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Friday, July 20, 2012

CNN in Colorado for Theater Shooting Coverage

CNN’s Ed Lavandera is live from Colorado at this time reporting for all shows.
Anderson Cooper will anchor his program live tonight from Colorado at 8pm ET.
Don Lemon
will anchor at 7pm ET live from Colorado -- filling in for Erin Burnett on assignment in Africa.

Please know that CNN’s Early Start anchors John Berman and Zoraida Sambolin started their program early today to report the breaking news live beginning at 4:44am.
Also, CNN International is simulcasting CNN Domestic coverage until at least noon today.

CNN anchors and correspondents who will be reporting from Colorado today:

Anderson Cooper @andersoncooper
Don Lemon @donlemoncnn
Randi Kaye @randikayecnn
Ed Lavandera @edlavaCNN
Jim Spellman @jimspellmancnn
Kyung Lah @KyunglahCNN
Sandra Endo @sandraendocnn
Poppy Harlow @poppyharlowcnn
Drew Griffin @drewgriffinCNN

Randi Kaye will anchor Weekend Early Start with Randi Kaye Saturday at 6 a.m. (ET) from Colorado
Don Lemon will anchor a CNN special Colorado Theater Shooting on Saturday at 8 p.m. and 10 p.m. from Colorado

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Anonymous said...

Early Start Weekend*

Anonymous said...

So we'll all talk about this latest tragedy.
Why, when, where, and how we can prevent it from happening again...and then Obama will do nothing about the gun lobby, absolutely NOTHING.
And there will be those who defend him and say, but what can be done, if the Republicans don't agree.
Why doesn't he start acting like it?????
This is the reason the Obama Administration does not deserve another term.

Anonymous said...

As I watched in horror what took place in Colorado, it occured to me, that in 1999, in a place we all never heard of, Littleton, Colorado, the SAME EXACT THING HAPPENED.
Only this time it wasn't a movie theater. It was a high school called Columbine, and the shooters dressed, yes, in black.
Now I'm not one to draw conclusions, but, aren't the gun laws a bit toooo liberal in the State of Colorado???
I think so, but yet talk is cheap and everyone will ring their hands and ask why, and the answer, as in '99, is ....because they could.
It has very little to do with the Constitution. It has to do with our own inability to adjust the law to present day needs.
How was anybody in the school or the theater able to DEFEND themselves against someone who is crazed.
Piers Morgan had some studpid guest on who actually taught at the University of Colorado who said, "But we didn't know his motivation."
His motivation????? Duh
Did this pyscho know anyone in the theater, you idiot?
Good for Piers not to allow him to continue and he should go a step further and strip him of his right to teach.
Colorado has some serious problems and it starts with yes, GUN CONTROL, and the rights of the VICTIMS, in each case.
Start rethinking and do some serious soul searching, citizens of Colorado, of your interpretation of the Second Amendment. The clock is ticking, and TIME, is NOT on your side.

Anonymous said...

Mayor Bloomberg said it best.
Both Presidential candidates must see this senseless shooting as an opportunity to reinforce the debate on "gun control."
President Obama said basically what he said during the Gifford tragedy, pray for the victims.
That is not enough.
He MUST muster the courage and inclination to do something to stop the violence before this happens again.
Even if it means losing the votes of those in favor of openly carrying weapons for self defense.
Those people have already decided not to vote for him, so what does he have to lose?
Colorado and Arizona are red states when it comes to the gun lobby.
What is this man's problem other than lacking the courage of his convictions?

Anonymous said...

In line with the comment above, our
POTUS just gave another indication of where this golden opportunity is not going as far as gun control...President Obama said and I quote:"People are resilient."
Now I feel better.
Of course he was referring to the citizens of Colorado and I'm quite certain they are all resilient.
But that is not enough....and that in a nut shell is why YOU don't deserve re-election.
Whatever happened to the hope and change guy that inspired us??
And where's the change you promised?
I don't want to hope. I want something tangible, like change...starting with gun control and what YOU plan to do about it.
So NO I will not give a dime to your re-election campaign, no matter how many personal notes Michelle writes me, and they're photo copies to be sure.
As a matter of fact. I'm beginning to think SHE would make a better President than you've been.
And here's another hint. Stay away from the microphone until you have
something of value to say.
You remain this time around, totally uninspiring.

Anonymous said...

Ok CNN, time to start wrapping up the Aurora shooting coverage. Seriously, there isn't much news and yet you talk about it 24/7. Half of CNN is now in Colorado. Really, is there nothing else going on? Europe debt crisis is spiking again, Olympics starting, Syria still a mess, violence in Iraq, bad domestic economy news, NCAA throws the book at Penn State, can you talk about ANYTHING else?

Anonymous said...

Michael Moore is absolutely right.
TVN is showing a clip of Moore on Piers Morgan, saying that he will refuse to go on anymore TV programs, unless the gun lobby is forced to rethink their fear tactics of self defense.
And the only one that can get them to do this is President Obama.
Yes, Mr President, next time it could be your children, and Michael Moore is correct in saying that you would indeed, try your best to prevent this from happening again by enacting gun law legislation targeted at the NRA, if ut affected those you love.
Standing idle doesn't help anyone, and we've had enough condolences.
Show some backbone or resign.
Right now, good people like ourselves, view you as spineless.

Anonymous said...

While I am not a fonder of Piers Morgan or his brand, I am glad that his show took top honors last week in both totals and demographics on CNN.
This simply shows that there are OTHER talented people in the CNN mix, other than relying on Anderson Cooper as the great white hope....which he has proven, he absolutely isn't.
By encouraging the appearance of rare guests such as Mayor Bloomberg and Michael Moore, to engage in the days topics, perhaps, Piers has finally found his own voice, and eventually he will even lose his pompousness to boot.
We shall see.