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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ashleigh Banfield Moves to Newsroom, Kyra Philips to HLN

TVNewser posted CNN's memos announcing staffing changes at both networks:

Memo from Scot Safon, EVP of CNN Worldwide and director of HLN:

I am very excited to officially welcome Kyra Phillips to the HLN family. The HLN team has long been fans of Kyra’s work, and many of us have also had the tremendous pleasure of working directly with Kyra on projects at CNN and recently at HLN.

Kyra will join HLN to lead a new daytime program that will kick off late this summer. Her new program will highlight her strengths as a journalist as well as her insights and observations on the news and the people at the center of the stories. The show will be built around Kyra’s personality and passions, which include looking at the state of parenting and the modern family, civil rights and discrimination, children with disabilities and military families. The HLN audience will get the chance to see many aspects of Kyra’s talents and interests, and her show will help HLN expand its viewer promise during the day.

Among the many things Kyra brings to the HLN line-up is her acclaimed track record in reporting on major news events. Her award-winning work includes extensive reporting on Iraq, the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks and CNN’s Election coverage. She became the first female journalist to fly in an F-14 air-to-air combat training mission over the Persian Gulf, and has extensive police, SWAT and weapons training.

Kyra’s compassionate style, incisive questions and intrepid search for answers, coupled with her passion for telling the human side of news, are perfect for the HLN audience. We are so excited to add her talents and voice to our line-up.

CNN EVP Ken Jautz wrote:

I wanted to share with you some changes we are making to our morning programming. John Berman has started at CNN and beginning next month he will co-anchor Early Start with Zoraida Sambolin as well as contribute to other CNN programs and to Also this summer, Ashleigh Banfield will move to CNN Newsroom to anchor her own program from 11 am- noon.

Kyra Phillips will move to HLN to lead a new daytime program later this summer. I’d like to take a moment to thank Kyra for her years of anchoring on CNN. We are delighted that her next step will be on HLN.

John, Zoraida and Ashleigh are all accomplished journalists and I know they will enhance our commitment to quality journalism and to reporting a broad range of stories without picking sides.

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Anonymous said...

I am so bummed that Kyra Phillips is moving to HLN! It doesn't seem to suit her. She is my favorite CNN Newsroom anchor. Brooke Baldwin would have been a much better fit for HLN, NOT Kyra. As for Ashleigh Banfield, she deserves more than one hour. What a waste...

I look forward to seeing John Berman on Early Start but Zoraida Sambolin is way to boring! HOPEFULLY CNN can hire Ann Curry to take her spot alongside John Berman.

Anonymous said...

Great news for Early Start, good news for Ashleigh Banfield and probably a career ending decision for Kyra Philips.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:46pm, totally agree! I hope this is just another stepping stone for Banfield. She has potential, IMHO.

Anonymous said...

Kyra Philips does not belong on HLN.
She is a hard news person.
Asleigh Banfield should have gone to HLN.
She may have potential but it will never be recognized on CNN.

Anonymous said...

So does this mean that Ashleigh Banfield will move to Atlanta considering the Newsroom studio is located there?

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of canceling Early Start and Starting Point and just bringing back American Morning or CNN Daybreak, having it air from 5-9 with John Berman and Zoraida Sambolin. Let Soledad focus on her documentaries or move her to prime time. It seems like they are testing her out for prime time lately. Have Christine Romans host the 9am hour considering the new york stock exchange opening bell is at 9:30. She is good at financial news and can also report other news. The 10am hour is good for Carol Costello to keep, the 11am hour good for the upcoming Ashleigh Banfield, the 12pm newsroom international hour is good for Hala Gorani or Michael Holms, and Suzanne Malveux can keep her 1PM hour.

Anonymous said...

Brooke Baldwin should have been moved to HLN... NOT Kyra Phillips!

Scott Gordon said...

to whom this may concern, I realize that the ratings for early start are not great. I am a college student in Canada and my friends watch before class. Ashleigh Banfield may be a little out spoken but she seems to be one of the few bright spots you have. Zorida is too passive.At least CNN talks bout current affairs. P.S. does anyone in the US know that FOX news is laughed at in Canada. As outsiders looking in we seem to have a better perspective on what the real news is without an agenda. Keep delivering the news. Thanks.