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Wednesday, July 4, 2012


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Anonymous said...

HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY! 236 years of American Independence!

Anonymous said...

I had to be up extra early this morning and to my surprise when I turned to CNN at 4AM (I live in Central time), I found Brooke Baldwin co-hosting Early Start with Ashleigh Banfield, random but nice! I've always felt Brooke would be nice in the morning. She should sit side by side with John Berman when he begins, not Zoraida Sambolin.

Anonymous said...

Now that I have seen Ashleigh Banfield all over CNN lately, not to mention her most excellent anchoring of AC 360, I think she has real primetime potential. She rocked AC 360, better than Anderson lately, and she totally pummeled that Walsh guy. Dump that stenographer Burnett and put in Ashleigh. That woman has smarts and guts!