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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Vladimir Duthiers takes on Nigeria post for CNN

Vladimir Duthiers takes on Nigeria post for CNN

Vladimir Duthiers is to take on the role of CNN international correspondent based in Lagos, Nigeria, the network announced today.

Duthiers will join CNN’s contingent of Africa-based correspondents across the continent, as the network reaffirms its commitment to Nigeria. CNN currently has key bureaus in Lagos, Nairobi and Johannesburg – all headed up by bureau chief Kim Norgaard - as well as three weekly programs on CNN International focused on the continent: Marketplace Africa, Inside Africa and African Voices.

Parisa Khosravi, Senior Vice President for CNN Worldwide in charge of International Newsgathering, said: “Vladimir’s passion for journalism, impressive business background and his knack as a natural storyteller make him a fantastic choice to cover such a vibrant country and region.”

Duthiers joined CNN in 2009 as part of Christiane Amanpour's original news program, Amanpour. He most recently served as an associate producer for Anderson Cooper 360°.

When an earthquake shook Haiti in January 2010, Duthiers was among the first journalists to arrive in Port-au-Prince. He spent several weeks on the ground field producing for CNN – including the AC360° team – which went on to win two Emmy awards for its coverage of the quake.

Earlier this year, Duthiers was on the scene as the Occupy Nigeria movement exploded onto the streets of Lagos. His reporting put the focus on the economic struggles of ordinary Nigerians and the tensions surrounding recent attacks by the Islamist terror group, Boko Haram.

Duthiers, who is fluent in French and Haitian Creole, has taken an unusual route to a career in journalism. Prior to joining CNN, he spent nearly 20 years in the financial services industry, travelling extensively around the world for clientele in 21 countries.

Duthiers holds a B.A. in Political Science from the University of Rhode Island and an M.S. from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism.

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Anonymous said...

I think I know what the problem is with Starting
Point. The show is boring and everybody looks
totally bored to death. Folks are trying to wake
up and get things done not take a nap. Aisha
Tyler would at least offer some humor in the
morning. She definitely saved The Talk.. She has
made Julie and Sarah more relaxed. You guys
might be on to something about have 4 or 5 who
are regulars. Would love to see Betty back on CNN.
Bring in Betty has the leader and move Soledad
to the Mrs O role. CNN could hire back Maria
Hinojosa too. Asleigh Banfield could work..
CNN management dealt Soledad a bad hand .
Do something to help your talent for once CNN.
That why you bring Betty Nguyen in as the one
who guides the show. For months viewers have
Soledad at the helm. Let her still have support
role. You can't leave Soledad at the helm. CNN
needs a show that can get at least 500,000
to top Morning Joe. 300,000 won't cut it. Come
of up a brand new name for the show and make
changes that we will notice. With 4 or 5 hosts
you don't have a news reader someone at the
table does it. I agree about how CNN gets the
music all wrong. Why isn't there a song at the
beginning of Starting Point.

Anonymous said...

CNN should hire Aisha Tyler for a 7 PM. All
morning long the video of Obama slow jams
the news has been going viral. Aisha can do
Fallon, she sings. She can do Stewart and she
handles the news items & top talkers on Talk.

Someone directed me to You Tube for a show
called Laugh In with clips of President Richard
Nixon. He says sock it to me. What does that
mean ? Now I am watching Laugh In on You
Tube. Great political satire. It is not unusual
for the President to make appearances on a
show like this.

Anonymous said...

Greetings all. We are back with the latest ratings
for the month of April 2012 for CNN. The May
ratings start tomorrow, so get ready for some
spin. All 3 will point to numbers that make them
look good, for CNN they have 99 problems but no
solutions for 1. The press releases will come out
later today.

360 is averaging 527,000/154,000

ED is at 866,000/214,000

BOR is averaging 2,851,000/560,000

CNN will take that. 360 improves over the
previous 2 hours and it is only a demo deficit
of 60,000. It will be interesting to see if 360
ever gets to the 600,000's . ED has a solid
advantage in viewers but the demo has to
concern MSNBC. They can't seem to find the
show that can get Countdown demos. ED
gets the bump form TRMS. 360 needs to get
those totals up. AC was off for 1 week with
Wolf Blitzer subbing. Is CNN testing ? More
on that later.

360 is averaging 540,000/180,000 at 10 PM

TLW is at 914,000/257,000

OTR is averaging 1,753,000/410,000

It pays to have Rachel Maddow as a lead in.
She holds the MSNBC prime time lineup together.
She lifts her colleagues with her. 360 at 10 is
the top demo for CNN. 360 stays put at 10.
The demo is how all networks make money.

PMT is averaging 596,000/169.000

TRMS is averaging 984,000/287,000

Hannity is averaging 2,026,000/468,000

CNN has a problem. With Rachel topping
Piers by more than 100,000 in the demo,
the 360 bookends can't prop up PMT. CNN
got rid of Larry King when the gap was less.
360 is giving a boost to PMT because the
demo goes up at 10 not down.

We will end this portion now. More to come.

Anonymous said...

Back with Part 2.

TSR is averaging 564,000/136,000

Hardball is averaging 716,000/139,000

The 5 is averaging 1,668,000/367,000

There has been much talk on this blog about a
possible TSR move to 7 PM. If this happens,
it will likely be temporarily until a new show
comes along. Wolf stacks up well opposite
Hardball but the demo could be higher. The
goal is to make it easy for the 8 PM hour to
get over 200,000 to top ED. You give 360
some numbers to grow on. The 6 & 7 PM hrs
are big problems for CNN. 120 minutes of
drop offs hurt. It can put a drag on prime
time if the numbers keep going lower. Also,
if there is breaking news Wolf would be a
better choice up against Shep Smith. Hate to
say it but Jk, USA, Out Front & Staring Point
are being bluntly told : if those ratings don't
go up in May you are done.

JK, USA is averaging 457,000/114,000. It is
doing a little better.

Sharpton is averaging 714,000/166,000

Special Rpt is at 1,796,000/361,000

Our Front is averaging 402,000/120,000

Hardball is averaging 746,000/169,000

Fox Report is at 1,707,000/374,000

Ironically, 2 of Tom Foreman anchoring brought
in the highest ratings for the show. Game Over
Trust us CNN is trying to figure a way out of
this and Staring Point.

This will end this section. The final details
will follow.

Anonymous said...

The Conclusion :

Starting Point is averaging 232,000/93,000

Morning Joe 420,000/157,00

F & F 1,084,000/301,000

Staring Point is likely increasing the ratings for
MJ. Whatever CNN does to replace it will have
to put up some good numbers to just get back
into the game. A different show with new faces
and no pundits and a scaled back role for
Soledad might work. There is no other way to
say it : this is a disaster. CNN has to pull back
from the pundits. They do look like the want to
be elsewhere on Starting Point.It is like Soledad
is not that much into the show either. In many
ways CNN set her up for failure. A women's
show in the AM or 7. Where do you go ? Do
both ? Women viewers are ignored by cable
news. 7 PM hanging out with your girls doing
the news could catch on. The big question :
who does the mornings and evenings ? You
would likely need 2 ensembles.

CNN is averaging 522,000/157,000 in PT

MSNBC is at 757,000/248,000

FNC is at 1,862,000/397,000

CNN is averaging 376,000/115 for Day

MSNBC is at 441,000/144,000

FNC is at 1,119,000/280,000

We have been collecting more data so that
is why the posting is later than usual.

Synopsis :

CNN will have to come of with several new shows.
The bad thing is that CNN has a lousy track
record creating shows. Changes are coming.
They will have to be done gradually. We think
one of the reasons why CNN is in trouble in the
dayside ratings is that it was too many changes
at once. It was Early Start/ Starting Point and a
dayside lineup changes.

May is a very crucial month in the TV biz..
It won't be easy to rebuild, relaunch, revamp
CNN. It will be an ongoing process. There are
no easy answers. It is a lot tougher to run a
network than you think. Soul Searching is likely
going on at CNN. Trust us there are meetings
and there will likely be fallout. Will there be
a new management team ?

Please don't use the date to personally attack
people. The analysis is meant for discussion.

Stay Tuned

Anonymous said...

I love when you guys post analysis of the ratings of all the CNN shows! Its great to see how the cable shows really stack up instead of BS spin in the ratings press releases. Good job guys!

Anonymous said...

CNN has got nowhere to go. They have no bench.
They have been hiring pundits. CNN forgot about
the medium that is television. It is visual.TV has to
communicate and connect with viewers. Fighting
pundits leave the viewers out. The graphics, the
presentation & delivery are just plain bad. MSNBC
is getting the best of CNN because they work at
it. CNN has become complacent and lazy doing
the same tired old formulas over and over again.
CNN shows don't even have a decent welcome
for viewers. Who the heck creates a game show
for pundits in 2012 ? Or claims a bogus question
is what everyone is talking about. CNN's product
stinks and no one is buying. You know it is all
manufactured news. Wake up CNN. Your brand
is not selling. All of the bickering pundits are
taking a toll on CNN. Viewers are shopping
elsewhere. Don't diss your costumers who are
viewers you need to get out of the mess that
is self- created. CNN better find a way to get
viewers to return.

Anonymous said...

You have about 1 minute to connect with viewers
right from the start. The open/greeting sets the
tone of the show.

Diversity is also an issue for CNN. A multi ethnic
female anchored news show could fix that. There
is a reason why The View/Talk have a mix of nationalities. Neither show has a permanent
Latina host. I can see Isha Sesay, Betty Nguyen,
Ashleigh Banfield or Robin Meade. Hire a female
anchor from Univsion or Galavision. I love
Despierta America.

Cool idea about hanging out with your girls and
getting your news on. A show like this done right
could do wonders for CNN There would be no
shortage of music for the show. You could have
Destiny's Child Girl to Bob Dylan's Lay Lady Lay
or Takes Like A Woman. Set up a Pinterest like
companion blog for viewers to share news ,
ideas about recipes,music shoes, you name it.
Avoid politics . None on the show. Just a fun
hour. 7 o'clock would be a great time.It is past
time for CNN to step into the 21st century.

Let the ladies handle everything. Even sports.
You could always invite Hannah Storm or
Sage Steele at ESPN to talk about the NFL Draft.

CNN has got to change for the better. It is getting
harder to even like CNN these days. For years TV
had programing aimed at males not women. Now
TV has a ratings drop. The American demos are
changing and TV better figure this out. CNN can
start a evolution in cable news Zero, the number
of cable news shows aimed at women.

Anonymous said...

In regards to the ratings, I gotta agree that JKUSA, OutFront, and Starting Point are all in the biggest trouble. Piers is also a problem but he has his good days and has the capacity to create buzz every once a while that brings some people to CNN primetime. I love John King, but his days of having his own weekday show are numbered. He has been in a ratings hole for a while and that is not good in an election year. King is good, smart and well-regarded so I still think he has a lot to offer CNN regarding political coverage. Send him on the road again, and give him branded segments in TSR and AC360. OutFront is a brand killer - CNBC audience is fundamentally different from CNN. What made her popular on CNBC is a complete turnoff on CNN. Kill this show and Burnett's contract before she is seared in the minds of viewers as the most moronic new show idea CNN execs have had to date. Finally, I am sad to say that Soledad's show is a complete failure. As an anchor and reporter, Soledad has some real skills but the morning show is a round table of the most annoying pundits ever assembled. I really looked forward to CNN challenging Morning Joe but Starting Point so far has not shown a willingness to change what isn't working. Why do I care what Will Cain and some washed up liberal comedian think about the news? I DON'T!!! In defense of Starting Point, it was never given any publicity whatsoever. I was rolled out in the dead of night with barely a peep. To give it less marketing and less airtime than the marketing juggernaut that was OutFront seems very unfair to me. Outfront has had 7 months and a mammoth publicity campaign that I have never seen the likes of and it can't improve the timeslot's ratings?! I never see commercials or web ads for Starting Point yet many times, Soledad's interviews show up on other websites and cable shows because she asks the tough questions. She also has the anchor skills to mediate big election night coverage and she could even moderate a debate. I know she can be a lightning rod due to her coverage of racial issues but I think she fits the CNN brand of news first, tough journalism, and delivering information that matters to the broader public. Can they at least try to fix Starting Point? Dump the pundits, add real guests, launch a marketing campaign.

Anonymous said...

CNN calls itself the worldwide leader in news.
How did they miss the story about how the
austerity measures in the UK have lead to an
economic disaster. CNN touted David Cameron
as being right on economics. Well it turns out
he is wrong and President Obama got it right.
Our economy did not double dip. UK & Europe
did what the GOP is proposing. They don't work
so why is CNN giving them a pass. There is now
concrete evidence that won't work. Our economy
is not the greatest but we are slowly adding jobs.
It will have to be a combo of the government &
private sector. Neither can carry an economy
alone. You can never fully take the government
out of the economy. The spending helps create
jobs. Europe is now saying wow did Obama get
it right. Spending has to gradually be bought
down. You can't just start slashing and cutting.
That can lead to a double dip just like the UK.

Anonymous said...

I started watching MSNBC and Fox regularly this week just to see why they get better ratings than CNN. I have to say I can't take all the hatred that is expressed on these two channels for people who think differently. This week has really made me appreciate CNN.
AC 360 is the best show.

Anonymous said...

That 's why I don't get CNN. Why would they do
more bickering and highlight this all of the time.
CNN should give us freedom from this sort of
thing. There is no alternative. People expect and
want better from CNN. Piers Morgan is no match
for Rachel Maddow. I'm glad she is whipping his
behind for the comments he made about her.

Anonymous said...

Can somebody please tell CNN that people
between the ages of 40-50 are not baby
boomers. They have been renamed and
are nothing like baby bombers. They are
like their kids, highly educated and likely
never worn a suit to work. Jeans people,
who are very much like their kids. Do some
research. This is also a group CNN should
be taking aim for.

Anonymous said...

I don't think CNN will change.CNN thinks Repubs
complaining about the president traveling is a
legit news story. It is not a controversy. THe
Repubs do this all of the time. It amazes me how
CNN always tries to call Obama controversial.

TEA NN is just like the tea party irrelevant. It is
amazing the control the right wing has over CNN.
CNN doesn't even select their own stories. CNN
is not an independent news organization. Heck,
you can't even call them a news channel. CNN
is the pundit network. CNN only cares about
not offending conservatives and they is why
they are behind.

Anonymous said...

360 was awful last night. The 1st thing Anderson
did was to bring on the pundits. The ratings will
be low again, just watch. The content was just bad.
Both 360 & TRMS lead with immigration but 360
missed a big detail that was in the Washington
Post. One of the authors admits they are designed
to keep America a majority white nation. 360
failed to ask Bay Buchanan about this, she never
answers any questions. Republicans are afraid of
Rachel Maddow and won't come on their show.
Frankly, I think they know they can pull one over
on 360. Rachel beats them up with facts that is
why they are afraid of her.