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Monday, June 18, 2012

Ratings For the Week of June 11-15

1 - Special programming was aired on one night during the week

Rating calculations are weekly averages based on nightly ratings provided by TVNewser with data by Nielsen Media Research. Numbers reflect Live and same day (DVR) data.

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Anonymous said...

I like the new Breaking News intro that was shown during The Situation Room today. It sounds like iPhone's Siri.

Anonymous said...

360 did the same thing Monday night. Stevie
Wonder could see that 360's ratings have been
heading down once Anderson started leading
the show with pundits. Management made the
dumb decision to hire all of the pundits at CNN
so they have to use them or they are wasting
money. But is it worth destroying 360 trying
to save Out Front and PMT ? Boring down 360
is another bad decision by CNN. Al of the news
that happened today 360 leads with the same
story they show begin with on Friday.

Anonymous said...

CNN should hire George Stroumboulopoulos to
replace Piers Morgan. PMT ratings are lower than
Larry King so CNN can no longer defend that move.
It is long past time for Piers Morgan to go.

Out Front needs to be replaced by a women's news
show featuring Isha Sesay, Betty Nguyen, Nicole
Lapin and a female from Univision. You can hang
out with your girls and get some news. Just have
the soundtrack all show long with songs that relate
to women. Evening Express has a lot of news content and information. The show is too good for
HLN. After the election move the show to CNN.
Ryan Smith and Clark Howard would be involved
in segments as well. It would air from 6-8 PM
and keep the name Evening Express. Sort of like
a news magazine show on CNN. No politics.GMA
finds a way to make 5 or more people work. So
now EE would have Ryan Smirh, Clark Howard,
Isha Sesay, Betty Nguyen, Ncole Lapin and a hire
from Univision. No pundits just like EE on HLN.

This show would be a better lead in for 360 and
likely draw higher ratings than Erin Burnett. CNN
will strongly back 360 & TSR. Look for format
changes to both shows. KTH was not mentioned
last night on 360 but the CJR article is right about
360 having 2 pundits dumb down a discussion.
360 and TSR needs to be smarter. Both shows
need to ditch the only political partisans can be
guests on CNN. Book guests that matter. Other
journalists, authors, filmmakers and others but
make it a goal to do more segments without the
has been pundits.

It looks like MSNBC might be struggling between
the hours of Noon- 5 PM. Hardball's ratings are
trending down. Just last week TV By The Numbers
posted that Alex Wagner scratched last Monday
with only 36,000 in the demo. Suzanne Maleaux
wins her 2 hours, so it is a smart move to add
international news. TBTN doesn't post noon
ratings so that was unusual. Could it be they
are noticing a trend ?

Finally, hire Aisha Tyler to do a Daily Show type
news show at 11 PM on CNN.

So this would be the dream lineup for CNN
by September 2012 :

TSR is on from 4-6 PM. Bring back the 2 internet
reporters. Jack Cafferty is too dull.

Evening Express now airs on CNN from 6-8 PM.
Perfect name for that timeslot. Ryan, Isha &
Clark are now joined by Betty Nguyen, Nicole
Lapin and a Univision hire.

360, a much better format and much need
changes airs at 8 PM

George Sroumboulopoulos comes to CNN at 9 PM

360 at 10 PM is now called the 360 Remix. It is
re-edited with music on the bumps and some
different segments from the 8 PM show.

Aisha Tyler comes to CNN at 11 PM.

Cable news has to adapt and modernize. News
will always be the strength of CNN but the shows
don't have to all sound and look alike. If there
is breaking news you will have Anderson Cooper,
Isha Sesay, Betty Nguyen and Nicole Lapin. Any
changes CNN makes will have to be tangible.
Viewers must be able to see that CNN is working
to change things at the network but it could be
to late. How do you get back all of the viewers
that CNN lost. CNN must concentrate on content,
story-telling, original reporting, conversational
writing and segments, look at the camera to
talk with viewers not at them. Get away from
opinions. That is not news or information.
Presentation, delivery, camera moves, brand
new graphics and transtitinos.Mashing Up the
news story with relevant info is priceless. Drop
the crawl and go with real time news updates
that appear on screen all day long. Form 2-6
AM CNN should go with a format
featuring video from the website and good
content that might have occurred on CNN all
day long.

Anonymous said...

Any chance of David Westin, the former president
of ABC coming to CNN ? He would be way better than
Jeff Zucker. Bring in Crhis Licht for Ken Jautz's job.
CNN needs a 3rd member on the management team
with vast experience in real digital journalism. It will
be an individual who could make TV & internet sync.
How about David Neuman who did this at Current
TV. CNN should hire the entire Vanguard team of
journalists as well.

Anonymous said...

CNN has too much taped programming on weekends.
Add some shows from CNN I. CNN has less live shows
on weekends than FNC & MSNBC. Do we really need
to see shows twice weekends on CNN. It would be
great to see a live sports show on CNN live at 11 PM
on Saturday & Sunday.

Anonymous said...

Evening Express can just add Betty Nguyen. Monday
on Evening Express the Do Good story was about
having a banana split with your kids for dinner to
pay tribute to a 21 month old baby who has downs
syndrome and a heart condition. Unfortunately, he
does not have long to live, so his parents created a
Bucket List for Baby Ryan Roberts. This is becoming
one of my favorite shows. Ryan Smith, Isha Sesay,
Betty Nguyen & Clark Howard sounds good. Last
week Isha was off a couple of days because of her
wisdom teeth. Evening Express needs 1 more newsie in the bunch. 2 men/ 2 women.

Ryan & Clark are good but what if there is a big
major breaking news story. CNN has never put
this much into an HLN show. You can see the
show coming together. I have yet to see a single
article on Evening Express since the show aired.
Granted it is only in week 3 and launching during
the Summer but come on media writers. A cable
news show dares to be different and gets no press.
That shows how biased the media writers are.

Anonymous said...

I still don't understand why CNN is keeping AC360 on the air. The show is simply not getting the ratings, and is boring.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I am not impressed with FNC or MSNBC.
CNN needs to do it's own thing. Opinion will never
work for CNN. That is not why viewers come to CNN.
I like the international hour with Suzanne Malveaux.
Why can't be extending to 120 minutes of news from
around the globe. Diverse programming is what CNN
needs more than anything else. MSNBC is not really
doing anything that is great. CNN is just terrible. All
3 are losing viewers. CNN just got hit hard first but
that also means they can be more creative.

Anonymous said...

Evening Express could spell big trouble for CNN.
Express is getting less than 200,000 viewers but
the show is either close or topping CNN in the
demo at 5 & 6 PM. Don't think CNN wants that.
On Monday, Express had 116,000/39,000 while
TSR had 427,000/59,000. That is only a 20,000
difference. Wolf had like 3.5 X their number of
viewers. That is according to TVN. What's scarier
is how it is stacking up against CNN at 6 PM. It
tops or is extremely close to CNN. With audience
numbers being that low for Express, it means the
show is finding it's own viewers and not presently
taking viewers from CNN. Is it possible that the
show is bringing in non-traditional news viewers
to HLN ? Keep an eye on this. It will be interesting
to see how this plays out for the next 6 months.

Anonymous said...

CNN go after Strombo now. GMA just hired the son
of a former Canadian Prime Minister and he works
for CBC. Agree 100 % move Evening Express to CNN
from 6-8 PM . CNN needs some energy/ better lead
in to 360. Surprisingly the trio has chemistry.
HLN is a crime channel so viewers might think HLN
is trying to make crime into news stories rather than
having a legit news show like they did with Erica Hill
years ago. The show would get higher ratings on CNN.
I watch Evening Express on the DVR. On FB they are
gaining hundreds of followers this week. Is there
a podcast available ?

Anonymous said...

360 continues to insult the intelligence of viewers.
Last night 360 had on Ali Velshi, John King, Paul
Begula and Ari Fleischer on to talk about G-20
and the Eurozone. Neither Fleischer or Begula
belonged. 360 could care less about viewers and
they show how littler 360 thinks of viewers night
after night. We don't matter to 360.

Anonymous said...

For once I was glad Ari Fleischer was on 360 because he got schooled and thoroughly humiliated by Ali Velshi on the state of the economy, Ali did not let Fleischer usual lies go unchallenged and it was great, something you rarely see on 360 because Anderson apparently thinks Fleischer can do no wrong and doesn't need any of his statements questioned. I remember once when AC fact checked Paul Begala ON AIR while Paul was on the show, but I'm sure he'd never do that to Ari, but thankfully Ali did.

Just saw that 360 is bringing on John McCain for more unchecked Obama bashing on Syria and the White House leaks. Most news programs have stopped talking about the leaks, but leave it to AC to not let go of a chance to denigrate the President.

Anonymous said...

No McCain thank goodness. It must've been an old AC360 tweet.

Anonymous said...

After watching Rachel Maddow last night,
I now know why CNN's ratings are falling.
The network is now a part of right wing
media that 95 % percent of American don't
listen to, so when they hear non facts on
CNN they know it. 360 completely missed
the boat on the contempt vote. It had zero
to with Fast & Furious. During hearings the
GOP congressmen are on record saying the
Obama administration let it happen to limit
gun rights. The truth is the program begin
under the Bush administration and Holder
actually stopped it. CNN relies on right wing
media for information but it's not based on
facts. CNN tries to legitimize the conspiracy
theories in right wing media. CNN is easily
fooled because they absorb right wing media
all day long. The people at CNN think it's news
but 95 % of Americans know better. So all CNN is
doing is making news for FOX viewers who will
never watch CNN. How do you write off 95 % of
Americans who want fact based news. We are
left wondering what happened to CNN because
we sure can't find the channel that used to do
real news and always had people on who knew
their stuff and offered legit information. Not
crazy conspiracy theories and comments that
defy logic. CNN doesn't make any sense. CNN
basically became ignorant so we seek other
news alternatives for real news and information.
CNN will rot your brain and make you an idiot.
Not without my consent.

Anonymous said...

Evening Express works. It is news centered and not
politically centered like the rest of cable news. No
pundits. Information matters more and viewers can
walk away with something from the show. Interviews
are short,sweet and to the point. Evening Express
is the standout show on cable news. The show rocks
and has a good vibe. Ryan Smith, Isha Sesay & Clark
Howard are a good team. In reality, Evening Express
does not fit in with CNN programming. The baby
Rayn story showed up on NBC's website 2 days
later. Take a look at the new set for Now With
Alex Wagner. It looks just like the set on Evening
Express. I went back and read the press release
on the show. It turns out 2 woman are in charge
of the show. That explains the tone and vibe.
The show appears to be the women's show
mentioned here so many times but not all
women hosts or music. Too bad the show is
not repeated later on HLN or CNN. It might not
be a bad idea for 360 to add Ryan Smith when
it comes to legal discussions.

Anonymous said...

Thank You 12:54PM:
I have been saying this all along.
360 needs to go and take Anderson as well.
Put him on HLN. He wants to do those types of unimportant shows anyway so make him happy and stop
making everything CNN does about him.
It hasn't worked and he has become increasingly annoying to watch.
Love the comment about Stevie Wonder. Very clever.