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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

CNN's Hurricane Isaac Coverage

Soledad O'Brien & Brian Todd in Jackson Square:

Anderson Cooper and Rob Marciano at the Port of New Orleans

David Mattingly in Gulfport, Mississippi:

Martin Savidge in Jackson Square:

Ed Lavandera on Grand Isle:

Gary Tuchman in Haiti:

John Zarrella in Gulfport, Mississippi:

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Anonymous said...

I think CNN's coverage of the hurricane has been great. The field reporters highlighted here have done a good job and I would also say a shout out to Chad Meyers is deserved. His weather analysis has been fantastic - detailed, coherent, relevant. CNN might have gone a tad bit overboard in its coverage of the hurricane Tuesday afternoon and evening but since their convention coverage wasn't very good, its just as well they focused on the hurricane.

Anonymous said...

Turns out CNN was the last place television station for the Republican Convention. This real humilation for the station that explains itself as the leader of all things. This last placement and the decline has been happening for years and no one in the CNN organization should be exempt from losing their positions. CNN is the last place station because they have characters like Piers Morgan, Erin Burnet, Ashley Banfield, Carol Costello, Susanne Malveaux and Brooke Baldwin. These characters are terrible and all i have seen during the Republican Convention is that showoff Brooke Baldwin.

Phebe said...

I do not think it was expected that CNN would win the ratings war for the Republican convention. Fox has Republican viewer's loyalty and was the 'it' network for the RNC. CNN did have a chance to be the go to network for Isaac and instead of concentrating on that they tried too hard to be everything to everyone and fell short in both areas.
I try to stay positive about CNN but it is getting harder and harder. They have some serious talent and they tend to either underuse it or overexpose it. CNN couldn't find the middle (both in balance of politics vs. hard news and in use of its talent) if it was lit with neon and flashing lights.

Anonymous said...

One reason why I don't feel bad for CNN failing in the ratings, Erin Burnett and Wolf Blitzer's horrible anchoring job. They both are being highly criticized for glossing over Paul Ryan's speech of lies at the RNC. Apparently it was fine with them that Ryan's speech was filled with inaccuracies, Burnett said it was "clear, precise and powerful". What is so "precise" about blatant lies? What IS clear is that CNN needs to hire actual journalists with integrity and a dedication to facts, not a particular political party. I'm thinking they won't be so lenient with the speakers at the DNC next week. Erin Burnett was a terrible hire by CNN and that was evident on day one - she's unbelievably biased. Wolf should be ashamed to call himself a journalist after last night.

Anonymous said...

Phebe, I completely agree. I didn't expect CNN to win the ratings race but I expected a respectable showing. They failed, again. What happened to their argument that they are THE news network when big events happen? This is a big event and they lost again to MSNBC the unapologetically proud progressive news network when covering the REPUBLICAN convention. I don't really care that they lost to Fox - we all knew fox would put up big numbers but CNN should have been competitive with the broadcast nets. CNN is really going to get beat up during the DNC because more people will tune in to MSNBC. CNN is losing credibility fast and these ratings prove it.

Anonymous said...

I was appalled to hear Pat Carroll's story on TVN.
Carroll is a camera woman from CNN who was taunted by two RNC alternate delegates who threw nuts at her and yelled "This is how we feed animals."
No, they are the animals and they are the mentality of the RNC delegation and they are left overs from the McCain/Palin years.
We remember them, the two who were well versed in "Bringing Back Our Courntry." (Code for don't vote for a black man as President.)
Yes, let's bring it back to those who perpetuate bigotry and racism in the GOP. Nice. These are the delegates who will now vote for Mitt, the multi-billionaire who wants to hide his wealth.
This piece should not be relegated to TVN but run front and center in the NYT for all America to see.

Anonymous said...

What's up with this STUPID long opinionated segment on The Situation Room called Unsolicited Advice? It has a host and panel of people I've never heard of. WHAT IS YOUR DEAL CNN?! I DON'T WANT TO HEAR A GROUP OF PEOPLE WHO ARE TRYING TO BE ENTERTAINING, GIVE THEIR POLITICAL OPINIONS! Seriously is annoying. I would curse but I want this comment to be posted lol.

Anonymous said...

According to TVN it is congratulations to MSNBC for becoming Fox New's Evil Liberal Twin.
For the first time MSNBC beat CNN during a political convention, on Wednesday nite.
Could this be because, they actually stand for something and are not afraid of insult?
Rachel Maddow isn't afraid to show us she's a liberal and liberal isn't a dirty word in her vocabulary.
She also doesn't have an agenda that is so obvious it makes you flip your remote.
She stays on message and never wears her sexuality on her sleeve...ever.
And MSNBC followed their demographic to Wisconsin and now that same demographic has stayed loyal and is following THEM throughout this election.
President Obama take note.

Anonymous said...

Bill Maher's program this week is MUST SEE TV.
I haven't been impressed that often with Bill's shows lately but this week he was in his realm.
One of his guests was Soledad O'Brien from CNN and quite frankly, she was as bland as her station. She said practically nothing. Well, what could she say?
When you're CNN and you have NO reason to exist and are supposedly neutral, though we know you're not, you remain quiet.
But Bill was right on target from striking at the heart of Mormonism, to another nonexistent person, George W. Bush.
Yes, where was he?
As Bill so ademptly pointed out, the only member of that former administration, was Condi Rice.
W. was not invited and neither was anybody remotely associated with him at the Tampa GOP Convention Center.
Mitt and his team would like us all to forget those eight years and WHO exactly got us there.
The slate, according to nine year old Paul Ryan, whom Bill questions, 'is he old enough to vote,' should be wiped clean.
Blame everything on Obama because the debt is rising and who created this debt???
Could it have been W?
And sister Palin was uninvited by even Fox News.
Not good....but don't miss this very good, well produced, quick witted show.
And if you care to see a sharp quick witted LIVE performance, it might help if Anderson Cooper watched as well.

Anonymous said...

Today's NYT had an interesting profile on the one and only Chris Christie, answer to the GOP Mitt Romney woes, and super hero of all things Jersey.
As was quite obvious, his keynote speech, which was much anticipated even by those not so Jersey types, didn't disappoint.
The only aspect that did however, was that his keynote focused on the big man himself, and I emphasize BIG.
That he is a fiscal fraud in many ways if you actually live in NJ, doesn't seem to matter, even if Christie's facts don't match his well unbalanced NJ budget.
NJ STILL has the highest property taxes in the country. (I lived there, so I know), and by now it probably has the highest property taxes in the world...but that's a guess.
It also has the highest auto insurance rate in the country because it is part of what is known as the tri-state area, with an infastructure that is deplorable.
Three things that the good demagogue forgot to mention.
But, as usual, I digress.
Governator Christie likes to tell us that he is the BIGGEST Bruce Springsteen fan there is.
And in mere size, no one will argue with that.
But did he ever actually listen to the words in Bruce's songs?
"The Boss," as we in NJ like to refer to him, spoke about you will pardon the expression, the'working man.' His songs relate to those who toil with their hands, factory workers and hello, 'public servants.'
Does Chris know this????
We've not heard anything from Mr.Springsteen in reference to Christe and I'm guessing it's because he's a OMG. a Democrat!
Not only a Democrat, but a LIBERAL one at that...again OMG!
Unless 'the boss' has changed his tune, not a pun, he probably will vote for Obama and was a former supporter.
But I'm just guessing and who am I to question such an important person as an elected official, especially one from New Jersey.