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Monday, July 23, 2012

Ratings For The Week of 7/16-7/20

1 - Special programming aired on one night during the week

Rating calculations are weekly averages based on nightly ratings provided by TVNewser with data by Nielsen Media Research. Numbers reflect Live and same day (DVR) data.

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Anonymous said...

CNN came in second in reporting the Colorado shooting.
As usual they went overboard.
The only good thing that came from this event, is that Anderson had to get out of his chair and do some real reporting, only to meet every other anchor from every other station.
If this had been during his day show, he'd have at least a couple of people who were in the audience at the Colorado theater, on his show.
Yes, exploit the tragedy Anderson, to your own advantage.
Don't miss the opportunity to promote yourself and make it your own.

Anonymous said...

What's up with Erin Burnett OutFront? Friday they said she would be Live From Mali, but understandably because of what happened in Colorado that day, Don Lemon filled in for her. So for the rest of the weekend, ads said she would be Live From Mali Monday night, but then nope, she was not, and Don Lemon was there again. So now for Tuesday, ads are saying Reporting From Mali. I'm guessing it will be pre-taped segments because they didn't say "live". It's a shame when CNN has a chance to focus on something important but something bad happens that postpones or cancels it. I remember in 2007 Anderson Cooper traveling to Afghanistan for a week of shows but once he landed, the Virginia Tech massacre occurred and he flew back, canceling special programming from there.

By the way, I really enjoy Don Lemon in weekday primetime. He should replace Erin Burnett. I CANNOT stand Jon Avlon. He puts so much space between each word, talking slowing, reading the teleprompter. I hope CNN doesn't have him sub anymore.

Anonymous said...

I'm hoping to see more changes at CNN soon, hopefully more by the Fall and election time, and fully by the new year. I really am enjoying Early Start with John and Zoraida. I find Starting Point not all that great. I am really enjoying Newsroom International. I never enjoyed Suzanne Malveaux as a Newsroom anchor but I think she does an outstanding job for her Newsroom International hour. I still do feel she was much better as a White House correspondent and Situation Room fill in though. I like the new 6PM hour of the Situation Room, I think it has potential. I feel by Fall, CNN will return Anderson Cooper to LIVE at 10PM considering his daytime talk show will begin airing live for season 2 at 4PM, giving him more time in between and because the 8PM hour needs to be changed. Piers Morgan should be let go or at least moved to weekends.

Anonymous said...

CNN needs to rearrange their anchors and cancel some shows. I like the idea of Early Start from 5-9AM, keeping Zoraida Sambolin and John Berman to host it, they are great. 9AM Newsroom hour should go to Christine Romans because of the stock exchange beginning at 9:30AM. Carol Costello is good at 10AM, Ashleigh Banfield at 11AM, Hala Gorani should host the Newsroom International hour at noon, Suzanne Malveaux at 1PM, Alina Cho at 2PM, Brooke Baldwin at 3PM, and Erin Burnet at the 4PM hour because the stock exchange closes and she is better at financial news. Wolf Blitzer from 5-8PM for The Situation Room. Tom Foreman at 8PM, Soledad O'Beien at 9PM with a newly formatted, less-talk, show. Anderson Cooper at 10PM, and Isha Sesay at 11PM.

Anonymous said...

Piers Morgan should just move to CNN international. Move his set and staff to London. He is too boring. Not sure why we have a talk show on a major news network.

Anonymous said...

CNN INTERNATIONAL is #1 in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. I'm sure statistics will soon show that it is on top in other parts of the world. It is much better than CNN US, so why not replace it and reclaim the crown? For mornings, World One already airs at 6a.m. eastern time from London, a new show from New York can air at 7a.m. eastern time in place of Piers Morgan which should be cancelled, and News Stream already airs at 8a.m. eastern time from Hong Kong. All great news shows. For prime time in the United States, keep World Report at 7p.m., Anderson Cooper at 8p.m., and have Wolf Blitzer on from 9-11p.m. CNN US already simulcasts with CNN INTERNATIONAL on Election coverage, presidential speeches, state primary coverage, and anything else major in the United States, so why not? I've already suggested this to CNN.

Anonymous said...

The big difference in CNNi and CNN US is rather huge. CNNi has many notable news programs. Informative news programs while CNN US news programs are useless, just filled with idle talk and useless speculation. The newsreaders on CNN US are inferior and show little ability in conducting worthwhile interviews. programs.