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Monday, August 27, 2012

CNN Storm & Convention Coverage Update

Anderson Cooper and Soledad O'Brien are headed to New Orleans, Louisiana, where they will join CNN’s news and weather anchor Rob Marciano later today.

At the same time, CNN has the following team on the ground in Tampa reporting on the Republican National Convention:
Wolf Blitzer, Erin Burnett, Candy Crowley, John King, Piers Morgan, Gloria Borger, David Gergen, John Berman, Brooke Baldwin, Jim Acosta, Dana Bash, Jessica Yellin, Joe Johns, Tom Foreman, Hala Gorani, Juan Carlos Lopez, Fernando del Rincon, Carlos Montero and Gustavo Valdes

Anderson will anchor portions of our prime time coverage tonight from New Orleans and Soledad will anchor Starting Point Tuesday and Wednesday mornings from New Orleans. John Berman will handle the Tampa portions of Starting Point.

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Anonymous said...

I hope there is no significance in the order of the names of people covering Tampa because it suggests that Burnett will be anchoring more than Crowley or King. Bad idea CNN. With Anderson going to NOLA, Crowley and King should be the more prominent figures since they KNOW politics. Not to mention that they have much better anchoring skills! Why is CNN pushing Burnett? She has been resoundingly rejected by viewers.

Anonymous said...

So Anderson into replaying his former role....chasing a hurricane.
It is not suppose to be as big as Katrina and according to the NYT no
one is one bit interested in this convention or the Democratic Convention.
The biggest nite ratings wise will be when Chris Christie speaks if only to hear his bravado.