the finished product looks and feels. CNN's
graphics, banners dancing backgrounds, etc
are hideous. Give us full screen video without all
of the crap. Yesterday when Don Lemon was
talking about Syria, his video box was over
Kofi Anan. So let me get this straight, the video
needs to be obstructed. Dude I thought I was
watching TV, a visual medium. I guess I have
to go to the internet to see the video in full. Oh,
by the way , since CNN annoyed me. It won't
be their website I will go to for details.

Advertisers have to constantly deal with the
changing demographics in America and the
world. CNN is way behind the times.4G gives
me access to a lot of news content at blazing
speed. CNN never updates anything. At least
make an attempt to change the content every
30 minutes on TV.

Anonymous said...

I wholeheartedly agree with the comment above... "The breaking point for CNN is right here, right now." Amen! Is CNN going to sit around and watch Hardball and Al Sharpton reach 1 million?! Worse yet, wait for OutFront to slide below 400k? That's already happening on some days. She has more youth appeal than John King but when you only get half the demo numbers as a rerun of Hardball, you can't seriously have a claim on any "potential." I agree that CNN has failed miserably in attracting women as viewers. What frat boy thought Erin Burnett would pull in women? Dude, have you seen the demographics of CNBC? I was under the impression that CNN's audience leaned slightly more progressive and was more female than other cable news channel audiences. Why has CNN gone out of their way to antagonize their "base"???? I wish MSNBC wasn't as liberal as it is, but they have learned how to court women and minorities far better than CNN.

Anonymous said...

That is why the hiring of Erin Burnett is puzzling.
CNBC draws way fewer viewers and CNN brings in
someone who was performing worst than CNN. It
was doomed form the start. There is no way this
can work. Most viewers have no idea who she is
and it is impossible to watch Out Front. She can't
anchor and is just too painful to watch. MSNBC's
day totals topping CNN in prime time is a red
flag big time. CNN just changed dayside. CNN
has got to get away from celebrity addition,crime
and partisan politics. The network is about to
collapse unless someone takes action. It is like
management is scared and can't move. Try
Isha Sesay, Asleigh Banfield , anybody but get
Out Front off of CNN before it's too late.