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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Rating The Week of May 21-25

1 - Special programming shown on one night during the week.

Rating calculations are weekly averages based on nightly ratings provided by TVNewser with data by Nielsen Media Research. Numbers reflect Live and same day (DVR) data.

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Anonymous said...

Good for Wolf Blitzer telling Donald Trump off and he shouldn't even have given him a platform.
Trump needs to be reminded he's speaking about the POTUS.
Wolf Blitzer is the first one to actually put Trump in his place.
Trump is laughable speaking about ratings when his show's average was in the 40th percentile.
If NBC had anything that was respectable, they'd replace Trump tomorrow.
CNN, stop giving Trump a platform.
Let him go to Fox News and spout his hatred.
The truth is "The Donald" is such a bigot he doesn't even believe Hawaii is a state or that anyone who lives there is a citizen.
And a good journalist would ask him that question.
Do you believe Hawaii is a state, Donald??
Now that would make Trump look ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

Anderson did really well for his "fake special" on Syria Friday.
He got 200,000 people to watch him in both time slots.
Now it was a holiday and people were away, but Rachel Maddow was still able to get decent ratings for MSNBC, and so did Fox News, and in the millions...
Just saying.
I say fake because he was there one day folks, one day.

Anonymous said...

I'm a bit surprised tonight that even though Mitt Romney was the presumptive Republican nominee, CNN did not have special live programming for when he officially won the nomination, officially kicking off the Obama vs. Romney 2012 election. As we all know, CNN over did it's coverage for the 2012 primary season but I just figured that tonight would have been spoken about more rather than having Isha Sesay incorporate a live news update into the 10PM hour of AC360ยบ.

Anonymous said...

I think it's interesting how CNN has had Brooke Baldwin host a week in the morning and a week in primetime, testing her out. I also enjoyed having Ashleigh Banfield as the Situation Room lead in. Looking forward to hearing about changes soon. Don Lemon should move to weekdays. He deserves it. Alina Cho on weekend primetime was great too.

Suzanne said...

Even if he was just there one day - it was a dangerous day. It is as we have seen in the news a terrible dangerous environment there and even going for one day you risk your life. Even with the precautions they take to keep their people safe, some things can't be stopped so I don't think it is a little thing that he went for 1 day - I am amazed that he went at all......The only other correspondent I have regularly seen over there is Richard Engel from NBC News. I'm just glad to see them come back safe.

Anonymous said...

The 360 special and other specials that night
don't count . BOR had a special too. TRMS was
up against a Luntz special.

CNN is dumbing down the conversation on Syria.
Pundits and political statements are cheapening
the conversation. Morning Joe is beating CNN's
coverage. It would not surprise me that we learn
latter that there is a detailed international plan.
CNN can't find foreign policy experts.

CNN Donald Trump has not been relevant for the
last 20 years. Enough. CNN will get low ratings
because nobody cares about Donald Trump. So
why are the media morons giving him air time.

Anonymous said...

CNN needs to cover Florida governor Rick Scott and how he's purging voter rolls in his state of thousands of registered voters, the majority of whom are Democrats and Hispanics. This has the potential of swinging the Presidential election in the Republicans favor just like in 2000. This is the kind of serious news with major national implications that CNN SHOULD be covering, but they don't.

Anonymous said...

Here are some of my suggestions:
- Carol Costello and Suzanne Malveaux should not have two hour shows.
- Erin Burnett should move to the morning.
- CNN should get rid of Don Lemon, I really enjoyed Alina Cho on the weekend.
-Anderson should only be on for one hour during prime time.
- Piers Morgan should move to 11:00 P.M.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to burst your bubble Suzanne, but Arwa Damon practically lives in the Middle East and SHE should have represented the panel.
Isn't it dangerous for HER as well and why can't someone else gain recognition for doing bold dangerous work??
It is because of viewers like yourself, that keep Cooper remains on the air and while I don't mind his visability, there are others who can do what he's been doing and probably get the same or better ratings.
That's CNN's whole problem.
They thought wrongly, Cooper would prop up the entire network because he is/was a star.
Well the "star's glow" has begun to dim and they had better start looking elsewhere for a change.

Anonymous said...

Anderson Cooper was not even inside Syria, they did not allow him to enter. He was safe and sound inside Turkey where no conflict has erupted relating to the Syrian crisis. He was there all weekend, but broadcasted for one day, total 3 days.

Anonymous said...

I agree about the idea of moving Piers Morgan to 11PM. I would rather have him move out of CNN but if he must stay then put his talk show on late, or I really feel it would be best to put him on weekends. Have him do an hour interview airing Sunday nights, with a Saturday repeat (like what is planned with Anthony Bourdain). I do not want to see Piers Morgan involved in CNN's Election Coverage 2012. CNN will gain viewership from the time of the conventions at the end of the Summer until Election Night in America. They have the chance during all that to attract more viewers.

Anonymous said...

Suzanne, I have to disagree. It was not a dangerous day at all for Anderson, cause he didn't go inside Syria. He visited a Syrian refugee camp in Turkey. Yes, the camp is near the border with Syria, but there's no fighting going on there. However, I do commend Anderson for going to Turkey and producing that special. It was low quality in my opinion, there wasn't anything new we could learn from it, former Bush advisor Fouad Ajami was speaking the same, as was senator John McCain, but the show still brought Syria back into the spotlight, even if it was for one evening only.
Arwa indeed lives in Beirut, Lebanon and has been reporting about the situation in neighbouring Syria since the trouble there started. She managed to go inside the country several times so far and during her last visit she spent about a week reporting alongside Marie Colvin. Arwa returned to Lebanon only 24 hours before Marie was killed in a house where several western journalists were staying. So, yes, she definitely should have been included in that special, cause she's the one that really risked her life to cover this story. But again, I won't complain that even this low quality special aired.

Anonymous said...

It could really be that cable news has peaked. All
3 were down but CNN took it the worst. Judging
by the ratings for the past couple of days, all 3
will be down again.

The ratings started on Tuesday and already Rachel
is ahead of Greta in the demo.

CNN went all out with Donald Trump and finished
way back. CNN needs to realize that Donald Trump
is just like all of the other pundits. Viewers want
them to shut up and go away.

Anonymous said...

I watched The Ed Show tonite and I have to say it was far more interesting than 360.
Yes, they lean left, as far left as you can get, but it was focused and the content was exceptional.
Ed was speaking about the upcoming recall of Gov.Scott Walker and how things seem to be progressing.
It seems his opponent won the latest debate and showed agressiveness when needed and unexpected wisdom to boot.
Hopefully there will be a bigger than expected voter turnout on Tuesday and Ed can report, happily, that Scott Walker, can take his very noticeable bald spot, and pack up and leave town.
How can you not support labor, CNN,
and how can Anderson Cooper be so lame as to not even mention, the working class of which most of us here, are a part of?
It is an insult to totally ignore what is taking place in Wisconsin.

Anonymous said...

If Greta from Fox News, can anchor from Wisconsin, and take sides, we know she's there to support Walker, then Anderson Cooper should be MADE to take a stand and go to Wisconsin as well.
He should get out of his anchor chair, and report about labor issues and for once in his career look at the public service industry, be it teachers, firemen, or police officers.
And if he chooses not to report from Wisconsin, and take sides, than he should get out of the business of talk, NOW.
These are the folks he so desperately needs to watch him in the fall. And if HE WOULDN'T support us, WE, will NOT SUPPORT HIM.
And for those who teach in hihger education, such as UNIVERSITIES, think again. Because you're benefits are next.....And is ED, from MSNBC, the ONLY one on YOUR SIDE?