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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

TDS & the Diamond Jubilee

You knew The Daily Show's would have something to say about CNN's 2 hour coverage of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, and they did not disappoint. John Oliver summed it up with "They say the sun never sets on CNN's mighty news empire, remember this is the organization that owns the first Gulf War. And now look at what they've been reduced to, Piers Morgan and a cartoon butler spending two hours talking about barges. Look upon your works Ted Turner and despair."


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Anonymous said...

I watched this episode last night and laughed my a$$ off!! OMG Stewart nailed it. This is what is happening to CNN. I'm not suggesting that they don't cover the event - many news outlets are. The problem is how the cover it - wall to wall, nothing else exists, let's hype this to milk our ratings as much as humanly possible. Hyperbole mixed with drama and a dash of hyperventilating.

What, no ratings? Why don't people watch us?

Hmmm, no idea CNN, no idea... *headshake*

Anonymous said...

JS i s the voice of reason these days in the news
and he's the comedian. Cable news overhyped
Wisconsin and JS showed how ridiculous cable
news behaved about Wisconsin, 49 states did
not care only cable news tried to make this a
story with national impact. BS a recall election
in June means nothing for November . Cable
news overreacts. Does anyone in cable news
have brains anymore or are they doing and
saying anything to get viewers attention. The
ratings will show that viewers didn't care. the
Celtics/ Heat game matter more.

Anonymous said...

Don't want to be anywhere near a television the
day after the Wisconsin recall. Too much chatter
about Wisconsin. I will check out Evening Express
to get caught up on the news of the day.

This show is much needed relief from the blah,blah
blah that is every single show on cable news. They
actually made changes on the 2nd day for the better.
Evening Express has potential. However, more news
could be added at the top of the show. See if they
can fit 20 stories with video and sound right off the
top of the show. Sort of like what CBS Morning
does with Long Story Short. Really hit viewers
with so much news or interesting topics right
after the intro. Especially at the beginning of the
6 PM hour before the evening news at 6 :30.

Anonymous said...

Judging from the ratings, Americans didn't care.
Cable news is way behind the times.

Anonymous said...

Hey HLN have the Music & Now Trending on
Evening Express. Isn't the show suppose to be
the sibling to Morning Express. Get some news
and tunes. Cmon people. How did they miss the
texting jail sentence and the toddler hanging from
a building in China. Think fresh and current.Cmon
guys make the news hip and cool. It is kinda easy
with 2 relative young hosts.. Where is the Clark
Howard graphic & music for his segments. Have
more news when going to commercials like the
cool Express news segments you do. Also, if
there is something happening after 7 P let us
know. If it is sports, movie coming out, concerts,
etc. The concept and the segments are cool but
there could be so much more. Of course, the
show is new and is a work in progress.

Anonymous said...

Evening Express should be Ryan Smith, Isha Sesay
and Joe Carter. Just have Clark Howard to the same
thing he does on Morning Express. Joe Carter can
also talk sports. The show is new so give it time.
Clark Howard does not have a good news voice.
It is strange to see him talk about the news.

Just have him on for consumer tips. A 2 hr show
definitely needs music to keep from being boring.
Without a doubt Tending Now should be a part of
the show. GMA, CBS & Today all do this. Go with
those 4 and see what happens. Bet they have more
viewers than Starting Point.

Anonymous said...

Evening Express will be fine if it leaves politics to
CNN,MSNBC & FNC. At the beginning of the show
the 1st words out of Ryan Smith's mouth should be
welcome home. Video & pics should be used for
whatever he is talking about. A sports segment will
work. Ryan was on earlier and said that Lisa Ling is
on Evening Express today. CNN likely doesn't want
Evening Express to top TSR or JK, USA. It's HLN so
the ratings don't have to be great. As more people
find out about the show it will find viewers. Overall
the content is fine. They could also add The List to
the show. For example the most shoplifted items.
Just show it for viewers to read before the ads.
The 1st news items should be fresh and new.
Evening Express doesn't have to be a typical cable
news show. Experiment with different things
each day, don't follow the norm. Stand out.
Bump music is okay too.

Anonymous said...

Jon Stewart is so right. He hit the nail on the head
again about Wisconsin. Apparently viewers had
enough last night the ratings took a big hit.

HLN has a golden opportunity with Evening Express
if they play their cards right. When you look at the
ratings for CNN,FNC & MSNBC lately viewers want
something new. Too much partisan politics.

Anonymous said...

Why is 360 going so heavy will John McCain
and pundits ? Ed is trending downward so why
is 360 focusing on political nonsense. Another
free pass for McCain to just bash Obama and
the silly season with Bill Clinton. I guess 360
didn't hear Nate Silverman. CNN is at it again.
Republicans accuse the Obama administration
and are given a free pass to say anything.

Anonymous said...

JS opened his show with a segment on how cable
news overuses the phrase fair game. Cable news
gets an F when it comes to the 2012 campaign.
The coverage sucks. It is getter harder and harder
to watch any cable news. Evening Express could
be the escape from it all. You can find out what
is going on and still have time to go to a movie
or ball game. CNN won't put a lot of resources
into an HLN show.HLN is known for crime all of
the time. So viewers might not think it is a news
show or news magazine show. I have yet to see
one article on the show since the launch.

Anonymous said...

360 & TRMS have been pretty boring all week long.
Evening Express should use Home by Edward Sharpe
as a theme song. The chorus is perfect for the show
and the song even has whistling. The format for EE
was different yesterday.

Ryan Smith has a sports background so he should
invite Joe Carter on for sports talk about any big
sports stories.

Anonymous said...

I'm also sick of seeing John McCain and Fouad Adjami on 360 and always going after President Obama without any challenge from Anderson, what they say needs to be fact checked, not just given a pass without question, but that's what Anderson does. An Obama critic will have free reign on 360 and there won't be anyone on to give a different opinion. 360 rarely gives Democrats a platform where they can just say whatever and not be challenged by AC. Do they even TRY to get someone from Obama's team to speak to the issues that they allow conservatives like McCain to drone on about?

Anonymous said...

I made a comment on ATA that most college kids get their news from Jon Stewart.
Soon it will be most viewers get their news from Jon Stewart because he always "hits the nail on the head."
And poor Brooke.
First time she gets to do real reporting at the scene and she can't take it.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree.
A little to much John McCain.
He's an old out of touch, jealous,
mean spirited, politician who never has anything good to say about Obama and Anderson likes to listen to him, obviously.
Not that I've had too much good to say about him.
Lately Obama or Bam as the NYPost likes to call him, not only disappointed those in Wisconsin, but he's having a hard time getting a lot of small donors who did support him previously, to support him now.