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Friday, June 29, 2012


The Daily Show with Jon Stewart takes cable news to task for the rush to be first with yesterday's SCOTUS decision. Here's Jon 'Keeping Them Honest':

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Anonymous said...

And CNN is launching an investigation to find out what happened. What happened? CNN once again put ratings and that fatal word - FIRST above good journalism. They didn't time to hear everything that came down from the court just heard the words they wanted to hear and ran with it.

Yes, friends it's time for CNN to get rid of everyone from the top down and start over - if they can.

Anonymous said...

John King looked absolutely gray last nite when anchoring 360.
CNN and Fox News did not interpret the decision correctly and someone will be axed, or shall I amend this and should be axed.

Anonymous said...

According to TVN, CNN executives circulated a memo that they "failed to adhere to their own standards."
That sounds nice, but just exactly what are their own standards?
Last time we checked, as Jon Stewart so graciously pointed out, there are none and CNN is neither honest, reliable, or accountable, and includes ALL of its anchors with NO exclusions.