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Monday, April 2, 2012

Forbes Speculation....

Under the heading of: Guessing What's Next For Keith Olbermann from Forbes

CNN might hire him, as, in fact, it tried to do so some years ago. Granted, that was under its old president, Jon Klein, not its current one, Ken Jautz. It’s definitely a long shot, as Olbermann’s outspoken liberalism would sit uneasily with CNN’s aversion to taking sides. Sensibility-wise, though, he might be a fit with Piers Morgan, another host whose visible self-regard is part of his love-him-or-hate-him appeal. An Olbermann hiring would be bad news for Erin Burnett, who show “OutFront” is the weakest link in CNN’s primetime lineup. It would also leave the network with an evening schedule consisting entirely of white men.

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Anonymous said...

I love Keith Olbermann. If CNN is interested in making a statement that they are not afraid of change, hiring him would be a great first step. But it would go against all of their 'we don't take sides' programming.

Anonymous said...

OMG! Sorry but CNN should never consider Olbermann. I am a liberal but I never liked his screaming rants. Plus, he seems totally incapable of playing nice with others.

Anonymous said...

I hope not because I really don't want to watch an opinionated person.

Anonymous said...

CNN DOES takes sides, they are no longer neutral. Olbermann has some serious issues and probably wouldn't last, but I'd almost like to see a genuine liberal on CNN since they have gone practically full throttle backing Romney, the Tea Party and bashing Obama but because Keith IS a real liberal, CNN wouldn't hire him anyhow since that goes against the narrative they're trying to push now.

Anonymous said...

Although I wouldn't compare CNN to MSNBC or Fox when it comes to point of view news, I would agree that CNN personalities take sides more often than CNN will admit. All anchors have a worldview through which they interpret the news - that's only human. The problem is CNN tries so hard to hide it instead of calling opinion or bias what it is. Zakaria is a good example - he is honest about where he is coming from and how he views the world but he has people on his show with differing viewpoints so they can talk about all side of an issue. I think the viewers can decide for themselves what viewpoint they want to listen to and believe.

Anonymous said...

Wait, wait, wait... did I just read Olbermann would spell bad news for Burnett? Hmmmmmm... maybe I need to rethink this Olbermann idea...

Uh, no still a REALLY bad idea to put that wacko on CNN. I would rather watch Burnett and that is saying something. At least she is tolerable with the sound off, just barely.