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Monday, June 11, 2012

Ratings for the Week of June 4 - 8

1 - Special programming was aired on one night during the week.

Rating calculations are weekly averages based on nightly ratings provided by TVNewser with data by Nielsen Media Research. Numbers reflect Live and same day (DVR) data.

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Anonymous said...

CNN's ratings are a disaster (except when there's a disaster).

Anonymous said...

MSNBC & FOX are trending downward. Ed's getting
lower and Greta is too, June is not going to be good
for anybody. When the demos trend downward, the
totals will follow. Who will have the biggest drop for
this month ? It might not be CNN.

Anonymous said...

Expect a big announcement from CNN soon, It
appears that CNN will acquire Mashable. This is
huge news. Don't be too sure that Jim Walton is

Anonymous said...

Jim Walton has been focusing heavily on digital
platforms and it is paying off for CNN. Networks
can't afford just to focus on television. Mobile is
the future. CNN has to produce quality news
oriented shows that connects with viewers. CNN
has to realize their pundits are not news. Stop
following noise and go after the news. Content
is king and original programming is key. CNN
should be making deals with Smart TV makers
that permits you to stream CNN, HLN & CNN I
like Netflix with a monthly fee but first they
have to create better shows. If you don't have
cable you should be able to stream all of the
CNN networks. All of this fuss about CNN just
on TV is ridiculous because the so-called
24/7's are losing viewers. Hint really offer
news 24/7.

Drop the crawl and go with real time news that
comes on the TV with news item and time it is
being shown on TV. Give every piece of video
a media bar with a time elapsed on the left
and time remaining on the right.. Cable news
looks very dated. From 2-5 AN CNN should
go with news clips of news stories, interviews,
video,trends and more. Cable news in it's
current form is outdated. CNN still uses the
double box. Outdated. Banners up for the
whole time. Outdated.CNN has the resources
of CNN I, Time and so many other properties
that Time Warner owns. Cable news acts like
video has not been created. Television is a
visual medium video content matters. Let
viewers see and hear for themselves.

Anonymous said...

Please use music for the bumps for Evening
Express just like Morning Express. They need
to bring in Rob Marciano or some one around
the same age as the younger hosts and just
have Clark Howard do the money tips. It does
work to stretch the money segments over a
2 hour show. It is annoying. Just have the man
do all of the tips in segments during the show.
News is not his strength. Maybe like 2 each hour.
Rob anchored about 3 weekends ago and was
not too bad. The show should move at a much
faster pace.

Anonymous said...

It is only HLN - they should bring in Marciano just cuz he is smokin' hot. As an anchor, he is terrible but he sure is easy on the eyes.

Anonymous said...

Evening Express needs it's own identity apart from
Morning Express. Ryan, Isha & Clark are a good team.
The show is just getting starting. It will gel and find
loyal viewers. All are likable. Check the ratings out
6 months from now.

Anonymous said...

The problem with cable news is that 6 media
companies own 90 % of the media we see. It's
too much control and very little choices for us
consumers. To some extent the internet has
given us some choice but corporate media will
own the content. They have so much power and
control that they have been able to manipulate
the news to basically focus on nothing. Thus
leaving us misinformed but social media created
a problem. Face Book & Twitter leveled the playing
field and now they have all painted themselves into
a corner and the public is catching on that they
are all manipulators and that explains the big
backlash. For years, cable news has not had to
put the viewers 1st. Now they are losing viewers
and don't seem to get it. We pay for 24/7 news
channels but don't get them. So the best way
to strike back is to stop watching fake news and
demand real news. I pay for CNN not Pundit TV.
CNN turned all of their shows over to the talking
heads and are unwatchable. It completely ruined
360. Anderson always starts with pundits and
viewers turn away right at the top. 360 needs to
drop the pundits and start bringing people who
offer facts to enhance segments. I don't watch
260 for pundits.